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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01A chaotic micromixer using obstruction-pairs박장민; 서경덕[서경덕]; 권태헌[권태헌]
2011-05A simple fabrication and integration technique of microlens for microfluidic lab-on-a-chip by overflow of UV resin through holes이봉기[이봉기]; 박장민; 김동성[김동성]; 권태헌[권태헌]
2012-08A ternary model for double-emulsion formation in a capillary microfluidic device박장민; Patrick Anderson[Patrick Anderson]
2014-02An experimental investigation of mixing of carbon nanotube/polymer composite in a batch-type screw mixer박장민; 서경덕[서경덕]; 정현수[정현수]; 김동성[김동성]
2014-12An extended finite element method for a diffuse-interface model박장민; Martien A. Hulsen[Martien A. Hulsen]; Patrick D. Anderson[Patrick D. Anderson]
2015-08Effect of Initial Temperature of a Cylindrical Steel Block on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Staggered Array Jets During Water Jet Quenching김태훈[김태훈]; 오동욱[오동욱]; 도규형[도규형]; 박장민; 이정호[이정호]
2014-12Fabrication of various nano-structured nickel stamps using anodic aluminum oxide박장민
2012-02Flake Orientation in Injection Molding of Pigmented Thermoplastics박장민; 정석재[정석재]; 박성진[박성진]
2011-05Irreversible thermodynamics based constitutive theory for fiber suspended polymeric liquids박장민; 권태헌[권태헌]
2015-04Magneto-rheological model for computational analysis of magnetic micro powder injection molding정임두[정임두]; 박장민; 강태곤[강태곤]; 김시조[김시조]; 박성진[박성진]
2011-10Modeling and Simulation of Fiber Orientation in Injection Molding of Polymer Composites박장민; 박성진[박성진]
2011-03Nonisothermal Transient Filling Simulation of Fiber Suspended Viscoelastic Liquid in a Center-Gated Disk박장민; 권태헌[권태헌]
2015-02Numerical Analysis of Thermal Mixing in a Swirler-Embedded Line-Heater for Flow Assurance in Subsea Pipelines박장민; 오동욱[오동욱]; 이정호[이정호]
2013-05Numerical investigation of the effect of insoluble surfactant on drop formation in microfluidic device박장민; Martien Hulsen[Martien Hulsen]; Patrick Anderson[Patrick Anderson]
2011-08Numerical Prediction of Flake Orientation and Surface Color in Injection Molding of Flake-Pigmented Thermoplastics박장민; 정석재[정석재]; 박성진[박성진]
2011-09Numerical simulation of hot embossing filling stage using a viscoelastic constitutive model박장민; 강태곤[강태곤]; 박성진[박성진]
2014-11Numerical study of the inertia effect on flow distribution in micro-gap plate heat exchanger박장민; 윤석호[윤석호]; 이공훈[이공훈]; 송찬호[송찬호]
2014-08Particle size effect on the magneto-rheological behavior of powder injection molding feedstock정임두[정임두]; 박장민; 여지훈[여지훈]; 강태곤[강태곤]; 김시조[김시조]; 박성진[박성진]
2012-10Phase separation of viscous ternary liquid mixtures박장민; Roberto Mauri[Roberto Mauri]; Patrick Anderson[Patrick Anderson]
2012-06Rheological behavior of magnetic powder mixtures for magnetic PIM김성훈[김성훈]; 김시조[김시조]; 박성진[박성진]; 문준호[문준호]; 강태곤[강태곤]; 박장민
2014-08Rheological modeling of strontium ferrite feedstock for magnetic powder injection molding정임두[정임두]; 김성훈[김성훈]; 박성진[박성진]; 김시조[김시조]; 강태곤[강태곤]; 박장민
2011-12Rheology and processing of suspensions with fiber, disk and magnetic particles박장민; 박성진[박성진]
2012-04Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Injection-Compression Molding Process호재윤[호재윤]; 박장민; 강태곤[강태곤]; 박성진[박성진]
2015-08국부 가열 금형을 이용한 플라스틱 나노 구조표면 사출성형 연구라문우[라문우]; 박장민; 김동언[김동언]
2013-09수치해석을 통한 유도가열 코일의 설계 및 설계인자의 민감도 해석오동욱[오동욱]; 김태훈[김태훈]; 도규형[도규형]; 박장민; 이정호[이정호]
2015-08플라스틱 미세구조 성형 해석기술 리뷰박장민; 차경제[차경제]