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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12Conversion of Natural Clinoptilolite Microparticles to Nanorods by Glow Discharge Plasma: A Novel Fe-Impregnated Nanocatalyst for the Heterogeneous Fenton Process주상우; 알리레자카타이; Soghra Bozorg[Soghra Bozorg]; Sirous Khorram[ Sirous Khorram]; Mehrangiz Fathinia[Mehrangiz Fathinia]; 요네스피로즈살라리
2014-03CuO nanosheets-enhanced flow-injection chemiluminescence system for determination of vancomycin in water, pharmaceutical and human serum주상우; A. Hasanzadeh[ A. Hasanzadeh]; M. Iranifam[M. Iranifam]; M. Fathinia[ M. Fathinia]; 요네스피로즈살라리; 알리레자카타이
2014-02Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of Nd-doped ZnSe nanoparticles with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity주상우; 알리레자카타이; M. Hosseini[M. Hosseini]; 요네스피로즈살라리; M. Safarpour[M. Safarpour]
2014-05Hydrothermal synthesis of a nano-rod mercury(ii) metal-ligand coordination compound주상우; 요네스피로즈살라리; 알리레자카타이; 민봉기
2014-02Kinetic modeling of a triarylmethane dye decolorization by photoelectro-Fenton process in a recirculating system: Nonlinear regression analysis주상우; 알리레자카타이; Behrouz Vahid[ Behrouz Vahid]; Behzad Behjati[ Behzad Behjati]; Mahdieh Safarpour[Mahdieh Safarpour]
2013-11Kinetic modeling of photoassisted-electrochemical process for degradation of an azo dye using boron-doped diamond anode and cathode with carbon nanotubes주상우; 알리레자카타이; Amirreza Khataee[Amirreza Khataee]; Mehrangiz Fathinia[Mehrangiz Fathinia]; Behrouz Vahid[Behrouz Vahid]
2014-03Kinetics and equilibrium studies of removal of an azo dye from aqueous solution by adsorption onto scallop주상우; Mehdi Shirzad-Siboni[Mehdi Shirzad-Siboni]; 알리레자카타이
2014-03Modeling and optimization of simultaneous photocatalysis of three dyes on ceramic-coated TiO2 nanoparticles using chemometrics methods: phytotoxicological assessment during degradation process주상우; 알리레자카타이; M. Fathinia[M. Fathinia]; A. Naseri[A. Naseri]; A. Hasanzadeh[A. Hasanzadeh]; F. Vafaei[F. Vafaei]; A. Emami[A. Emami]; 요네스피로즈살라리
2013-07Self-Cleaning and Mechanical Properties of Modified White Cement with Nanostructured TiO2주상우; 알리레자카타이; V. Heydari[V. Heydari]; L. Moradkhannejhad[L. Moradkhannejhad]; M. Safarpour[M. Safarpour]
2013-08Simultaneous monitoring of photocatalysis of three pharmaceuticals by immobilized TiO2 nanoparticles: Chemometric assessment, intermediates identification and ecotoxicological evaluation주상우; 알리레자카타이; M. Fathinia[M. Fathinia]
2014-02Synthesis and Characterization of Dysprosium-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles for Photocatalysis of a Textile Dye under Visible Light Irradiation주상우; 알리레자카타이; Reza Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani[Reza Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani]; 요네스피로즈살라리; Mahdie Safarpour[Mahdie Safarpour]; Habib Gholipour Ranjbar[Habib Gholipour Ranjbar]
2013-08Synthesis and Characterization of ErxZn1-xSe Nanoparticles: A Novel Visible Light Responsive Photocatalyst주상우; 알리레자카타이; 요네스피로즈살라리; M. Safarpour[M. Safarpour]; M. Hosseini[M. Hosseini]
2013-06Treatment of an Azo Dye by Citrate Catalyzed Photoelectro-Fenton Process Under Visible Light using Carbon Nanotube-polytetrafluoroethylene Cathode주상우; 알리레자카타이; Hadi Marandizadeh[Hadi Marandizadeh]; Mahmoud Zarei[Mahmoud Zarei]; Soheil Aber[Soheil Aber]; Behrouz Vahid[Behrouz Vahid]; 요네스피로즈살라리
2014-09Yb-Doped ZnSe Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Physical Properties and Photocatalytic Activity주상우; 알리레자카타이; M. Hosseini[M. Hosseini]; 요네스피로즈살라리; M. Safarpour[M. Safarpour]