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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-02Age-related changes of the corticospinal tract in the human brain A diffusion tensor imaging study장성호; 조상현[조상현]; 이미영[이미영]; 권용현[권용현]; 장민철
2012-07Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated genetic transformation of radish (Raphanus sativus L. cv. Valentine) for accumulation of anthocyanin배한홍; 김연복[김연복]; 박남일[박남일]; 김행훈[김행훈]; 김영선[김영선]; 이미영[이미영]; 박상언[박상언]
2014-06alpha-spinasterol from Melandrium firmum attenuates benign prostatic hyperplasia in a rat model손종근; 신현규[신현규]; 이미영[이미영]; 신인식[신인식]; 서창섭[서창섭]; 황보경
2011-01Anti-asthmatic effects of Angelica dahurica against ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation via upregulation of heme oxygenase-1손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 서창섭[서창섭]; 이진아[이진아]; 이남훈[이남훈]; 김정훈[김정훈]; 하혜경[하혜경]; 정명선; 신현규[신현규]
2011-01Anti-inflammatory activity of Angelica dahurica ethanolic extract on RAW264.7 cells via upregulation of heme oxygenase-1손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 이진아[이진아]; 서창섭[서창섭]; 하혜경[하혜경]; 이호영[이호영]; 신현규[신현규]
2010-07Clinical Characteristics and Brain Activation Patterns of Mirror Movements in Patients with Corona Radiata Infarct장성호; 이미영[이미영]; 최진호[최진호]; 박래준[박래준]; 권용현[권용현]; 장종성[장종성]; 이준; 안상호
2014-01Comparison of Acarbose and Voglibose in Diabetes Patients Who Are Inadequately Controlled with Basal Insulin Treatment: Randomized, Parallel, Open-Label, Active-Controlled Study이형우; 이미영[이미영]; 최동섭[최동섭]; 이문규[이문규]; 박태선[박태선]; 김두만[김두만]; 정춘희[정춘희]; 김덕규[김덕규]; 김인주[김인주]; 장학철[장학철]
2013-09Comparison of cortical activation patterns by somatosensory stimulation on the palm and dorsum of the hand장성호; 서정표; 안상호; 이미영[이미영]
2013-04Correlation between somatosensory function and cortical activation induced by touch stimulation in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage장성호; 이미영[이미영]
2013-06Delayed gait recovery in a stroke patient(star)star(.)장성호; 서정표; 이미영[이미영]; 권용현[권용현]
2012-12Difference of neural connectivity for motor function in chronic hemiparetic stroke patients with intracerebral hemorrhage장성호; 권용현[권용현]; 이미영[이미영]; 이동엽[이동엽]; 홍지헌[홍지헌]
2013-01Differences of the frontal activation patterns by finger and toe movements: A functional MRI study장성호; 이미영[이미영]; 장평훈[장평훈]; 권용현[권용현]
2012-06Discrimination of Phellodendron amurense and P-chinense Based on DNA Analysis and the Simultaneous Analysis of Alkaloids손종근; 육진아[육진아]; 정명선; 이미영[이미영]; 서창섭; 이응; 이승호; 문동철[문동철]; 이혜원[이혜원]; 이제현[이제현]; 박주영[박주영]; 고병섭[고병섭]
2012-03Effects of Melandrium firmum methanolic extract on testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in Wistar rats손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 신인식[신인식]; 서창섭[서창섭]; 이남훈[이남훈]; 하혜경[하혜경]; 신현규[신현규]
2012-03Functional MRI finding by proprioceptive input in patients with thalamic hemorrhage장성호; 이미영[이미영]; 김성호; 최병연; 장철훈; 안상호
2014-10Inter-Observer Agreement in the Endoscopic Classification of Colorectal Laterally Spreading Tumors: A Multicenter Study Between Experts and Trainees장병익; 이유진[이유진]; 김은수[김은수]; 박경식[박경식]; 조광범[조광범]; 이미영[이미영]; 김성국[김성국]; 전성우[전성우]; 이시형; 김경옥
