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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-1228-Nor-oleanane-type triterpene saponins from Camellia japonica and their inhibitory activity on LPS-induced NO production in macrophage RAW264.7 cells나민균; Nguyen Thi Phuong Th[Nguyen Thi Phuong Th]; Tran Manh Hung[Tran Manh Hung]; To Dao Cuong[To Dao Cuong]; 김진철[김진철]; 김은희[김은희]; 진성은[진성은]; 이영미[이영미]; 김영호[김영호]; 최재수[최재수]; 민병선[민병선]
2011-06A Cytotoxic Monoterpene-Neolignan from the Stem Bark of Magnolia officinalis윤의중[윤의중]; 이익수[이익수]; Quan Cheng Chen[Quan Cheng Chen]; 나민균; 정현주[정현주]; 이상명[이상명]; 최재수[최재수]; 우미희[우미희]; 배기환[배기환]; 민병선[민병선]
2011-12Alkaloids from Chelidonium majus and their inhibitory effects on LPS-induced NO production in RAW264.7 cells나민균; 박지은[박지은]; To Dao Cuong[To Dao Cuong]; Tran Manh Hung[Tran Manh Hung]; 이익수[이익수]; 김진철[김진철]; 류승우[류승우]; 이정형[이정형]; 최재수[최재수]; 우미희[우미희]; 민병선[민병선]
2010-03Anti-infective Discorhabdins from a Deep-Water Alaskan Sponge of the Genus Latrunculia나민균; Yuanqing Ding[Yuanqing Ding]; Bin Wang[Bin Wang]; Babu L. Tekwani[Babu L. Tekwani]; Raymond F. Schinazi[Raymond F. Schinazi]; Scott Franzblau[Scott Franzblau]; Michelle Kelly[Michelle Kelly]; Robert Stone[Robert Stone]; Xing-Cong Li[Xing-Cong Li]; Daneel Ferreira[Daneel Ferreira]; Mark T. Hamann[Mark T. Hamann]
2011-06Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Compounds from the Whole Plant of Patrinia saniculaefoliaRen-Bo An[Ren-Bo An]; 나민균; 민병선[민병선]; 장현욱; 배기환[배기환]
2011-06Anti-inflammatory activity of ethylacetate fraction of Cliona celata장현욱; 양주혜[양주혜]; 서석종; 유예[유예]; 이선[이선]; 이연경[이연경]; 장영채[장영채]; 나민균; 최정혜[최정혜]; 김철호[김철호]; 손종근
2010-09Anti-Listerial Compounds from Asari Radix나민균; 오준석[오준석]; 황인현; 김동춘; 강선철[강선철]; 장태수[장태수]; 이승호
2011-01Asterosaponins Isolated from the Starfish Asterias amurensis나민균; 황인현; 김동우[김동우]; 김수정[김수정]; 민병선[민병선]; 이승호; 손종근; 김철호[김철호]; 장현욱
2012-03Bioassay-guided l Isolation of Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitory Diterpenoids from the Roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge나민균; 장태수[장태수]; 장해연; 김금진; 김동우[김동우]; 민병선[민병선]; 강원구; 손건호[손건호]; 이승호
2011-12Chemical Constituents of Cynanchum wilfordii and the Chemotaxonomy of Two Species of the Family Asclepiadacease, C. wilfordii and C. auriculatum나민균; 강연복; 최현규; 이응; 박유미; 이종화[이종화]; 김도훈[김도훈]; 이제현[이제현]; 손종근; 이승호
2012-01Constituents from the Stem Barks of Canarium bengalense with Cytoprotective Activity against Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Hepatotoxicity나민균; Hoang Thi Le[Hoang Thi Le]; Do Thi Ha[Do Thi Ha]; 차우티안민; 김태훈; Phan Van Kiem[Phan Van Kiem]; Nguyen Duy Thuan[Nguyen Duy Thuan]
