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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-02Acoustic Interference Cancellation for a Voice-driven Interface in Smart TVs박정식; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]; Kim, Ji-Hwan[Kim, Ji-Hwan]; Kim, Sang-Hoon[Kim, Sang-Hoon]
2014-06Active Shape Model과 통계적 패턴인식기를 이용한 얼굴 영상 기반 감정인식박정식; 장길진[장길진]; 조아라[조아라]; 서용호[서용호]
2014-04Autonomous Position Estimation of a Mobile Node Based on Landmark and Localization Sensor박정식; 박세준[박세준]; 서용호[서용호]; 양태규[양태규]
2010-05GMM Adaptation based Online Speaker Segmentation for Spoken Document Retrieval박정식; 박경미[박경미]; 오영환[오영환]
2011-11Line Spectral Frequency-based Noise Suppression for Speech-Centric Interface of Smart Devices박정식; Kim, Ji-Hwan[Kim, Ji-Hwan]; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]; Seo, Yong-Ho[Seo, Yong-Ho]
2012-08Multistage Utterance Verification for Keyword Recognition-based Online Spoken Content Retrieval박정식; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]; Kim, Ji-Hwan[Kim, Ji-Hwan]
2012-01Music-aided affective interaction between human and service robot박정식; Seo, Yong-Ho[Seo, Yong-Ho]; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]
2012-12ONLINE SPEAKER DIARIZATION FOR MULTIMEDIA DATA RETRIEVAL ON MOBILE DEVICES박정식; Park, Kyung-Mi[Park, Kyung-Mi]; Bae, Jae-Hyun[Bae, Jae-Hyun]; Oh, Yung-Hwan[Oh, Yung-Hwan]
2013-03Particle filtering based pitch sequence correction for monaural speech segregation박정식; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]; Kim, Han-Gyu[Kim, Han-Gyu]; Kim, Ji-Hwan[Kim, Ji-Hwan]; Oh, Yung-Hwan[Oh, Yung-Hwan]
2012-11Recognition Unit Determination of Interactive Chinese Speech Recognition for Embedded Devices박정식; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]; Pan, Chunghsi[Pan, Chunghsi]; Park, Jae-Hyun[Park, Jae-Hyun]; Kim, Ji-Hwan[Kim, Ji-Hwan]
2012-12Speaker-Characterized Emotion Recognition using Online and Iterative Speaker Adaptation박정식; Kim, Jae-Bok[Kim, Jae-Bok]; Oh, Yung-Hwan[Oh, Yung-Hwan]
2012-05Speech Segregation based on Pitch Track Correction and Music-Speech Classification박정식; Jang, Gil-Jin[Jang, Gil-Jin]; Kim, Han-Gyu[Kim, Han-Gyu]; Kim, Ji-Hwan[Kim, Ji-Hwan]; Oh, Yung-Hwan[Oh, Yung-Hwan]
2013-06Two-pass search strategy using accumulated band energy histogram for HMM-based identification of perceptually identical music박정식; 김지환[김지환]; Myung, Jinbok[Myung, Jinbok]; Kim, Kwang-Ho[Kim, Kwang-Ho]; Koo, Myoung-Wan[Koo, Myoung-Wan]
2015-04Unsupervised rapid speaker adaptation based on selective eigenvoice merging for user-specific voice interaction박정식; 최동진[최동진]; 오영환[오영환]