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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06An electrochemical analysis of AZ91 Mg alloy processed by plasma electrolytic oxidation followed by static annealing고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 이병욱[이병욱]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2012-03Correlation between current frequency and electrochemical properties of Mg alloy coated by micro arc oxidation황인준[황인준]; 황덕영[황덕영]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-12Correlation between KOH concentration and surface properties of AZ91 magnesium alloy coated by plasma electrolytic oxidation고영건; 남궁승[남궁승]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-06Corrosion response of annealed oxide film of pure Mg via plasma electrolytic oxidation in an electrolyte containing KMnO4고영건; 황인준[황인준]; 이병욱[이병욱]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-04Deformation Behavior of 6063 Al Alloy Deformed by Shear-Drawing Method고영건; 이병욱[이병욱]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2013-10Deposition of hydroxyl-apatite on titanium subjected to electrochemical plasma coating신기룡[신기룡]; 윤상일[윤상일]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-07Development of titanium oxide layer containing nanocrystalline zirconia particles with tetragonal structure: Structural and biological characteristics고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 김연성[김연성]; 김계원[김계원]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2013-12Effect of ammonium metavanadate on surface characteristics of oxide layer formed on Mg alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-06Effect of electrolyte on surface properties of pure titanium coated by plasma electrolytic oxidation신기룡[신기룡]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-04Effect of equal-channel angular pressing routes on high-strain-rate deformation behavior of ultra-fine-grained aluminum alloy김양곤[김양곤]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]; 이성학[이성학]
2013-03Effect of icosahedral phase on growth behavior of thin oxide film on MgZn12Y1.7 alloy via micro arc oxidation이강민[이강민]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-08Effect of Na2WO4 in electrolyte on mechanical properties of oxide layer on Al alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation고영건; 양해웅; 김연성[김연성]; 박주현; 김계원[김계원]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-08Effect of Potassium Permanganate on Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium Alloy Prepared by Micro-Arc Oxidation고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 신기룡[신기룡]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-03Effect of Pulse Frequency on Corrosion Behavior of AZ91 Mg Alloy Treated by Microarc Discharge Oxidation Coating황인준[황인준]; 고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2013-05Effect of roll speed ratio on deformation characteristics of IF steel subjected to differential speed rolling고영건; 조단수하르토; 이재식; 박병호[박병호]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2013-02Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Microstrutcure and Magnetic Properties of Fe-6.5%Si Alloy Fabricated by Metal Injection Molding최대엽; 후세인시아리프; 신동혁[신동혁]; 고영건
2015-08Effects of concentration of Ag nanoparticles on surface structure and in vitro biological responses of oxide layer on pure titanium via plasma electrolytic oxidation고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 김연성[김연성]; 김계원[김계원]; 양해웅; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-07Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of AZ91 Mg Alloy via Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation and Subsequent Annealing고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2014-05Electrochemical response of ZrO2 incorporated titanium oxide film이강민[이강민]; 정봉권; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2014-05Formation of beta-tricalcium phosphate coating layer on titanium via micro-arc oxidation고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 윤상일[윤상일]; 양해웅; 신동혁[신동혁]
2012-03Formation of Black Ceramic Layer on Aluminum Alloy by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Electrolyte Containing Na2WO4황인준[황인준]; 신기룡[신기룡]; 이재식[이재식]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-01Formation of ZrO2 in coating on Mg-3 wt.%Al-1 wt.%Zn alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation: Phase and structure of zirconia고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 김연성[김연성]; 양해웅; 박주현; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-05Heat dissipation properties of oxide layers formed on 7075 Al alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation김연성[김연성]; 양해웅; 신기룡[신기룡]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2014-09In vitro biological response to the oxide layer in pure titanium formed at different current densities by plasma electrolytic oxidation고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 김연성[김연성]; 양해웅; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-07Incorporation of carbon nanotubes into micro-coatings film formed on aluminum alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation이강민[이강민]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-07Incorporation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes into the oxide layer on a 7075 Al alloy coated by plasma electrolytic oxidation: Coating structure and corrosion properties이강민[이강민]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2013-07Influence of CNT incorporation on the photovoltaic behavior of TiO2 films formed by high-voltage electrophoretic deposition이응석[이응석]; 이강민[이강민]; 윤상일[윤상일]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2011-08Influence of Current Density on Corrosion Properties of AZ91 Mg Alloy Coated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Method이병욱[이병욱]; 황인준[황인준]; 이재식[이재식]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-02Influence of Post-Annealing on the Oxide Layer of AZ91 Mg Alloy Prepared by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation황덕영[황덕영]; 고영건; 김용민[김용민]; 유봉영[유봉영]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2014-02Influence of voltage waveform on anodic film of AZ91 Mg alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation: Microstructural characteristics and electrochemical responses고영건; 이응석[이응석]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-12Influence of zirconia on biomimetic apatite formation in pure titanium coated via plasma electrolytic oxidation신기룡[신기룡]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-05Influence of ZrO2 incorporation into coating layer on electrochemical response of low-carbon steel processed by electrochemical plasma coating김계원[김계원]; 김연성[김연성]; 양해웅; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-09Influence of ZrO2 Particulates on Corrosion Resistance of Magnesium Alloy Coated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation남궁승[남궁승]; 고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-08Mechanical and electrical responses of nanostructured Cu-3 wt%Ag alloy fabricated by ECAP and cold rolling고영건; 남궁승[남궁승]; 이병욱[이병욱]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2014-12Microstructural characteristics of oxide layers formed on Mg-9 wt%Al-1 wt%Zn alloy via two-step plasma electrolytic oxidation고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2012-01Spheroidisation behaviour of 1.0 wt-% carbon steel processed by equal channel angular extrusion and annealing고영건; 이병욱[이병욱]; 이재식[이재식]; 최대엽[최대엽]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2010-09Spheroidization of medium carbon steel fabricated by continuous shear drawing고영건; 남궁승[남궁승]; 신동혁[신동혁]; 손일헌[손일헌]; 이기호[이기호]; 이덕락[이덕락]
2010-08Strain hardening behavior of nanostructured dual-phase steel processed by severe plastic deformation고영건; 이철원[이철원]; 남궁승[남궁승]; 신동혁[신동혁]
2014-02Surface characteristics and biological response of titanium oxide layer formed via micro-arc oxidation in K3PO4 and Na3PO4 electrolytes정유찬[정유찬]; 신기룡[신기룡]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2012-09Surface characteristics of ZrO2-containing oxide layer in titanium by plasma electrolytic oxidation in K4P2O7 electrolyte고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 신동혁[신동혁]