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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06Composition of Resveratrol and Other Bioactive Compounds, and Antioxidant Activities in Different Mulberry Cultivars곽은정; 최일숙[최일숙]; 문용선
2014-02Contents of Bioactive Constituents and Antioxidant Activities of Cultivated and Wild Raspberries이헌호; 문용선; 윤해근; 박필재[박필재]; 곽은정
2011-06Enhanced Antioxident Effect by over Expression of Tomato beta-carotene Hydroxylase Gene (ChyB) Using Agrobacterium-infiltration in Tobacco Plant문용선; 최윤정[최윤정]; 윤경영; 윤해근; 서상곤
2010-04Enzyme activity assessment of peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) under slow-release sulphur fertilization아샤드자말; 문용선; 말릭자눌아브딘[말릭자눌아브딘]
2013-06Fruit maturity, controlled atmosphere delays and storage temperature affect fruit quality and incidence of storage disorders of 'Fuji' apples문용선; 권헌중[권헌중]; 강인규[강인규]; 김목종[김목종]; 이진욱[이진욱]; 최철[최철]; 최동근[최동근]; 크리스 왓킨스[크리스 왓킨스]
2012-04Genetic basis of destruxin production in the entomopathogen Metarhizium robertsii문용선; Bruno Giuliano Garis[Bruno Giuliano Garis]; Stuart B. Krasnoff[Stuart B. Krasnoff]; Alice C.L. Churchill[Alice C.L. Churchill]; Donna M. Gibson[Donna M. Gibson]
2011-02In Vitro Evaluation System for Varietal Resistance against Ripe Rot Caused by Colletotrichum acutatum in GrapevinesMyung Hwan Jang[Myung Hwan Jang]; 문용선; Jeong Ho Noh[Jeong Ho Noh]; Seong Hui Kim[Seong Hui Kim]; Sung Kee Hong[Sung Kee Hong]; 윤해근
2012-10Potent anti-aging activity of Aruncus dioicus, a native plant of Ulleung-do, South Korea, in CCD-986sk fibroblasts via suppression of matrix metalloproteinases문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 안봉전[안봉전]; 손준호[손준호]
2013-12Potent Whitening Activity of Aruncus dioicus Extract in B16F10 Melanoma Cell by Suppression of Melanin Biosynthesis문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 박태순[박태순]; 황주영[황주영]; 손준호[손준호]
2010-06Quality Properties and Preference of Fermented Gastrodia elata Blume서상곤; 문용선; 윤경영; 김정미[김정미]
2011-04RAPD와 SRAP 방법을 이용한 ‘성전온주’(C. unshiu Marc.)와 ‘병감’(C. reticulate Blanco) 교잡실생 식별문용선; 윤수현[윤수현]; 진성범[진성범]; 강인규[강인규]; 이동훈[이동훈]
2012-02Relationship between Preharvest Factors and the Incidence of Storage Disorders in 'Fuji' Apples during CA Storage문용선; 권헌중[권헌중]; 김목종[김목종]; 이진욱[이진욱]; 최철[최철]; 최동균[최동균]; 이동훈[이동훈]; 강인규[강인규]
2010-09Sulphur -a general overview and interaction with nitrogen아샤드자말; 문용선; 말리크 자이널 아바딘[말리크 자이널 아바딘]
2013-03Theobroxide Treatment Inhibits Wild Fire Disease Occurrence in Nicotiana benthamiana by the Overexpression of Defense-related Genes윤해근; 안순영; 백광현; 문용선
2015-03Verification of anti-oxidative activity of Aruncus dioicus, a native plant of Ulleungdo문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 손준호[손준호]
2010-12능이버섯의 맛 성분과 향기성분윤경영; 홍주연[홍주연]; 신승렬[신승렬]; 이승언[이승언]; 문용선
2014-04대추 추출물이 첨가된 흑도라지 사과주스의 품질 특성 및 항산화 활성윤경영; 김자민; 문용선
2014-03임간재배 시 병풍쌈 유묘의 차광처리별 생장 및 생리 반응이도형; 윤준혁[윤준혁]; 송기선[송기선]; 박용배[박용배]; 문용선