2011-06Cytotoxic Activity of Parthenin, a Sesquiterpene Isolated from a Crinum ensifoliumNguyen Minh Khoi[Nguyen Minh Khoi]; Nguyen Tien Dat[Nguyen Tien Dat]; 나민균; Phuong Thien Thuong[Phuong Thien Thuong]; 민병선[민병선]; 배기환[배기환]
2011-06Cytotoxicity of Ergosterol Derivatives from the Fruiting Bodies of Hygrophorus russula이익수[이익수]; 김진표[김진표]; 나민균; 정현주[정현주]; 민병선[민병선]; 배기환[배기환]
2010-02Dihydrobenzofuran Norlignans from the Leaves of Cedrela sinensis A. Juss나민균; 이익수[이익수]; 김홍진[김홍진]; 윤의중[윤의중]; Quan-Cheng Chen[Quan-Cheng Chen]; 김진표[김진표]; Do Thi Ha[Do Thi Ha]; Tran Minh Ngoc[Tran Minh Ngoc]; 민병선[민병선]; 이상명[이상명]; 정현주[정현주]; 배기환[배기환]
2010-10Effect of Lanostane Triterpenes from the Fruiting Bodies of Ganoderma lucidum on Adipocyte Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Cells이익수[이익수]; 김홍진[김홍진]; 윤의중[윤의중]; 김진표[김진표]; 민병선[민병선]; 정현주[정현주]; 나민균; Masao Hattori[Masao Hattori]; 배기환[배기환]
2010-01Effects of Gardeniae Fructus Extract and Geniposide on Promoting Ligament Cell Proliferation and Collagen Synthesis나민균; Quan Cheng Chen [Quan Cheng Chen ]; Wei Yun Zhang [Wei Yun Zhang ]; 김홍진[김홍진]; 이익수[이익수]; Yan Ding [Yan Ding ]; 윤의중[윤의중]; 이상명[이상명]; 민병선[민병선]; 배기환[배기환]
2011-11Ergosta-7,22-diene-2 beta,3 alpha,9 alpha-triol from the Fruit Bodies of Ganoderma lucidum Induces Apoptosis in Human Myelocytic HL-60 Cells이미경[이미경]; Tran Manh Hung[Tran Manh Hung]; To Dao Cuong[To Dao Cuong]; 나민균; 김진철[김진철]; 김은정[김은정]; 박희성[박희성]; 최재수[최재수]; 이익수[이익수]; 배기환[배기환]; Masao Hattori[Masao Hattori]; 민병선[민병선]
2011-06Ethylacetate fraction from Korean seaside starfish, Asterias amurensis, has an inhibitory effect on MMP-9 activity and expression and on migration behavior of TNF-alpha induced human aortic smooth muscle cells장현욱; 서석종; 고현권[고현권]; 송권호[송권호]; 김정란[김정란]; 권경민[권경민]; 장영채[장영채]; 이영춘[이영춘]; 김동수[김동수]; 박성재[박성재]; 양주혜[양주혜]; 손종근; 나민균; 김철호[김철호]
2010-07Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitory Activity of Dibenzocyclooctadiene Lignans Isolated from Schisandra chinensis나민균; Tran Manh Hung [Tran Manh Hung ]; 오원근[오원근]; 민병선[민병선]; 이승호; 배기환[배기환]
2010-01Flavonoids and Isoflavonoids from Sophorae Flos Improve Glucose Uptake in Vitro나민균; Quan Cheng Chen[Quan Cheng Chen]; Wei Yun Zhang[Wei Yun Zhang]; Wenyi Jin[Wenyi Jin]; 이익수[이익수]; 민병선[민병선]; 정현주[정현주]; 이상명[이상명]; 배기환[배기환]
