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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03A comparative quantitative analysis of the IDEAL (iterative decomposition of water and fat with echo asymmetry and least-squares estimation) and the CHESS (chemical shift selection suppression) techniques in 3.0 T L-spine MRI김응찬; Jae-Hwan Joe[Jae-Hwan Joe]; Min-Hye Kim[Min-Hye Kim]; Ki-Hong Kim[Ki-Hong Kim]; Cheon-Woong Choi[Cheon-Woong Choi]; jong-min Seok[jong-min Seok]; Kil-Ju Na[Kil-Ju Na]; Man-Seok Han[Man-Seok Han]
2012-09A study on a method to reduce the effect of the cross-talk artifact in a simultaneous, multiple-slice, plane, oblique MRI scan김응찬; Sun-Yeob LEE[Sun-Yeob LEE]; Jae-Hwan ChO[Jae-Hwan ChO]; Hae-Kang LEE[Hae-Kang LEE]; Moo-Seong CHO[Moo-Seong CHO]; Cheol-Soo PARK[Cheol-Soo PARK]; 김성규; Sung-Kwan KIM[Sung-Kwan KIM]; Jae-Woo SHIN[Jae-Woo SHIN]; Young-Jae KIm[Young-Jae KIm]; Yong-Kuk CHO[Yong-Kuk CHO]; Kyung-Rae DONG[Kyung-Rae DONG]
2014-06Analysis of Images According to the Fluid Velocity in Time-of-Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiography, and Contrast Enhancement Angiography김응찬; Yeong-Cheol Heo[Yeong-Cheol Heo]; Jae-Hwan Cho[Jae-Hwan Cho]; 이현정; Hae-Kag Lee[Hae-Kag Lee]
2014-06Comparison of dose distributions for Hounsfield number conversion methods in GEANT4김성규; 김형동; 김응찬; 김병용; 강정구 [강정구 ]; 윤상모[윤상모]
2014-03Discussion on the usefulness of dose dynamic multi-leaf collimator-based plan to overcome dose limit of spinal cord in high-dose radiotherapy김응찬; J.H.Cho[J.H.Cho]; C.S.Park[C.S.Park]; D.H.Kim[D.H.Kim]; C.W.Choi[C.W.Choi]
2013-12Dosimetric verification of enhanced dynamic wedges by a 2D ion chamber array김성규; 강민규; 예지원; 김응찬; 오세안
2011-03Effects of Titanium Impurity on the Crystallographic and Spin-rotation Transitions of FeS남효덕; 김응찬
2015-07Evaluation of Setup Uncertainties for Single-Fraction SRS by Comparing Two Different Mask-Creation Methods김응찬; 백종근; 장현수[장현수]; 오영기[오영기]; 이현정
2015-06Evaluation of the applicability of pinpoint ion chambers for SRS dosimetric quality assurance김성규; 백종근; 장현수[장현수]; 김응찬; 이용희; 오영기[오영기]
2014-04(Fe0.95Ni0.05)7Se8의 뫼스바우어 분광학적 연구김응찬
2012-06The Oxidation of Magnetic Particles in Medicinal Ointment김응찬
2012-06The Qualitative Analysis of Single Shot Fast Spin Echo (SSFSE) and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) on Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography김응찬; 박철수[박철수]; 조재환[조재환]; 이해각[이해각]; 동경래[동경래]; 정운관[정운관]; 석종민[석종민]; 한만석[한만석]; 이선엽[이선엽]; 구은회[구은회]
2014-12The Utility Evaluation of Reconstructed 3-D Images by Maximum Intensity Projection in Magnetic Resonance Mammography and Cholangiopancreatography김응찬; Jae-Hwan Cho[Jae-Hwan Cho]; Hae-Kag Lee[Hae-Kag Lee]; Cheol-Soo Park[Cheol-Soo Park]; Ham-Gyum Kim[Ham-Gyum Kim]; 백종근
2011-03전이성 척추암 환자의 확산강조영상 검사 시 조영제 주입 전.후 ADC값의 변화에 대한 고찰김응찬; 김기홍[김기홍]; 박철수[박철수]; 이선엽[이선엽]; 유홍준[유홍준]; 조재환[조재환]; 장현철[장현철]; 김보희[김보희]; 한만석[한만석]
2010-09전자선치료 시 조사부위 차폐물 형태에 따른 선량변화 연구김응찬; 박철수[박철수]; 이선엽[이선엽]; 이재승[이재승]; 구은회[구은회]; 조재환[조재환]; 문수호[문수호]; 김진수[김진수]; 박철우[박철우]; 동경래[동경래]; 권대철[권대철]
2011-06직장암 3문조사와 자궁경부암 4문조사 방사선 치료 시 유리선량계를 이용한 피부선량 측정에 관한 연구김응찬; 신성수[신성수]; 최원식[최원식]; 박철수[박철수]; 이선엽[이선엽]; 조재환[조재환]; 서정민[서정민]; 심재구[심재구]; 김찬형[김찬형]; 구은회[구은회]