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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09Aqueous electrophoretic deposition of SiC using asymmetric AC electric fields윤당혁; 카티라주; 유현우
2011-10Characteristics of SiCf/SiC hybrid composites fabricated by hot pressing and spark plasma sintering노비얀토 알피안[노비얀토 알피안]; 한영환; 윤당혁
2011-08Densification of SiCf/SiC composites by electrophoretic infiltration combined with ultrasonication길건영[길건영]; 윤당혁
2013-02Effect of hexagonal-BN on phase transformation of additive-free Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites prepared from amorphous precursor윤당혁; 노비얀토알피안; 이경석[이경석]; 김영문[김영문]; 김두인[김두인]; 정영근[정영근]; 김광호[김광호]; 권세훈[권세훈]; 한영환
2010-01Effect of temperature schedule on the particle size of barium titanate during solid-state reaction정원식[정원식]; 김종현[김종현]; 김현태; 윤당혁
2014-08Effect of Zn substitution on the structural and magnetic properties of Ni-Co ferrites윤당혁; 카티라주; Venkataiah[Venkataiah]
2013-11Effects of Al2O3-RE2O3 additive for the sintering of SiC and the Fabrication of SiCf/SiC composites윤당혁; 유현우; 카티라주; 박지연[박지연]
2014-03Effects of high-energy milling on the solid-state synthesis of pure nano-sized Li4Ti5O12 for high power lithium battery applications윤당혁; 한승우; 정좌영[정좌영]
2010-07Effects of impurities on the properties of BaTiO3 synthesized from barium titanyl oxalate정원식[정원식]; 박지호[박지호]; 박연정[박연정]; 윤당혁
2012-06Effects of Li/Ti ratios on the electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12 examined by time-resolved X-ray diffraction신진욱[신진욱]; 정경윤[정경윤]; 류지헌[류지헌]; 박인욱[박인욱]; 윤당혁
2012-05Effects of post-treatments on the electrochemical properties of solid-state reacted Li4Ti5O12-high energy milling and annealing신진욱[신진욱]; 류지헌[류지헌]; 정좌영[정좌영]; 윤당혁
2012-01Effects of the starting materials and mechanochemical activation on the properties of solid-state reacted Li4Ti5O12 for lithium ion batteries홍창훈[홍창훈]; 노비얀토 알피안[노비얀토 알피안]; 류지헌[류지헌]; 김재명[김재명]; 윤당혁
2012-06Effects of TiO2 Starting Materials on the Solid-State Formation of Li4Ti5O12신진욱[신진욱]; 홍창훈[홍창훈]; 윤당혁
2013-11Electrophoretic deposition of BaTiO3 in an aqueous suspension using asymmetric alternating current윤당혁; 카티라주
2014-05Fabrication of cylindrical SiCf/Si/SiC-based composite by electrophoretic deposition and liquid silicon infiltration윤당혁; Alberto Ortona[Alberto Ortona]; Thomas Fend[Thomas Fend]; 유현우; 카티라주
2015-02Fabrication of SiCf/SiC composites by alternating current electrophoretic deposition (AC-EPD) and hot pressing윤당혁; 카티라주; 유현우; 박지연[박지연]
2015-07Fabrication of the tube-shaped SiCf/SiC by hot pressing윤당혁; 유현우; 피핏피트리아니; 이승호; 박지연[박지연]
2011-03Formation mechanism of barium titanate by thermal decomposition of barium titanyl oxalate정원식[정원식]; 민봉기; 박지호[박지호]; 윤당혁
2015-07Formation of a carbon interphase layer on SiC fibers using electrophoretic deposition and infiltration methods윤당혁; 피핏피트리아니; 아밋시다하스샤르마; 이승호
2014-03Highly dense and fine-grained SiC with a Sc-nitrate sintering additive윤당혁; 노비얀토알피안; 민봉기; 유현우
2013-09Improved field emission stability and uniformity of printed carbon nanotubes prepared using high energy-milled glass frit윤당혁; 최영철[최영철]
