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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08A bHLH protein partially controls proanthocyanidin and phytomelanin pigmentation in the seed coats of morning glory Ipomoea tricolor박경일
2011-07A bHLH transcription factor, DvIVS, is involved in regulation of anthocyanin synthesis in dahlia (Dahlia variabilis)박경일; Sho Ohno[Sho Ohno]; Munetaka Hosokawa[Munetaka Hosokawa]; Atsushi Hoshino[Atsushi Hoshino]; Yoshikuni Kitamura[Yoshikuni Kitamura]; Yasumasa Morita[Yasumasa Morita]; Akiko Nakashima[Akiko Nakashima]; Ayumi Deguchi[Ayumi Deguchi]; Fumi Tatsuzawa[Fumi Tatsuzawa]; Motoaki Doi[Motoaki Doi]; Shigeru Iida[Shigeru Iida]; Susumu Yazawa[Susumu Yazawa]
2012-03A WD40-repeat protein controls proanthocyanidin and phytomelanin pigmentation in the seed coats of the Japanese morning glory박경일; Atsushi Hoshino[Atsushi Hoshino]
2012-05Activation and Epigenetic Regulation of DNA Transposon nDart1 in RiceChang-Ho Eun[Chang-Ho Eun]; Kyoko Takagi[Kyoko Takagi]; 박경일; Masahiko Maekawa[Masahiko Maekawa]; Shigeru Iida[Shigeru Iida]; Kazuo Tsugane[Kazuo Tsugane]
2014-06Anthocyanins in the flowers of Ipomoea tricolor Cav. (Convolvulaceae)박경일; Atsushi Hoshino[Atsushi Hoshino]; Norio Saito[Norio Saito]; Fumi Tatsuzawa[Fumi Tatsuzawa]
2015-04Assessments of salt tolerance in a bottle gourd line expressing the Arabidopsis H+-pyrophosphatase AVP1 gene and in a watermelon plant grafted onto a transgenic bottle gourd rootstock박경일; 한증술[한증술]; 전수민[전수민]; 박성흔[박성흔]; Aung H. Niang[Aung H. Niang]; 김창길[김창길]
2012-06Effects of Diniconazole Application on Anatomical and Biochemical Characteristics Related to Stress Tolerance in Lilum davuricum엄선정[엄선정]; 최영준[최영준]; 오욱; 김규원; 박경일
2011-06Effects of Foliar-sprayed Diniconazole on Contents of Endogenous Gibberellic Acids and Abscisic Acid in Lilium davuricum오욱; 엄선정[엄선정]; 이인중[이인중]; 최영준[최영준]; 김규원; 박경일
2012-12Elimination of Chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVd) from an Viroidinfected Chrysanthemum through Shoot Tip Culture전수민[전수민]; Wina Dian Savitri[Wina Dian Savitri]; 박경일; 정미영[정미영]; 김창길[김창길]
2013-04Elimination of Chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVd) from meristem tip culture combined with prolonged cold treatment박경일; Wina Dian Savitri[Wina Dian Savitri]; 전수민 [전수민 ]; 정미영[정미영]; 한증술[한증술]; 김창길[김창길]
2013-10Primary and secondary somatic embryogenesis in Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium) cv. 'Baeksun' and assessment of ploidy stability of somatic embryogenesis process by flow cytometry박경일; Aung Htay Naing[Aung Htay Naing]; 전수민[전수민]; 정미영[정미영]; 임선형[임선형]; 임기병[임기병]; 김창길[김창길]
2010-02Promotion of Bulblet Enlargement through Liquid Stationary Culture in Korean Native Lilies in Vitro엄선정[엄선정]; 오욱; 김규원; 박경일
2012-03나팔꽃의 꽃과 종자 착색에 관여하는 유전자의 동정과 특성박경일
2012-06분자표지를 이용한 둥근잎 나팔꽃의 Ivory seed 유전자 형질 분리박경일
2013-09애기장대 H+-pyrophosphatase 발현 형질전환 배추의 건조스트레스에 대한 생리적 반응박경일; 정미혜[정미혜]; 강인규[강인규]; 김창길[김창길]; 최철[최철]; 한증술[한증술]
2010-03하늘나리와 날개하늘나리의 줄기 신장 억제와 개화율 향상을 위한 생장억제제의 이용엄선정[엄선정]; 오욱; 김규원; 박경일