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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-129, 9'-비스[4-(2'-하이드록시-3'-아크릴로일옥시프로폭시) 페닐]플루오렌의 원자효율적 합성나춘섭; 정혁진[정혁진]; 심재진; 홍성재[홍성재]; 서광범[서광범]
2012-099,9'-비스[4-(글라이시딜옥시)페닐]플루오렌의 효율적 제법나춘섭; 심재진; 김진원
2014-06Controlled radical polymerization of vinyl acetate in supercritical CO2 catalyzed by CuBr/terpyridine이슬람모하마드타리쿨; 할도리유바라즈; 웬방호아; 나오샤드이슬람; 나춘섭; 심재진
2012-03Effect of Temperature and Reaction Time on the Synthesis of Butadiene Monoepoxide Using Iron Complex as an Efficient Catalyst심재진; Tongqiang Zong[Tongqiang Zong]; Dian Kharismadewi[Dian Kharismadewi]; 나춘섭
2013-09Effects of Alkoxy Groups on Arene Rings of Lignin beta-O-4 Model Compounds on the Efficiencies of Single Electron Transfer-Promoted Photochemical and Enzymatic C-C Bond Cleavage Reactions조대원; 임숙현; 남기평; 나춘섭; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; John A. Latham[John A. Latham]; Debra-Dunaway Mariano[Debra-Dunaway Mariano]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2013-08Efficient Ring Opening Reaction of Epoxides with Oxygen Nucleophiles Catalyzed by Quaternary Onium Salt나춘섭; 김진원; 조대원; 박규순[박규순]; 김성홍[김성홍]
2010-07H-Bonding Controls the Regio-selectivities on the Acid-catalyzed Reaction of Fluorenone with Phenol Derivatives나춘섭; 박규순[박규순]; 박은묵[박은묵]
2014-08Method for the Synthesis of Amine-Functionalized Fullerenes Involving SET-Promoted Photoaddition Reactions of alpha-Silylamines조대원; 임숙현; 이진주; 문경민; 나춘섭; 남기평; 김경목[김경목]; 형태경[형태경]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 이가예[이가예]; 김수진[김수진]; 김진흥[김진흥]; Patrick Mariano[Patrick Mariano]
2015-06Preparation of 7-Methoxy Tacrine Dimer Analogs and Their In vitro/In silico Evaluation as Potential Cholinesterase Inhibitors나춘섭; 이상광; 박민균; 장호은; 이진주; 남기평; 조대원; K. Musilek[K. Musilek]; A. Horova[A. Horova]; J. Korabecny[J. Korabecny]; R. Dolezal[R. Dolezal]; D. Jun[D. Jun]; K. Kuca[K. Kuca]
2011-08Rotation of the Allylselenic Intermediate in Moderating the Stereochemical Course of the Selenium Dioxide-Mediated Allylic Oxidation나춘섭; 박규순[박규순]; 윤동호[윤동호]
2015-06SET-promoted photoaddition reactions of N-alpha-trimethylsilylmethyl-N, N-dibenzylamines with fullerene C-60. Electronic factors that govern photoaddition efficiencies조대원; 임숙현; 이진주; 나춘섭; 남기평; 이가예[이가예]; 김진흥[김진흥]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S Mariano[Patrick S Mariano]
2014-03Synthesis of ionic liquids based on alkylimidazolium salts and their coal dissolution and dispersion properties강미숙; 김진원; 김동진; 나춘섭; 한기보[한기보]; 박노국; 이태진
2014-06비스 3-메틸이미다졸리움 이온성액체의 청정 합성제법나춘섭; 김진원; 박민균; 심재진
2010-12초임계이산화탄소를 이용한 플로레닐계 에폭사이드로부터 카보네이트 화합물의 합성나춘섭; 심윤수[심윤수]; 심재진
2015-06치환 다이페놀의 효율적 고리화 반응: 설퍼로다민B의 합성에의 응용나춘섭; 박민균; 심재진