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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-11A Restricted Partition Method to Detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for a Carcass Trait in Hanwoo이제영; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김동철[김동철]; 김종주
2010-11A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in LOC534614 as an Unknown Gene Associated with Body Weight and Cold Carcass Weight in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)여정수; 이윤석[이윤석]; 오동엽[오동엽]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김종주; 박홍석[박홍석]
2010-07Analysis of genetic diversity and distances in Asian cattle breeds using microsatellite markers여정수; 오동엽[오동엽]; 이윤석[이윤석]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 쩡스[쩡스]
2011-04Application of Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping Methods to Detect QTL for Carcass Quality on Chromosome 6 Using a High Density SNP Map in Hanwoo리이; 이지홍[이지홍]; 이윤미; 김종주
2011-12Characterization of QTL for Growth and Meat Quality in Combined Pig QTL Populations백광현; 리이[리이]; 최봉환[최봉환]; 이윤미[이윤미]; 마부아람[마부아람]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김관석[김관석]; 김종주
2011-04Comparison of Growth Performances and Physico-chemical Characteristics of Hanwoo Bulls and Steers of Different Slaughtering Ages최창본; 김병기[김병기]; 정대진[정대진]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 황은경[황은경]
2011-12Detection of Mendelian and Parent-of-origin Quantitative Trait Loci for Meat Quality in a Cross between Korean Native Pig and Landrace최봉환[최봉환]; 이윤미[이윤미]; 아람마부[아람마부]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김태헌[김태헌]; 김관석[김관석]; 김종주
2012-01Detection of QTL for Carcass Quality on Chromosome 6 by Exploiting Linkage and Linkage Disequilibrium in Hanwoo이지홍[이지홍]; 리이[리이]; 김종주
2010-03Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci for Growth and Carcass Traits on BTA6 in a Hanwoo Population이윤미; 이윤석; 한찬명; 이지홍[이지홍]; 여정수; 김종주
2014-02Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Real-time Ultrasound Measurements for Hanwoo Cows at Different Ages and Pregnancy Status김종주; 이윤미; 이지홍[이지홍]; 오상현[오상현]; 손호진[손호진]; 정대진[정대진]; Niki Whitley[Niki Whitley]
2014-10Identification of Exonic Nucleotide Variants of the Thyroid Hormone Responsive Protein Gene Associated with Carcass Traits and Fatty Acid Composition in Korean Cattle오동엽[오동엽]; 이윤석[이윤석]; 라부미[라부미]; 이제영; 박영수[박영수]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 하재정[하재정]; 이준규[이준규]; 김병기[김병기]; 여정수
2014-09Study on Growth Curves of Longissimus dorsi Muscle Area, Backfat Thickness and Body Conformation for Hanwoo (Korean Native) Cows김종주; 이지홍[이지홍]; 오상현[오상현]; 이윤미; 김유삼; 손호진[손호진]; 정대진[정대진]; N.C. Whitley[N.C. Whitley]
2015-05사육방식의 차이가 거세한우의 등심내 콜티졸 수준 및지방산조성에 미치는 영향이제영; 하재정[하재정]; 오동엽[오동엽]; 이준구[이준구]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 박영식[박영식]
2011-11한우 암소의 생체 초음파 성적을 이용한 유전모수 추정여정수; 이지홍[이지홍]