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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10A comparative study on antibody immobilization strategies onto solid surface서정현; 이지은[이지은]; 김창섭; 권윤경[권윤경]; 하정협[하정협]; 최석순[최석순]; 차형준[차형준]
2011-09A facile and sensitive immunoassay for the detection of alpha-fetoprotein using gold-coated magnetic nanoparticle clusters and dynamic light scattering김창섭; Changho Chun[Changho Chun]; 주진명[주진명]; 권동훈[권동훈]; 차형준[차형준]; 정명섭[정명섭]; 전상민[전상민]
2010-05A functional carbohydrate chip platform for analysis of carbohydrate-protein interaction서정현; 김창섭; 황병희[황병희]; 차형준[차형준]
2011-11A Mussel Adhesive Protein Fused with the BC Domain of Protein A is a Functional Linker Material that Efficiently Immobilizes Antibodies onto Diverse Surfaces서정현; 김창섭; 최유성[최유성]; 고우리[고우리]; 이지은[이지은]; 차형준[차형준]
2011-09Amperometric Detection of Parathion and Methyl Parathion with a Microhole-ITIES김창섭; Md. Mokarrom Hossain[Md. Mokarrom Hossain]; 차형준[차형준]; 이혜연[이혜연]
2011-06Amperometric proton selective strip-sensors with a microelliptic liquid/gel interface for organophosphate neurotoxins김창섭; Md. Mokarrom Hossain[Md. Mokarrom Hossain]; Shaikh Nayeem Faisal[ Shaikh Nayeem Faisal]; 차형준[차형준]; 남상철[남상철]; 이혜진[이혜진]
2013-11Biological Removal of Phosphate at Low Concentrations Using Recombinant Escherichia coli Expressing Phosphate-Binding Protein in Periplasmic Space서정현; 최석순[최석순]; 이현민[이현민]; 하정협[하정협]; 강동균[강동균]; 김창섭; 차형준[차형준]
2012-06Biomineralization-based conversion of carbon dioxide to calcium carbonate using recombinant carbonic anhydrase김창섭; 김임규[김임규]; 조병훈[조병훈]; 강동균[강동균]; 최유성[최유성]; 차형준[차형준]
2012-08Coexpression of molecular chaperone enhances activity and export of organophosphorus hydrolase in Escherichia coli서정현; 강동균[강동균]; 김창섭; 김임규[김임규]; 최석순[최석순]; 하정협[하정협]; 남수완[남수완]; 임근배[임근배]; 차형준[차형준]
2014-05Engineered whole-cell biocatalyst-based detoxification and detection of neurotoxic organophosphate compounds서정현; 김창섭; 강동균[강동균]; 차형준[차형준]
2012-08Functional Interaction Analysis of GM1-Related Carbohydrates and Vibrio cholerae Toxins Using Carbohydrate Microarray서정현; 김창섭; 차형준[차형준]
2011-08Interactive Configuration through Force Analysis of GM1 Pentasaccharide-Vibrio cholera Toxin Interaction서정현; 김창섭; 이혜연[이혜연]; 카와이토모지[카와이토모지]; 차형준[차형준]
2013-03Mussel adhesive protein-based whole cell array biosensor for detection of organophosphorus compounds서정현; 김창섭; 최봉혁[최봉혁]; 임근배[임근배]; 차형준[차형준]
2015-06Optical Detection of Paraoxon Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films with Attached Organophosphorus Hydrolase-Expressed Escherichia coli김창섭; 김인태[김인태]; 김건휘[김건휘]; 차형준[차형준]; 임근배[임근배]
2011-08Recombinant mussel adhesive protein fp-5 (MAP fp-5) as a bulk bioadhesive and surface coating material김창섭; 최유성[최유성]; 강동균[강동균]; 임성혜[임성혜]; 양윤정[양윤정]; 차형준[차형준]
2013-11Structural evaluation of GM1-related carbohydrate-cholera toxin interactions through surface plasmon resonance kinetic analysis서정현; 김창섭; 차형준[차형준]