2015-06Influence of Eu doping on magnetocaloric behavior of La0.67Sr0.33Mn03윤당혁; 카티라주; Pavan Kumar[Pavan Kumar]; Venugopal Reddy[Venugopal Reddy]
2014-11Low-Temperature Neutron Diffraction and Magnetic Properties of La1.2Sr0.9Ca0.9Mn2O7이재열; 윤당혁; 카티라주
2010-01Lowering the sintering temperature of Gd-doped ceria by mechanochemical activation정원식[정원식]; 박희석[박희석]; 강영진[강영진]; 윤당혁
2013-01Metal oxide additives for the sintering of silicon carbide: Reactivity and densification윤당혁; 노비얀토알피안
2012-03One Component Metal Oxide Sintering Additive for beta-SiC Based on Thermodynamic Calculation and Experimental Observations노비얀토 알피안[노비얀토 알피안]; 윤당혁
2011-08One component metal sintering additive for beta-SiC based on thermodynamic calculation and experimental observations노비얀토 알피안[노비얀토 알피안]; 윤당혁
2013-07Phase formation of Si-based ceramic composites from polyureasilazane prepared by hot pressing and EFAS한영환; 노비얀토알피안; 윤당혁
2014-10Properties of Al2O3-SiCwcomposites fabricated by three preparation methods윤당혁; 이대엽
2014-11Properties of alumina matrix composites reinforced with SiC whisker and carbon nanotubes윤당혁; 이대엽
2011-01Properties of SiCf/SiC composites fabricated by slurry infiltration and hot pressing파린둥안 요나탄[파린둥안 요나탄]; 이종현[이종현]; 김현태; 윤당혁
2013-12Rare-earth nitrate additives for the sintering of silicon carbide윤당혁; 노비얀토알피안; 한승우; 유현우
2013-09Rare-earth oxide additives for the sintering of silicon carbide윤당혁; 노비얀토알피안
2011-09SiC_f/SiC 복합체의 특성에 미치는 열간가압소결 조건의 영향노비얀토 알피안[노비얀토 알피안]; 윤당혁
2013-09Solid-state synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 for high power lithium ion battery applications윤당혁; 한승우; 류지헌[류지헌]; 정좌영[정좌영]
2014-05Structural and Magnetic Properties of Zn and Co Substituted Nickel Ferrites Prepared by the Citrate Sol-Gel Method윤당혁; 카티라주
2015-08Synthesis and Characterization of Bi1.6Pb0.4Sr2Ca2Cu3O7 Superconducting Oxide by High-Energy Milling윤당혁; 노노다르소노; Agung Imaduddin[Agung Imaduddin]; 카티라주
2014-09Synthesis and characterization of microwave sintered ferromagnetic-ferroelectric perovskite composites윤당혁; 카티라주; 민봉기; 파두루 레디[파두루 레디]
2012-12Synthesis of pure nano-sized Li4Ti5O12 powder via solid-state reaction using very fine grinding media윤당혁; 한승우; 신진욱
2012-08The effects of pyrolytic carbon interphase thickness on the properties of hot-pressed SiCf/SiC composites윤당혁; 노비얀토알피안
2011-01Thermal Decomposition of Degassed Barium Titanyl Oxalate: In Comparison to the Solid-State Reaction Mechanism정원식[정원식]; 홍창훈[홍창훈]; 민봉기; 박지호[박지호]; 윤당혁
2015-09Tubular Si-infiltrated SiCf/SiC composites for solar receiver application - Part 2: Thermal performance analysis and prediction윤당혁; A. Ortona[A. Ortona]; T. Fend[T. Fend]; G. Feckler[G. Feckler]; O. Smirnova[O. Smirnova]
2015-01Tubular Si-infiltrated SiCf/SiC composites for solar receiver application-Part 1: Fabrication by replica and electrophoretic deposition윤당혁; A. Ortona[A. Ortona]; T. Fend[T. Fend]; 유현우; 카티라주; 피핏피트리아니
2010-11액상소결 시의 -SiC의 입자성장 방지길건영[길건영]; 노비얀토 알피안[노비얀토 알피안]; 한영환; 윤당혁