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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration in Association With CADASIL박미영; Hee-Jin Kim,[Hee-Jin Kim,]; Hyun Young Kim, MD,[Hyun Young Kim, MD,]; Won Ki Paek[Won Ki Paek]; Aram Park[Aram Park]; Chang Seok Ki[Chang Seok Ki]; Hyeon-Mi Park[Hyeon-Mi Park]; Seung H. Kim,[Seung H. Kim,]
2015-04Commentary on Effect of a Second Injection of Botulinum Toxin on Lower Facial Contouring, as Evaluated Using 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning박미영; 안기영[안기영]
2011-01Donepezil treatment in Alzheimer's disease patients with and without cerebrovascular lesions: A preliminary report박미영; 나혜리[나혜리]; 김상윤[김상윤]; 최성혜[최성혜]; 양동원[양동원]; 배희준[배희준]; 김정은[김정은]; 심용수[심용수]; 김병건[김병건]; 권재철[권재철]; 유봉구[유봉구]; 김병채[김병채]; 이정석[이정석]
2013-07Effect of the Refrigerator Storage Time on the Potency of Botox for Human Extensor Digitorum Brevis Muscle Paralysis박미영; 안기영[안기영]
2011-12Low-frequency power of heart rate variability is not a measure of cardiac sympathetic tone but may be a measure of modulation of cardiac autonomic outflows by baroreflexes박미영; David S. Goldstein[David S. Goldstein]; Oladi Bentho[Oladi Bentho]; Yenhonatan Sharabi[Yenhonatan Sharabi]
2011-01SCA in Korea and its regional distribution: A multicenter analysis박미영; 김한준[김한준]; 이우용[이우용]; 정선주[정선주]; 용석우[용석우]; 강지훈[강지훈]; 이성한[이성한]; 박건우[박건우]; 김병채[김병채]; 김재우[김재우]; 김희태[김희태]; 하충근[하충근]
2012-02Sympathetic noradrenergic before striatal dopaminergic denervation: relevance to Braak staging of synucleinopathyDavid S. Goldstein[David S. Goldstein]; 박미영; Courtney Holmes[Courtney Holmes]; LaToya Sewell[LaToya Sewell]; Yehonatan Sharabi[Yehonatan Sharabi]
2013-06Two siblings with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis신동훈; 박정영; 최종수; 박미영
2010-11기울기에코영상에서 조가비핵에 저신호 강도를 보인 비케토산성 고혈당성 급성 반신무도병박미영; 빈창훈[빈창훈]
2013-12치매환자 가족 부양자의 부양부담에 영향을 미치는 요인박미영; 권오대[권오대]; 김태완[김태완]; 이상도[이상도]; 이현아[이현아]; 이호원[이호원]