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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-0210.28 재보궐 선거의 블로그 캠페인에 대한 웹계량화 분석임연수; 박한우
2012-01A comparison of the Daegu and Edinburgh musical industries: a triple helix approach고하페로즈칸; 박한우; 조성은
2010-08A Hyperlink and Issue Network Analysis of the United States Senate: A Rediscovery of the Web as a Relational and Topical Medium김장현[김장현]; George Barnett[George Barnett]; 박한우
2014-04A multi-level network analysis of web-citations among the world's universities박한우; George A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]; Ke Jiang[Ke Jiang]; C. Tang[C. Tang]; I.F. Aguillo[I.F. Aguillo]
2010-06A network analysis of interdisciplinary research relationships: the Korean government's R&D grant program양창훈[양창훈]; 박한우; 허정은[허정은]
2013-06A qualitative analysis of cross-cultural new media research: SNS use in Asia and the West박한우; 조성은
2014-04A routine for measuring synergy in university-industry-government relations: mutual information as a Triple-Helix and Quadruple-Helix indicator박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]; Balazs Lengyel[Balazs Lengyel]
2015-07A semantic (TRIZ) network analysis of South Korea's "Open Public Data" policy박한우; Kyujin Jung[Kyujin Jung]
2011-05A socio-technical perspective on e-government issues in developing countries: a scientometrics approach고하페로즈칸; 문정훈[문정훈]; 박한우; Bobby swar[Bobby swar]; 노재정[노재정]
2015-03A webometric approach to policy analysis and management using exponential random graph models박한우; Kyujin Jung[Kyujin Jung]; Wei-Ning Wu[Wei-Ning Wu]; Se Jung Park[Se Jung Park]
2012-09A-List Twitter Users in Korea’s Political Tweet Sphere박한우; 치엔렁수; 박지영
2014-02An exploratory approach to a Twitter-based community centered on a political goal in South Korea: Who organized it, what they shared, and how they acted박한우; 최수진[최수진]
2014-04An interview with Loet Leydesdorff: the past, present, and future of the triple helix in the age of big data박한우
2013-03Can web ecology provide a clearer understanding of people's information behavior during election campaigns?박한우; 남윤재[남윤재]; 이연옥[이연옥]
2011-07Citations among communication journals and other disciplines: a network analysisGeorge A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]; Catherine Huh[Catherine Huh]; Youngju Kim[Youngju Kim]; 박한우
2012-08Comparative Analysis of Twitter Use between South Koreans and Russians: An Exploratory Study박한우; 조성은[조성은]
2014-09Comparative trends in global communication networks of #Kpop tweets박한우; 김민정[김민정]; 허윤철[허윤철]; 최성철
2015-06Comparing Twitter and You Tube networks in information diffusion: The case of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement박한우; 박세정[박세정]; 임연수[임연수]
2011-07Convenience or credibility? A study of college student online research behaviorsJ. Patrick Biddix[J. Patrick Biddix]; Chung Joo Chung[Chung Joo Chung]; 박한우
2012-12Cross-National Comparison of Twitter Use between South Korea and Japan: An Exploratory Study박한우; 조성은
2013-07Decomposing social and semantic networks in emerging "big data" research박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]
2015-09Diagnosing “collaborative culture” of biomedical science in South Korea: Misoriented knowledge, competition, and failing collaboration박한우; 김레오[김레오]
2013-08E-campaigning versus the Public Official Election Act in South Korea Causes, consequences and implications of cyber-exile박한우; 이연옥[이연옥]
2011-09e-Research applications for tracking online socio-political capital in the Asia-Pacific region스티븐샘스; 임연수; 박한우
2012-01Editorial: Triple Helix and innovation in Asia using scientometrics, webometrics, and informetrics고하페로즈칸; 박한우
2012-01Examining academic Internet use using a combined method박한우
2014-01Examining the international internet using multiple measures: new methods for measuring the communication base of globalized cyberspace박한우; George A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]
2014-11Exploring political discussions by Korean twitter users A look at opinion leadership and homophily phenomenon박한우; Myunggoon Choi[Myunggoon Choi]; Yoonmo Sang[Yoonmo Sang]
2012-01Exploring the web visibility of world-class universities이무성[이무성]; 박한우
2015-07Factors affecting citation networks in science and technology: focused on non-quality factors박한우; 소민호[소민호]; 김지영; 최상기[최상기]
