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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-11A Preclinical Murine Model for the Detection of Circulating Human Tumor Cells정지헌; 안지영[안지영]; 민혜영[민혜영]; 변영로[변영로]; 이호영[이호영]
2015-08Design, Synthesis, and Therapeutic Evaluation of Poly(acrylic acid)-tetraDOCA Conjugate as a Bile Acid Transporter Inhibitor박주호[박주호]; Taslim A. Al-Hilal[Taslim A. Al-Hilal]; 정지헌; 최정욱[최정욱]; 변영로[변영로]
2013-04Effects of surface camouflaged islet transplantation on pathophysiological progression in a db/db type 2 diabetic mouse model정지헌; 육심명[육심명]; 이해신[이해신]; 안철희[안철희]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2012-05Functional enhancement of beta cells in transplanted pancreatic islets by secretion signal peptide-linked exendin-4 gene transduction정지헌; 육심명[육심명]; 정윤석[정윤석]; 임복현[임복현]; 이민형[이민형]; 안철희[안철희]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2014-08Improvement of beta cell function in intraportal transplantation of islet cell cluster using secretion signal peptide-linked exendin-4 gene정지헌; 육심명[육심명]; 변영로[변영로]
2013-08Layer-by-layer building up of heparin and glycol chitosan for rat pancreatic islet xenotransplantation to mouse정지헌; 홍성우[홍성우]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2014-09Local Co-Delivery of Pancreatic Islets and Liposomal Clodronate Using Injectable Hydrogel to Prevent Acute Immune Reactions in a Type 1 Diabetes정지헌; Rono[Rono]; 안철희[안철희]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2012-05Molecularly Engineered Islet Cell Clusters for Diabetes Mellitus Treatment육심명[육심명]; 정지헌; 정윤석[정윤석]; 홍성우[홍성우]; 임복현[임복현]; 서진원[서진원]; 박준범[박준범]; 이민형[이민형]; 안철희[안철희]; 이해신[이해신]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2015-05Size Controlled Heparin Fragment-Deoxycholic Acid Conjugate Showed Anticancer Property by Inhibiting VEGF(165)정지헌; 박주호[박주호]; Taslim A. Al-Hillal[Taslim A. Al-Hillal]; 김지영[김지영]; 변영로[변영로]
2011-11Surface camouflage of pancreatic islets using 6-arm-PEG-catechol in combined therapy with tacrolimus and anti-CD154 monoclonal antibody for xenotransplantation정지헌; 홍성우[홍성우]; 홍선기[홍선기]; 육심명[육심명]; 정윤석[정윤석]; 박준범[박준범]; Cao Duy Khue[Cao Duy Khue]; 임복현[임복현]; 서진원[서진원]; 이해신[이해신]; 안철희[안철희]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2012-01Surface modification of pancreatic islets using heparin-DOPA conjugate and anti-CD154 mAb for the prolonged survival of intrahepatic transplanted islets in a xenograft model정지헌; 정윤석[정윤석]; 육심명[육심명]; 임복현[임복현]; 서진원[서진원]; 홍성우[홍성우]; 박준범[박준범]; Victor C. Yang[Victor C. Yang]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2013-03Synergistic Effect of Surface Modification With Poly(ethylene glycol) and Immunosuppressants on Repetitive Pancreatic Islet Transplantation Into Antecedently Sensitized Rat정지헌; 육심명[육심명]; 황진욱[황진욱]; 정민진[정민진]; 문현태[문현태]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]
2013-03The effects of 8-arm-PEG-catechol/heparin shielding system and immunosuppressive drug, FK506 on the survival of intraportally allotransplanted islets정지헌; 임복현[임복현]; Muhammad R. Haque[Muhammad R. Haque]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 안철희[안철희]; 김주은[김주은]; 변영로[변영로]
2015-03Transplantation of Heterospheroids of Islet Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Effective Angiogenesis and Antiapoptosis정지헌; 신정연[신정연]; 한진[한진]; 방석호[방석호]; 정근재[정근재]; Muhammad Haque[Muhammad Haque]; Taslim Al-Hial[Taslim Al-Hial]; 노명경[노명경]; 변영로[변영로]; 김병수[김병수]
2013-12Xenotransplantation of exendin-4 gene transduced pancreatic islets using multi-component (alginate, poly-L-lysine, and polyethylene glycol) microcapsules for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus정지헌; 박준범[박준범]; 이민형[이민형]; 이동윤[이동윤]; 변영로[변영로]