2012-04Glycolipids from the aerial parts of Orostachys japonicus with fatty acid synthase inhibitory and cytotoxic activities나민균; 장해연; 오준석[오준석]; 장태수[장태수]; 민병선[민병선]
2010-04Guaiane Sesquiterpenoids Isolated from the Fruits of Torilis japonica and Their Cytotoxic Activity나민균; 김동춘[김동춘]; 김정아[김정아]; 민병선[민병선]; 장태수[장태수]; 이승호
2010-04Homoisoflavonoid derivatives from the roots of Ophiopogon japonicus and their in vitro anti-inflammation activity나민균; Tran Manh Hung[Tran Manh Hung]; Cao Van Thu[Cao Van Thu]; Nguyen Tien Dat[Nguyen Tien Dat]; 류승우[류승우]; 이정형[이정형]; 김진철[김진철]; 정현주[정현주]; 배기환[배기환]; 민병선[민병선]
2011-11Immunostimulatory effect by aqueous extract of Hizikia fusiforme in RAW 264.7 macrophage and whole spleen cells나민균; 윤여대[윤여대]; 이은숙[이은숙]; 박종필[박종필]; 김미리[김미리]; 이준원[이준원]; 김태훈; 김진희[김진희]
2013-06Inhibition of fatty acid synthase by ginkgolic acids from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba and their cytotoxic activity나민균; 오준석[오준석]; 황인현[황인현]; 홍창의[홍창의]; 유수연[유수연]
2011-11Inhibitory effect on NO production of phenolic compounds from Myristica fragrans나민균; To Dao Cuong[To Dao Cuong]; Tran Manh Hung[Tran Manh Hung]; Do Thi Ha[Do Thi Ha]; 김진철[김진철]; 이동호[이동호]; 류승우[류승우]; 이정형[이정형]; 최재수[최재수]; 민병선[민병선]
2011-02Isolation of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitory Constituents from the Sclerotia of Polyporus umbellatus Fries나민균; 이희상[이희상]; 황인현; 김정아; 최지영; 장태수[장태수]; Hiruyuki Osada[Hiruyuki Osada]; 안종석[안종석]; 이승호
2010-09Lanostane triterpenes from Ganoderma lucidum suppress the adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells through down-regulation of SREBP-1c나민균; 이익수[이익수]; 김진표[김진표]; 유인자[유인자]; 김영희[김영희]; 추수진[추수진]; 유익동[유익동]; 민병선[민병선]; Masao Hattori[Masao Hattori]; 배기환[배기환]
2010-02Lanostane Triterpenes from the Fruiting Bodies of Ganoderma lucidum and Their Inhibitory Effects on Adipocyte Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Cells나민균; 이익수[이익수]; 서정주[서정주]; 김진표[김진표]; 김홍진[김홍진]; 윤의중[윤의중]; 이준석[이준석]; 정현주[정현주]; Masao Hattori[Masao Hattori]; 민병선[민병선]; 배기환[배기환]
2011-06Natural Compounds with Antioxidant Activity: Recent Findings from Studies on Medicinal Plants나민균; Phuong Thien Thuong[Phuong Thien Thuong]; 배기환[배기환]
2010-11New stilbenoid with inhibitory activity on viral neuraminidases from Erythrina addisoniae나민균; Phi Hung Nguyen[Phi Hung Nguyen]; Trong Tuan Dao[Trong Tuan Dao]; Derek Tantoh Ndinteh[Derek Tantoh Ndinteh]; Joseph Tanyi Mbafor[Joseph Tanyi Mbafor]; 박재영[박재영]; 정현숙[정현숙]; 오원근[오원근]
