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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03Actin Cytoskeleton and Golgi Involvement in Barley stripe mosaic virus Movement and Cell Wall Localization of Triple Gene Block Proteins배한홍; Hyoun-Sub Lim[Hyoun-Sub Lim]; Mi Yeon Lee[Mi Yeon Lee]; Jae Sun Moon[Jae Sun Moon]; Jung-Kyung Moon[Jung-Kyung Moon]; Yong-Man Yu[Yong-Man Yu]; In Sook Cho[In Sook Cho]; Matt deBoer[Matt deBoer]; Hojong Ju[Hojong Ju]; John Hammond[John Hammond]; Andrew O. Jackson[Andrew O. Jackson]
2012-07Age-dependent Distribution of Fungal Endophytes in Panax ginseng Roots Cultivated in Korea박영환; 김영창[김영창]; 박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 김준범[김준범]; 조병관[조병관]; 배한홍
2012-07Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated genetic transformation of radish (Raphanus sativus L. cv. Valentine) for accumulation of anthocyanin배한홍; 김연복[김연복]; 박남일[박남일]; 김행훈[김행훈]; 김영선[김영선]; 이미영[이미영]; 박상언[박상언]
2013-12AltMV TGB1 Nucleolar Localization Requires Homologous Interaction and Correlates with Cell Wall Localization Associated with Cell-to-Cell Movement배한홍; 남지륜[남지륜]; 남문[남문]; 이철호[이철호]; 이봉춘[이봉춘]; John Hammond[John Hammond]; 임현섭[임현섭]
2014-03Bacterial degradation of chlorophenols and their derivatives배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2015-03Biodegradation of 4-chloroindole by Exiguobacterium sp PMA배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2014-08Biotransformation and chemotaxis of 4-chloro-2-nitrophenol by Pseudomonas sp JHN배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2014-02Characterization of Developmental- and Stress-Mediated Expression of Cinnamoyl-CoA Reductase in Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)배한홍; 리테쉬고쉬; 최보성; 조병관[조병관]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 박상언[박상언]; 배현종[배현종]; Savithiry Natarajan, Savithiry [Savithiry Natarajan, Savithiry ]
2012-06Characterization of the in vitro Activities of the P1 and Helper Component Proteases of Soybean mosaic virus Strain G2 and Tobacco vein mottling virus임현섭[임현섭]; 장찬용[장찬용]; 남지륜[남지륜]; 리 메이지아 [리 메이지아 ]; 홍진성[홍진성]; 배한홍; 주호종[주호종]; 김홍기[김홍기]; 포드 리차드[포드 리차드]; 도마이어 레스[도마이어 레스]
2015-02Chemotaxis Away from 4-Chloro-2-nitrophenol, 4-Nitrophenol, and 2,6-Dichloro-4-nitrophenol by Bacillus subtilis PA-2배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말; 정미정[정미정]
2012-12Comparative proteomic analysis of plant responses to sound waves in Arabidopsis배한홍; 권영상[권영상]; 정미정[정미정]; 차재율[차재율]; 정성우[정성우]; 박수철[박수철]; 신성철[신성철]; 정우식[정우식]; 배동원[배동원]
2012-03Comparative transcriptional analysis of caffeoyl-coenzyme A 3-O-methyltransferase from Hibiscus cannabinus L., during developmental stages in various tissues and stress regulation고쉬 리테쉬[고쉬 리테쉬]; 최보성[최보성]; 정미정[정미정]; 배동원[배동원]; 신성철[신성철]; 박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 김종기[김종기]; 배한홍
2013-02Detection of cuticle defects on cherry tomatoes using hyperspectral fluorescence imagery배한홍; 조병관[조병관]; 김문성[김문성]; 백인석[백인석]; 김대용[김대용]; 이왕히[이왕히]; 김종기[김종기]; 김영식[김영식]
2014-09Detection of Starch Adulteration in Onion Powder by FT-NIR and FT-IR Spectroscopy배한홍; Santosh Lohumi[Santosh Lohumi]; 이상대[이상대]; 이왕히[이왕히]; 김문성[김문성]; 모창연[모창연]; 조병관[조병관]
