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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08A case of rapidly progressive IgA nephropathy in a patient with exacerbation of Crohn's disease김용진; 최지영[최지영]; 유청훈[유청훈]; 정희연[정희연]; 정민경[정민경]; 조장희[조장희]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 김영림[김영림]; 박선희[박선희]
2012-05Are ex vivo mesothelial cells representative of the in vivo transition from epithelial-to-mesenchymal cells in peritoneal membrane?도준영; 조지형[조지형]; 오은주[오은주]; 유해명[유해명]; 박소영[박소영]; 김산옥[김산옥]; 현성혜[현성혜]; 서혜진[서혜진]; 김군현[김군현]; 최지영[최지영]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 박선희[박선희]; 김용림[김용림]
2010-03C4d 강 양성을 보인 BK 바이러스 신병증 1예이은영[이은영]; 박선희[박선희]; 최지영[최지영]; 조지형[조지형]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 김용림[김용림]; 김용진
2011-04Dialysis modality-dependent changes in serum metabolites: accumulation of inosine and hypoxanthine in patients on haemodialysis도준영; 최지영[최지영]; 윤유정[윤유정]; 최희정[최희정]; 박선희[박선희]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 김인산[김인산]; 권태환[권태환]; 김성호[김성호]; 류도현[류도현]; 황금숙[황금숙]; 김용림[김용림]
2012-03Effects of neutral pH and low-glucose degradation product-containing peritoneal dialysis fluid on systemic markers of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction: a randomized controlled 1-year follow-up study도준영; 박선희[박선희]; 김영훈[김영훈]; 이호영[이호영]; 김범석[김범석]; 신석균[신석균]; 김현철[김현철]; 장윤경[장윤경]; 양종호[양종호]; 정현철[정현철]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 이원기[이원기]; 김종연[김종연]; 김용림[김용림]
2011-05Impact of Dialysis Modality on the Incidence of 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients도준영; 조장희[조장희]; 김성호[김성호]; 김종연[김종연]; 서정주[서정주]; 최지영[최지영]; 박선희[박선희]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 정선영[정선영]; 조규향[조규향]; 박종원; 이덕현[이덕현]; 송경은[송경은]; 김용림[김용림]
2010-06Impact of systemic and local peritoneal inflammation on peritoneal solute transport rate in new peritoneal dialysis patients: a 1-year prospective study도준영; 조지형[조지형]; 허인경[허인경]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 박선희[박선희]; 유혜명[유혜명]; 육주민[육주민]; 최지영[최지영]; 최희정[최희정]; 박종원; 김용림[김용림]; 최혁준[최혁준]
2011-06Phosphate-Induced Apoptosis in Human Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells in vitro도준영; 박종원; 육주민[육주민]; 류혜명[류혜명]; 최순연[최순연]; 마사요 모리시타[마사요 모리시타]; 박선희[박선희]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 최지영[최지영]; 정호영[정호영]; 김용림[김용림]
2012-04Threshold Level of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol for the Short-Term Benefit of Statin Therapy in the Acute Phase of Myocardial Infarction김영조; 이장훈[이장훈]; 박선희[박선희]; 양동헌[양동헌]; 박헌식[박헌식]; 조영근[조영근]; 이원기[이원기]; 정명호[정명호]; 전재은[전재은]; 채성철[채성철]