2011-12Ipsilateral motor cortex activation by unaffected hand movements in patients with cerebral infarct장성호; 이미영[이미영]
2013-06Neural Tract Injuries by Penetration of Foreign Body: a Diffusion Tensor Tractography Study장성호; 권혁규; 홍지헌[홍지헌]; 권용현[권용현]; 이미영[이미영]; 김성호
2015-01Pediatric supratentorial high-grade glioma: multicenter retrospective observational study of the Korean Society for Pediatric Neuro-Oncology김성호; 정태영[정태영]; 이지연[이지연]; 김동석[김동석]; 나영신[나영신]; 김재용[김재용]; 박현진[박현진]; 이미영[이미영]; 백희조[백희조]; 김승기[김승기]
2011-04Perilesional reorganization of somatosensory function following traumatic cortical contusion A case report장성호; 이미영[이미영]
2011-09Presence of Ideomotor Apraxia in Stroke Patients with Pusher Syndrome권용현[권용현]; 권중원[권중원]; 박상영[박상영]; 이미영[이미영]; 장성호; 김중선[김중선]
2012-09Production of astragaloside and flavones from adventitious root cultures of Astragalus membranaceus var. mongholicus배한홍; Aye Aye Thwe[Aye Aye Thwe]; Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai[ Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai]; 김예지[김예지]; 김연복[김연복]; Md Romij Uddin[Md Romij Uddin]; 김영선[김영선]; 김행훈[김행훈]; 이미영[이미영]; Xiaohua Li[Xiaohua Li]; 박상언[박상언]
2010-06Protective effects of Ulmus davidiana var. japonica against OVA-induced murine asthma model via upregulation of heme oxygenase-1손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 서창섭[서창섭]; 하혜경[하혜경]; Jung D[Jung D]; Lee H,[Lee H,]; Lee NH[Lee NH]; Lee JA[Lee JA]; Kim JH[Kim JH]; 이연경; Shin HK[ Shin HK]
2011-01Somatotopic Arrangement of the Corticospinal Tract at the Medullary Pyramid in the Human Brain장성호; 권혁규; 홍지헌; 이미영[이미영]; 권용현[권용현]
2012-05Termination differences in the primary sensorimotor cortex between the medial lemniscus and spinothalamic pathways in the human brain장성호; 권용현[권용현]; 이미영[이미영]; 이동엽[이동엽]; 홍지헌[홍지헌]
2014-03The associations between ADHD and asthma in Korean children사공준; 권호장[권호장]; 이미영[이미영]; 하미나[하미나]; 임종한[임종한]; 이철갑[이철갑]; 강동묵[강동묵]; 홍수종[홍수종]; 유승진[유승진]; 백기청[백기청]; 임종한[임종한]; 조환일[조환일]
2010-06The cortical activation effect of phonation on a motor task: A functional MRI study장성호; 이미영[이미영]; 권용현[권용현]; 박지원[박지원]; 최진호[최진호]; 손수민; 안상호; 조윤우
2011-02The Temporal Change of Cortical Activation Induced by the Ongoing Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation장성호; 권용현[권용현]; 남기석[남기석]; 이미영[이미영]; 박지원[박지원]
2013-02Therapeutic benefit of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for severe mirror movements: A case report손수민; 장성호; 이지인[이지인]; 이미영[이미영]; 김한선; 조윤우; 권미경[권미경]
2014-06Transcallosal Ipsilateral Motor Pathway from the Unaffected Hemisphere in a Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury장성호; 장우혁; 이미영[이미영]; 권용현[권용현]
2010-10Trend analysis of diabetic prevalence and incidence in a rural area of South Korea between 2003-2008황태윤; 이인규[이인규]; 정지윤[정지윤]; 김정국[김정국]; 김보완[김보완]; 문성수[문성수]; 김혜순[김혜순]; 박근규[박근규]; 원규장; 이형우; 윤지성; 손호상[손호상]; 이지현[이지현]; 정의달[정의달]; 박미영[박미영]; 천병렬[천병렬]; 김건엽[김건엽]; 이미영[이미영]