2014-03Flow of Online Content from Production to Consumption in the Context of Globalization Theory박한우; 최수진[최수진]
2014-07Food policy in cyberspace: A webometric analysis of national food clusters in South Korea박한우; 김장현[김장현]
2014-01From e-government to social government: Twitter use by Korea's central government박한우; 김지영; Gohar Feroz Khan[Gohar Feroz Khan]; 윤호영[윤호영]
2015-07Globalization of cultural products: a webometric analysis of Kpop in Spanish-speaking countries박한우; Xanat Meza[Xanat Meza]
2012-01Government organizations' innovative use of the Internet: The case of the Twitter activity of South Korea's Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries조성은; 박한우
2012-01Has globalization strengthened South Korea's national research system? National and international dynamics of the Triple Helix of scientific co-authorship relationships in South Korea권기석[권기석]; 박한우; 소민호[소민호]; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]
2014-09How are newspaper companies using social media to engage and connect with their audiences? characteristics and forms of Korean newspapers' YouTube use박한우; 허윤철[허윤철]
2011-10How do congressional members appear on the web? Tracking the web visibility of South Korean politicians임연수[임연수]; 박한우
2012-02How do social scientists use link data from search engines to understand Internet-based political and electoral communication?박한우
2014-03Inferring international dotcom Web communities by link and content analysis박한우; 정정주[정정주]; George A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]
2014-10International Coauthorship Relations in the Social Sciences Citation Index: Is Internationalization Leading the Network?박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]; C. S. Wagner[C. S. Wagner]
2013-02INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION IN SCIENCE: THE GLOBAL MAP AND THE NETWORK박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]; Caroline S. Wagner[Caroline S. Wagner]; Jonathan Adams[Jonathan Adams]
2014-01Introduction to the special issue: social media interaction between public and government in Asia-Pacific박한우; 이연옥[이연옥]
2012-01Korean and Chinese Webpage Content: Who Are Talking About What and How?Chien-leng Hsu[Chien-leng Hsu]; 박한우
2010-06Longitudinal trends in networks of university-industry-government relations in South Korea: The role of programmatic incentives박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]
2014-04Mapping election campaigns through negative entropy: Triple and Quadruple Helix approach to South Korea's 2012 presidential election박한우
2012-04Mapping online social networks of Korean politiciansChien-leng Hsu[Chien-leng Hsu]; 박한우
2010-01Mapping the e-science landscape in South Korea using the webometrics method박한우
2014-04Mapping Triple Helix innovation in developing and transitional economies: webometrics, scientometrics, and informetrics박한우; 정정주[정정주]
2011-12Measuring the Triple Helix on the Web: Longitudinal Trends in the University-Industry-Government Relationship in Korea고하페로즈칸; 박한우
2012-01Measuring Twitter-based political participation and deliberation in the South Korean context by using social network and Triple Helix indicators김민정[김민정]; 박한우
2015-03Measuring web ecology by Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online news: 2012 general election in South Korea박한우; Yoonjae Nam[Yoonjae Nam]; Yeon-Ok Lee[Yeon-Ok Lee]
2011-10Mediated relations: new methods to study online social capital마우리스버기어; 임연수; 박한우
2015-03More than entertainment: YouTube and public responses to the science of global warming and climate change박한우; M.A. Shapiro[M.A. Shapiro]
2015-03Network Analysis of East Asian Research in South Korea for the 2004-2013 Period박한우; 박지영
2011-12Network of the core: mapping and visualizing the core of scientific domains고하페로즈칸; 박한우; 문정훈[문정훈]
2015-08Network, Channel, and Geographical Proximity of Knowledge Transfer: The Case of University-Industry Collaboration in South Korea박한우; 권기석[권기석]; 장덕희[장덕희]
2011-08Networked Politics on Cyworld: The Text and Sentiment of Korean Political Profiles박세정[박세정]; 임연수; 스티븐 샘스[스티븐 샘스]; 남상미[남상미]; 박한우
2015-04Networking Interest and Networked Structure: A Quantitative Analysis of Twitter Data박한우; 최수진[최수진]
2012-06Online image content analysis of political figures: an exploratory study박한우; Bulent Ozel[Bulent Ozel]