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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Anti-Inflammatory and PPAR Transactivational Effects of Oleanane-Type Triterpenoid Saponins from the Roots of Pulsatilla koreana이위; 심상희; Yan Xi Tao[Yan Xi Tao]; Sun Ya Nan[Sun Ya Nan]; Thi Thanh Ngan[Thi Thanh Ngan]; 김영호[김영호]
2015-06Chemical constituents from the root of Polygonum multiflorum and their soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitory activity이위; Ya Nan Sun[Ya Nan Sun]; 김장훈[김장훈]; Xi Tao Yan[Xi Tao Yan]; 김은지[김은지]; 양서영[양서영]; 김영호[김영호]
2015-08Chemical constituents of the rhizomes and roots of Gentiana scabra (Gentianaceae)이위; Wei Zhou[Wei Zhou]; 심상희[심상희]; 김영호[김영호]
2014-08Chemical constituents of Zanthoxylum schinifolium (Rutaceae)심상희; 이위; 김영호[김영호]; WEI ZHOU[WEI ZHOU]
2014-10Erinacene D, a new aromatic compound from Hericium erinaceum이위; 심상희; Sun Ya Nan[Sun Ya Nan]; Zhou Wei[Zhou Wei]; 김영호[김영호]
2014-07Hericirine, a novel anti-inflammatory alkaloid from Hericium erinaceum심상희; 이위; Wei Zhou[Wei Zhou]; 이동성[이동성]; 김윤철[김윤철]; 김영호[김영호]
2015-03Isolation and identification of aromatic compounds in Lion's Mane Mushroom and their anticancer activities이위; Zhou Wei[Zhou Wei]; 김은지[김은지]; 심상희; 강희경[강희경]; 김영호[김영호]
2015-06Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitory activity of phenolic components from the rhizomes and roots of Gentiana scabra이위; 김장훈[김장훈]; Wei Zhou[Wei Zhou]; 심상희; 마진열[마진열]; 김영호[김영호]
2014-12Sterol Fatty Acid Esters from the Mushroom Hericium erinaceum and Their PPAR Transactivational Effects이위; 심상희; Zhou Wei[Zhou Wei]; 송석빈[송석빈]; 김영호[김영호]
2015-07Sterols from Hericium erinaceum and their inhibition of TNF-alpha and NO production in lipopolysaccharide-induced RAW 264.7 cells이위; Zhou Wei[Zhou Wei]; 차지윤[차지윤]; 권세욱[권세욱]; 백광현; 심상희[심상희]; 이영미[이영미]; 김영호[김영호]