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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Metastasized to Both the Skull and the Brain김민수; 신태희[신태희]; 정영진; 김오룡
2011-06Cerebellar Pilocytic Astrocytomas with Spontaneous Intratumoral Hemorrhage in Adult김민수; 김오룡; 김상우; 장철훈
2013-05Cingulum injury in patients with diffuse axonal injury: A diffusion tensor imaging study장성호; 김성호; 김오룡; 변우목; 김민수; 서정표; 장민철
2012-03Classification of Cause of Motor Weakness in Traumatic Brain Injury Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging장성호; 최규식; 김오룡; 김성호; 안상호; 조윤우; 손수민
2011-09Clinical usefulness of diffusion tensor imaging in patients with transtentorial herniation following traumatic brain injury장성호; 홍지헌[홍지헌]; 김성호; 김오룡; 안상호; 조희경[조희경]
2011-12Cortical reorganization of hand motor function to face somatotopy in a patient with brain injury: A functional MRI study장성호; 권혁규; 김오룡; 김성호; 이동규; 변우목
2010-12Development of a Cognitive Level Explanation Model in Brain Injury: Comparisons between Disability and Non-Disability Evaluation Groups김오룡; 신태희[신태희]; 공창봉[공창봉]; 김민수; 김진성; 배대석
2011-04Hyperamylasemia following the trans-sphenoidal resection of pituitary tumor: can propofol-remifentanil TIVA cause postoperative hyperamylasemia? −A case report−지대림; 이혜미; 김승동[김승동]; 김오룡
2013-09Incidental Superior Hypophygeal Artery Aneurysm Embedded within Pituitary Adenoma김오룡; 최홍석[최홍석]; 김민수; 정영진
2012-12Long-Term Follow-Up Result of Hydroxyurea Chemotherapy for Recurrent Meningiomas김민수; 유동우; 정영진; 김상우; 장철훈; 김오룡
2012-06Neural injury of uncinate fasciculus in patients with diffuse axonal injury장성호; 서정표; 김오룡; 김성호; 장민철; 김민수; 손수민
2012-03Neural Tract Injuries by Brain Herniations After Head Trauma장성호; 홍지헌[홍지헌]; 김성호; 김오룡; 변우목
2013-11Neurocognitive Function Differentiation from the Effect of Psychopathologic Symptoms in the Disability Evaluation of Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury김오룡; 김진성; 구본훈; 김민수; 천은진; 김순섭
2012-05Neuronal Loss in the Medial Cholinergic Pathway From the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert in Patients With Traumatic Axonal Injury: A Preliminary Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study장성호; 홍지헌[홍지헌]; 김오룡; 김성호; 안상호; 변우목; 홍철표[홍철표]; 이동훈[이동훈]
2012-06Optic radiation injury in a patient with traumatic brain injury장성호; 여상석; 김성호; 김오룡; 김민수
2011-01Peritumoral Brain Edema in Meningiomas: Correlation of Radiologic and Pathologic Features김오룡; 김병원[김병원]; 김민수; 김상우; 장철훈
2014-07Preoperative Identification of Facial Nerve in Vestibular Schwannomas Surgery Using Diffusion Tensor Tractography김오룡; 최경식; 김민수; 권혁규; 장성호
2014-04Preservation of Facial Nerve Function Repaired by Using Fibrin Glue-Coated Collagen Fleece for a Totally Transected Facial Nerve during Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery김오룡; 최경식; 장성호; 김민수
2014-01Prognostic Factors of Neurocognitive and Functional Outcomes in Junior and Senior Elderly Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury Undergoing Disability Evaluation or Appointed Disability Evaluation김오룡; 정영진; 김민수; 천은진; 배대석
2010-03Pure Acute Subdural Hematoma without Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Secondary to Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm Rupture - A Case Report -장철훈; 정영진; 김민수; 김오룡; 김상우; 최병연
2013-11Relation between cingulum injury and cognition in chronic patients with traumatic brain injury; diffusion tensor tractography study장성호; 백승옥; 김오룡; 김성호; 김민수; 손수민; 조윤우; 변우목
2014-09Relation between cognition and neural connection from injured cingulum to brainstem cholinergic nuclei in chronic patients with traumatic brain injury장성호; 유진선; 김오룡; 김성호; 김민수
2010-06The relation between fornix injury and memory impairment in patients with diffuse axonal injury: A diffusion tensor imaging study장성호; 장민철[장민철]; 김성호; 김오룡; 배대석
2010-06뇌 손상 정도 및 전두엽 손상 유무에 따른 외상성 뇌 손상 환자의 주관적 정신병리서완석; 김경근; 주열[주열]; 김진성; 이종범; 김오룡; 배대석; 구본훈