2012-12Determination of Polar Secondary Metabolomes in Arabidopsis thaliana using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry배한홍; 조영아[조영아]; 박세민[박세민]; 배동원[배동원]; 서온누리[서온누리]; 이지은[이지은]; 정성우[정성우]; 권영상[권영상]; 차재율[차재율]; 신성철[신성철]
2013-02Development of a Non-destructive On-line Pungency Measurement System for Red-Pepper Powder배한홍; Changyeun Mo[ Changyeun Mo]; Masulni Hasegawa[Masulni Hasegawa]; Kangjin Lee[Kangjin Lee]; Jong-Guk Lim[Jong-Guk Lim]; Moon S. Kim[Moon S. Kim]; Sukwon Kang[Sukwon Kang]; Hyun-Dong Lee[Hyun-Dong Lee]; Dae-Yong Kim[Dae-Yong Kim]; Byoung-Kwan Cho [Byoung-Kwan Cho ]
2015-06Developmental- and stress-mediated expression analysis of cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 (CCR1) from Hibiscus cannabinus배한홍; 리테쉬고쉬; 최보성; 김종근; 정미정[정미정]; 타판쿠말모한타
2012-07Differential expression of kenaf phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) ortholog during developmental stages and in response to abiotic stresses정미정[정미정]; 최보성; 배동원[배동원]; 신성철[신성철]; 박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 김종기[김종기]; 김준범[김준범]; 조병관[조병관]; 배한홍
2012-04Diversity of Fungal Endophytes in Various Tissues of Panax ginseng Meyer Cultivated in Korea박영환[박영환]; 이순구[이순구]; 안덕종[안덕종]; 권태룡[권태룡]; 박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 배한홍
2014-12Effects of Water Stress on the Endophytic Fungal Communities of Pinus koraiensis Needles Infected by Cenangium ferruginosum배한홍; 이선근[이선근]; 이승규[이승규]; 서상태[서상태]; 이종규[이종규]
2011-03Endophytic Trichoderma Isolates from Tropical Environments Delay Disease Onset and Induce Resistance Against Phytophthora capsici in Hot Pepper Using Multiple Mechanisms배한홍; 로벗츠[로벗츠]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 스트렘[스트렘]; 박수철[박수철]; 류충민[류충민]; 멜닉[멜닉]; 베일리[베일리]
2013-01Expression analysis of kenaf cinnamate 4-hydroxylase (C4H) ortholog during developmental and stress responses김종근; 최보성; Savithiry Natarajan[Savithiry Natarajan]; 배한홍
2010-04Expression of thermostable bacterial beta-glucosidase (BglB) in transgenic tobacco plants정세라[정세라]; 김수연[김수연]; 배한홍; 임현섭[임현섭]; 배현종[배현종]
2015-02Functional genomics and signaling events in mycorrhizal symbiosis배한홍; 타판쿠말모한타
2012-01Fungal Endophytes from Three Cultivars of Panax ginseng Meyer Cultivated in Korea박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 박기춘[박기춘]; 박영환[박영환]; 배한홍
2012-12Ginsenoside Content in The Leaves and Roots of Panax ginseng at Different AgesX-G Li[X-G Li]; YZ Yan[YZ Yan]; X-J Jin[X-J Jin]; 김용경[김용경]; MR Uddin[MR Uddin]; 김연복[김연복]; 배한홍; 김영창[김영창]; 이상원[이상원]; 박상언[박상언]
2014-06Hyperspectral near-infrared imaging for the detection of physical damages of pear배한홍; 이왕호[이왕호]; 김문성[김문성]; 이훈수[이훈수]; Stephen Delwiche[Stephen Delwiche]; 김대용[김대용]; 조병관[조병관]
2015-09Identification and Expression Analysis of PIN-Like (PILS) Gene Family of Rice Treated with Auxin and Cytokinin배한홍; 타판쿠말모한타; 모한타니베디타[모한타니베디타]
2015-02Identification of new members of the MAPK gene family in plants shows diverse conserved domains and novel activation loop variants배한홍; Nibedita Mohanta2[Nibedita Mohanta2]; Pratap Parida3[Pratap Parida3]; 타판쿠말모한타; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2014-12Identification of New Metabolites of Bacterial Transformation of Indole by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and High Performance Liquid Chromatography배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2012-01Improved shoot organogenesis of gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) using silver nitrate and putrescine treatment박의호; 배한홍; 박우택[박우택]; 김연복[김연복]; 채수천[채수천]; 박상언[박상언]
