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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-02A low temperature process for phosphorous doped ZnO nanorods via a combination of hydrothermal and spin-on dopant methods박일규; 손정인[손정인]; 정용일; 백성호[백성호]; 차승남[차승남]; 장재은[장재은]; 김재현[김재현]; 김종민[김종민]; 조장희[조장희]
2011-12Comparative analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) between normal group and softness syndrome group in Halocynthia roretzi최인호; 정지은[정지은]; 강세원[강세원]; 신윤경[신윤경]; 전제천[전제천]; 김영옥[김영옥]; 허영백[허영백]; 김재현[김재현]; 채성화[채성화]; 이준상[이준상]; 한연수[한연수]; 석대현[석대현]; 이용석[이용석]
2015-08Cu(InGa)Se-2 Photovoltaic Absorber Formation by Spray-Deposition of Aqueous Precursors Followed by Selenization김우경; 박진우; 박준현; 백성호[백성호]; 김재현[김재현]
2013-09Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Si/ZnO Subwavelength Structures as Efficient Antireflection Layer박일규; 백성호[백성호]; 박정수[박정수]; 정용일; 김재현[김재현]
2012-01Fabrication and characterization of silicon wire solar cells having ZnO nanorod antireflection coating on Al-doped ZnO seed layer백성호[백성호]; 노범영[노범영]; 박일규; 김재현[김재현]
2015-03Hierarchical ZnO Nanorods on Si Micropillar Arrays for Performance Enhancement of Piezoelectric Nanogenerators박일규; 로퀴불하산; 성광수; 백성호[백성호]; 김재현[김재현]
2015-07Quality Evaluation and Pattern Recognition Analyses of Bioactive Marker Compounds from Farfarae Flos Using HPLC/PDA손종근; U Min Seo[U Min Seo]; Bing Tian Zhao[Bing Tian Zhao]; 김원일[김원일]; 서은경[서은경]; 김재현[김재현]; 민병선[민병선]; 신범수[신범수]; 우미희[우미희]
2013-05Surface Plasmon-Enhanced Light-Emission Mechanism of Ag-Coated ZnO/Al2O3 Core/Shell Nanorod Structures박일규; 노범영; 백성호[백성호]; 정용일; 김재현[김재현]
2012-01Visible emission from Ce-doped ZnO nanorods grown by hydrothermal method without a post thermal annealing process정용일[정용일]; 노범영[노범영]; 이영석[이영석]; 백성호[백성호]; 김재현[김재현]; 박일규
2014-11체계와 이음- 하이데거의 󰡔셸링: 인간적 자유의 본질󰡕에서의 이음사유 -최소인; 김재현[김재현]