2010-11Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitory Activity of 24-Norursane Triterpenes Isolated from Weigela subsessilis나민균; Phuong Thien Thuong[Phuong Thien Thuong]; 황인현; 배기환[배기환]; 김보연[김보연]; Hiroyuki Osada[Hiroyuki Osada]; 안종석[안종석]
2011-03Simultaneous Determination of Bioactive Flavonoids in Some Selected Korean Thistles by High-Performance liquid Chromatography손종근; Nguyen Thi Phuong Th[Nguyen Thi Phuong Th]; To Dao Cuong1[To Dao Cuong1]; Tran Manh Hung1[Tran Manh Hung1]; 이제현[이제현]; 나민균; 정현주[정현주]; 방철[방철]; 우미희[우미희]; 최재수[최재수]; 민병선[민병선]
2011-12Simultaneous Determination of Glimepiride and its Metabolites in Human Plasma by Liquid Chromatography Coupled to a Tandem Mass Spectrometry노금한[노금한]; 김은영[김은영]; 정태천; 나민균; 백문창[백문창]; 유광현[유광현]; 박필훈; 신범수[신범수]; 강원구
2010-09Study on the Constituents of Roots of Aceriphyllum rossii나민균; Le Thi Kim Van[Le Thi Kim Van]; Tran Manh Hung[Tran Manh Hung]; 김수현[김수현]; 김진철[김진철]; 정현주[정현주]; 곽승준[곽승준]; 권기태[권기태]; 최재수[최재수]; 이형규[이형규]; 배기환[배기환]; 민병선[민병선]
2010-02The antimicrobial activity of compounds from the leaf and stem of Vitis amurensis against two oral pathogens나민균; 임남희[임남희]; Do Thi Ha[Do Thi Ha]; Trinh Nam Trung[Trinh Nam Trung]; 김진표[김진표]; 이상명[이상명]; 정현주[정현주]; 김현수[김현수]; 김영호[김영호]; 배기환[배기환]
2010-06The role of acyl-coenzyme A carboxylase complex in lipstatin biosynthesis of Streptomyces toxytricini남두현; 데미레프아타나스; 아나미까 커널[아나미까 커널]; 비시머 세다이[비시머 세다이]; 임시규[임시규]; 나민균
2010-07The role of bioactive substances in controlling foodborne pathogens derived from Metasequoia glyptostroboides Miki ex Hu나민균; Vivek K. Bajpai[Vivek K. Bajpai]; 강선철[강선철]
2012-04Triple Inhibitory Activity of Cliona celata Against TNF-alpha-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Production Via Downregulated NF-kappa B and AP-1, Enzyme Activity, and Migration Potential장현욱; 서석종; 곽충환[곽충환]; 송권호[송권호]; 권경민[권경민]; 정태욱[정태욱]; 조성학[조성학]; 김연규[김연규]; 윤호동[윤호동]; 이영춘[이영춘]; 김동수[김동수]; 박성재[박성재]; 나민균; 손종근; 김철호[김철호]
2011-03경북산 현삼과 중국산 현삼의 비교: Harpagoside 함량 및 Nitric Oxide 저해활성나민균; 장해연[장해연]; 김금진[김금진]; 황인현[황인현]; 조희재[조희재]; 이승호
2010-09구릿대 뿌리의 부위별 성분 비교나민균; 윤의중[윤의중]; 유재국[유재국]; 진전성[진전성]; 이익수[이익수]; 민병선[민병선]; 정현주[정현주]; 서은경[서은경]; 배기환[배기환]
2011-08불가사리 부타놀 분획의 항알러지 활성장현욱; 양주혜[양주혜]; 나민균
2014-05-13아스테루빈의 신규 용도영남대학교 산학협력단; 김철호; 나민균; 정용태; 장현욱; 황승락
2010-12이엽우피소의 성분 및 멜라닌 생성 억제활성이승호; 최현규; 강연복; 노은미리[노은미리]; 김영수[김영수]; 허광화; 나민균
2013-08-08장어 추출물을 유효성분으로 함유하는 대사증후군 예방 또는 치료용 조성물영남대학교 산학협력단; 김동수; 김철호; 장현욱; 황승락; 나민균
2013-10-01장어 추출물을 유효성분으로 함유하는 염증성 질환 예방 또는 치료용 조성물영남대학교 산학협력단; 김동수; 김철호; 오준기; 황승락; 장현욱; 나민균
2011-06홍화의 성분 분리 및 항산화 활성이승호; 최현규; 강연복; 박성희[박성희]; 손애량[손애량]; 나민균