2012-04Increase in the Contents of Ginsenosides in Raw Ginseng Roots in Response to Exposure to 450 and 470 nm Light from Light-Emitting Diodes박상언[박상언]; 안덕종[안덕종]; 전현정[전현정]; 권태룡[권태룡]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 최보성[최보성]; 백광현; 배한홍
2013-09Influence of Auxins on Glucosinolate Biosynthesis in Hairy Root Cultures of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica)배한홍; 김행훈[김행훈]; 김선주[김선주]; 김연복[김연복]; Romij Uddin[Romij Uddin]; 권도연[권도연]; 박상언[박상언]
2012-10Influences of Four Different Light-Emitting Diode Lights on Flowering and Polyphenol Variations in the Leaves of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)배한홍; 정성우[정성우]; 박세민[박세민]; 진종성[진종성]; 서온누리[서온누리]; 김곤섭[김곤섭]; 김윤희[김윤희]; 이계민[이계민]; 김수택[김수택]; 이원섭[이원섭]; 신성철[신성철]
2014-04Integration of bioinformatics to biodegradation배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2014-11Metabolic pathway for degradation of 2-chloro-4-aminophenol by Arthrobacter sp SPG배한홍; 타판쿠말모한타; Alok Srivastava[Alok Srivastava]; Vijay Pal Singh[Vijay Pal Singh]; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2013-01Metabolic profiling of millet (Panicum miliaceum) using gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GC-TOFMS) for quality assessment김재광[김재광]; 박수연[박수연]; 여윤수[여윤수]; 조현석[조현석]; 김연복[김연복]; 배한홍; 박철호[박철호]; 이재헌[이재헌]; 박상언[박상언]
2015-03Microbial Degradation of Indole and Its Derivatives배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말; Ashutosh Sharma[Ashutosh Sharma]
2013-09Molecular Characterization of Ferulate 5-Hydroxylase Gene from Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)배한홍; 김종근; 최보성; 박영환; 조병관[조병관]; 임현섭[임현섭]; Savithiry Natarajan[Savithiry Natarajan]; 박상언[박상언]
2013-07Molecular cloning, characterization and expression of the caffeic acid O-methyltransferase (COMT) ortholog from kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus)곽은정; 배한홍; 김종근; 최보성; Byoung-Kwan Cho[Byoung-Kwan Cho]; Hyoun-Sub Lim[Hyoun-Sub Lim]; Joon Bum Kim[Joon Bum Kim]; Savithiry Natarajan[Savithiry Natarajan]
2010-08Mutation of a chloroplast-targeting signal in Alternanthera mosaic virus TGB3 impairs cell-to-cell movement and eliminates long-distance virus movement임현섭[임현섭]; 아나마리아 바이라[아나마리아 바이라]; 배한홍; 브래그[브래그]; 루진[루진]; 보캔[보캔]; 다이넬트[다이넬트]; 오웬[오웬]; 해몬드[해몬드]
2010-11Overexpression of polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein 2 (PGIP2) of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp pekinensis) increased resistance to the bacterial pathogen Pectobacterium carotovorum ssp carotovorum황병호[황병호]; 배한홍; 임현섭[임현섭]; 김군보[김군보]; 김신제[김신제]; 임명호[임명호]; 박범석[박범석]; 김도선[김도선]; 김종기[김종기]
2010-01Pathogenicity of Alternanthera mosaic virus is affected by determinants in RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and by reduced efficacy of silencing suppression in a movement-competent TGB1임현섭[임현섭]; 아나 마리아 바이라[아나 마리아 바이라]; 마이틀 라인셀[마이틀 라인셀]; 배한홍; 브라이언 베일리[브라이언 베일리]; 레슬리 도마이어[레슬리 도마이어]; 존 해몬드[존 해몬드]
2013-08Prediction of crude protein and oil content of soybeans using Raman spectroscopy배한홍; 이훈수[이훈수]; 조병관[조병관]; 김문성[김문성]; 이왕히[이왕히]; Jagdish Tewari[Jagdish Tewari]; 손수인[손수인]; 지히윤[지히윤]
