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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12A Study on Morphology and Behavior of the Sapsaree: A Korean native dog(Canis familiaris)한국일[한국일]; 아람마부; 이윤미; 이동훈[이동훈]; 하지홍[하지홍]; 김종주
2010-12Comparative phenotypic and physiological characteristics of spotted Leaf 6 (spl6) and brown leaf Spot2 (bl2) Lesion Mimic Mutants (LMM) in rice강상구; 누룰마틴[누룰마틴]; 사이플라아메드사이프[사이플라아메드사이프]; 라만모하마드모미너[라만모하마드모미너]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 강호덕[강호덕]; 이동선[이동선]
2011-10Dentatorubrothalamic tract in human brain: diffusion tensor tractography study장성호; 권혁규; 홍지헌[홍지헌]; 홍철표[홍철표]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 안상호
2012-08Estimation of Effective Population Size in the Sapsaree: A Korean Native Dog (Canis familiaris)아람마부; 한국일[한국일]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 하지홍[하지홍]; 김종주
2011-10Evaluation of physicochemical properties, skin permeation and accumulation profiles of salicylic acid amide prodrugs as sunscreen agent용철순; 엄의동[엄의동]; 성준호[성준호]; 이동원[이동원]; 김정선[김정선]; 진은미[진은미]; 김대덕[김대덕]; 김동욱[김동욱]; 김종오; 박명관[박명관]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 최한곤[최한곤]
2011-11Identification of the anterior corticospinal tract in the human brain using diffusion tensor imaging장성호; 권혁규; 이동규; 손수민; 변우목; 홍철표[홍철표]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 김세윤
2010-04Location of the corticospinal tract at the corona radiata in human brain장성호; 한봉수[한봉수]; 홍지헌; 홍철표[홍철표]; 여상석; 이동훈[이동훈]; 조희경
2012-05Neuronal Loss in the Medial Cholinergic Pathway From the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert in Patients With Traumatic Axonal Injury: A Preliminary Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study장성호; 홍지헌[홍지헌]; 김오룡; 김성호; 안상호; 변우목; 홍철표[홍철표]; 이동훈[이동훈]
2011-10Optimal design and workspace analysis of a mobile welding robot with a 3P3R serial manipulator서태원; 이동훈[이동훈]; 김종원[김종원]
2012-12Optimal design of 6-DOF eclipse mechanism based on task-oriented workspace서태원; 이동훈[이동훈]; 김종원[김종원]
2011-04RAPD와 SRAP 방법을 이용한 ‘성전온주’(C. unshiu Marc.)와 ‘병감’(C. reticulate Blanco) 교잡실생 식별문용선; 윤수현[윤수현]; 진성범[진성범]; 강인규[강인규]; 이동훈[이동훈]
2015-04Reducing Effect of IL-32 alpha in the Development of Stroke Through Blocking of NF-kappa B, but Enhancement of STAT3 Pathways최동영; 황철주[황철주]; 윤형문[윤형문]; 정유연[정유연]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 윤나영[윤나영]; 서현옥[서현옥]; 한진이[한진이]; 오기완[오기완]; 한상배[한상배]; 윤도영[윤도영]; 홍진태[홍진태]
2012-02Relationship between Preharvest Factors and the Incidence of Storage Disorders in 'Fuji' Apples during CA Storage문용선; 권헌중[권헌중]; 김목종[김목종]; 이진욱[이진욱]; 최철[최철]; 최동균[최동균]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 강인규[강인규]
2012-05Transgenic Tobacco Plants harboring the Trehalose Phosphate Synthase TPS gene of Escherichia coli increased Tolerance to Drought Stress강상구; 이동훈[이동훈]; 류현미[류현미]; 배한홍
2015-07Whole Genome Association Study to Detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Behavior in Sapsaree Dog (Canis familiaris)김종주; 하지홍[하지홍]; 아람마부[아람마부]; 이동훈[이동훈]