2012-09Production of astragaloside and flavones from adventitious root cultures of Astragalus membranaceus var. mongholicus배한홍; Aye Aye Thwe[Aye Aye Thwe]; Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai[ Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai]; 김예지[김예지]; 김연복[김연복]; Md Romij Uddin[Md Romij Uddin]; 김영선[김영선]; 김행훈[김행훈]; 이미영[이미영]; Xiaohua Li[Xiaohua Li]; 박상언[박상언]
2014-05Proteomic analysis of Rhizoctonia solani AG-1 sclerotia maturation배한홍; 권영상[권영상]; 김상곤[김상곤]; 정우식[정우식]; 정성우[정성우]; 신성철[신성철]; 정미정[정미정]; 박수철[박수철]; 곽연식[곽연식]; 배동원[배동원]; 이용복[이용복]
2013-07Regulation of 4CL, encoding 4-coumarate: coenzyme A ligase, expression in kenaf under diverse stress conditions배한홍; 쵸드허리; 최보성; 조병관[조병관]; 김준범[김준범]; 박상언[박상언]; Savithiry Natarajan[Savithiry Natarajan]; 임현섭[임현섭]
2014-11Role of Dehalogenases in Aerobic Bacterial Degradation of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2013-06Seed Transmission Rates of Bean pod mottle virus and Soybean mosaic virus in Soybean May Be Affected by Mixed Infection or Expression of the Kunitz Trypsin Inhibitor배한홍; 남문[남문]; John Hammond[John Hammond]; Leslie L. Domier[Leslie L. Domier]; 윤영남[윤영남]; 이봉춘[이봉춘]; 임현섭[임현섭]
2014-03Selective Interaction Between Chloroplast beta-ATPase and TGB1(L88) Retards Severe Symptoms Caused by Alternanthera mosaic virus Infection배한홍; 서은영[서은영]; 남지륜[남지륜]; 김현승[김현승]; 박영환; 홍석명[홍석명]; Dilip Lakshman[Dilip Lakshman]; John Hammond[John Hammond]; 임현섭[임현섭]
2011-12Soybean mosaic virus Infection and Helper Component-protease Enhance Accumulation of Bean pod mottle virus-Specific siRNAs임현섭[임현섭]; 장찬용[장찬용]; 배한홍; 김준기[김준기]; 이철호[이철호]; 홍진성[홍진성]; 주호종[주호종]; 김홍기[김홍기]; 도마이어 레슬리[도마이어 레슬리]
2014-03The coat protein of Alternanthera mosaic virus is the elicitor of a temperature-sensitive systemic necrosis in Nicotiana benthamiana, and interacts with a host boron transporter protein배한홍; 임현섭[임현섭]; 남지륜[남지륜]; 서은영[서은영]; 남문[남문]; Anna Maria Vaira[Anna Maria Vaira]; 장찬용[장찬용]; 이철호[이철호]; 김홍기[김홍기]; Mark Roh[Mark Roh]; John Hammond[John Hammond]
2015-04The diversity of fungal genome배한홍; 타판쿠말모한타
2014-12Toxicity and Microbial Degradation of Nitrobenzene, Monochloronitrobenzenes, Polynitrobenzenes, and Pentachloronitrobenzene배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말
2012-05Transcriptional analysis of hydroxycinnamoyl transferase (HCT) in various tissues of Hibiscus cannabinus in response to abiotic stress conditions쵸드허리 임란[쵸드허리 임란]; 최보성[최보성]; 박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 배한홍
2012-08Transcriptional analysis of the rho-coumarate 3-hydroxylase (C3H) gene from Hibiscus cannabinus L. during developmental stages in various tissues and in response to abiotic stresses방우석; 배한홍; 최보성; 강시용[강시용]; 배현종[배현종]; 임현섭[임현섭]
2013-12Transgenic Soybeans and Soybean Protein Analysis: An Overview배한홍; Savithiry Natarajan[Savithiry Natarajan]; Dave Luthria[Dave Luthria]; Dilip Lakshman[Dilip Lakshman]; Amitabha Mitra[Amitabha Mitra]
2012-05Transgenic Tobacco Plants harboring the Trehalose Phosphate Synthase TPS gene of Escherichia coli increased Tolerance to Drought Stress강상구; 이동훈[이동훈]; 류현미[류현미]; 배한홍
2011-08Trichoderma Species as Abiotic and Biotic Stress Quenchers in Plants배한홍
2014-03Update on the Effects of Sound Wave on Plants배한홍; 쵸드허리; 임현섭[임현섭]