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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11Adsorption/photocatalytic performances of hierarchical flowerlike BiOBrxCl1-x nanostructures for methyl orange, Rhodamine B and methylene blue손영구; 나율이; 김영일; 조대원; 프라드한[프라드한]
2012-05Bond covalency in perovskite oxynitrides ATaO(2)N (A = Ca, Sr, Ba) studied by N-14 NMR spectroscopy김영일; 백윤기[백윤기]
2011-12C-H Bond Activation by Pd-substituted CeO2: Substituted Ions versus Reduced Species로렌 미쉬[로렌 미쉬]; 조쉬 쿠즈만[조쉬 쿠즈만]; 알란 더크[알란 더크]; 김영일; 람 세샤드리[람 세샤드리]; 호리아 메이투[호리아 메이투]; 에릭 맥팔랜드[에릭 맥팔랜드]; 갤런 스턱키[갤런 스턱키]
2011-05Constant-wavelength neutron diffraction study of cubic perovskites BaTaO2N and BaNbO2N김영일; 이은혜[이은혜]
2012-07Crystal structure analysis of tungsten bronzes beta-SrTa2O6 and beta '-SrTa2O6 by synchrotron X-ray and neutron powder diffraction이은혜[이은혜]; 박철희[박철희]; 다니엘 슈메이커[다니엘 슈메이커]; 맥심 아브디브[맥심 아브디브]; 김영일
2013-07Crystal structure and dielectric behavior of pseudo-cubic perovskite oxides김영일; 김영헌[김영헌]; 이종숙[이종숙]
2015-05Crystal structure and ion conductivity of a new mixed-anion phosphate LiMg3(PO4)P2O7김영일; 김성철[김성철]; 이미선[이미선]; 강진영[강진영]; 김승주[김승주]
2013-08Crystal structures of spin-Jahn-Teller-ordered MgCr2O4 and ZnCr2O4M.C.Kemei[M.C.Kemei]; P.T.Barton[P.T.Barton]; S.L.Moffitt[S.L.Moffitt]; M.W.Gaultois[M.W.Gaultois]; J.A.Kurzman[J.A.Kurzman]; R.Seshadri[R.Seshadri]; M.R.Suchomel[M.R.Suchomel]; 김영일
2014-05Effects of KC1 flux on the morphology, anion composition, and chromaticity of perovskite oxynitrides, CaTaO2N, SrTaO2N, and LaTaON2김영일
2013-07Exfoliation of Dion-Jacobson Layered Perovskite into Macromolecular Nanoplatelet이원재[이원재]; 여현정[여현정]; 김도윤[김도윤]; 백승민[백승민]; 김영일
2010-11GaN powders from ammonolysis: Preparation, structure, morphology, and optical properties김영일; 이군[이군]; 장진평[장진평]; 람세샤드리[람세샤드리]
2014-10Hydrothermal Crystal Growth and Structure Determination of Double Hydroxides LiSb(OH)(6), BaSn(OH)(6), and SrSn(OH)(6)H. Mizoguchi[H. Mizoguchi]; N.S.P. Bhuvaneshi[N.S.P. Bhuvaneshi]; 김영일; S. Ohara[S. Ohara]; P.M. Woodward[P.M. Woodward]
2015-01Intercalation Route to Complex Perovskites AM(0.2)Ta(0.8)O(2.8)N(0.2) (A = Sr, Bo; M = Li, Na): Neutron Diffraction and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study김영일; 백윤기[백윤기]; Maxim Avdeev[Maxim Avdeev]
2015-03Ionic conductivity of Dion-Jacobson type oxide LiLaTa2O7 and oxynitride LiLaTa2O6.15N0.57 measured by impedance spectroscopy김영일; 김승주[김승주]
2015-05Local structure and dielectric behavior of tetragonal tungsten bronzes beta-SrTa2O6 and beta '-SrTa2O6김영일; 김주영
2012-07Morphology and band gap variations of oxynitride LaTaON2 depending on the ammonolysis temperature and precursor박나영[박나영]; 김영일
2015-06Photochemical and enzymatic SET promoted C-C bond cleavage reactions of lignin beta-1 model compounds containing varying number of methoxy substituents on their arene rings조대원; 임숙현; 이우솔; 김영일; 손영구; 김철희[김철희]; 김은애[김은애]; John A Latham[John A Latham]; Debra Dunaway-Mariano[Debra Dunaway-Mariano]; Patrick S Mariano[Patrick S Mariano]
2013-02Preparation and neutron diffraction study of Dion-Jacobson type oxynitrides LiLaTa2O7-3xN2x (x=0.09, 0.29)김영일; 이은혜; 김승주[김승주]; 백윤기[백윤기]
2015-09Recyclable magnetic CoFe2O4/BiOX (X = Cl, Br and I) microflowers for photocatalytic treatment of water contaminated with methyl orange, rhodamine B, methylene blue, and a mixed dye손영구; 최영인; 김영일; 조대원; 강정수[강정수]; 캄통리융[캄통리융]
2012-04Size-strain line broadening analysis of high-permittivity oxynitrides BaTaO2N and BaNbO2N김영일
2011-04Syntheses of Polydifluoroboryl Chelate Compounds김정환; 김영일
2014-02Ta L-3-edge XANES study of perovskite oxynitrides ATaO(2)N (A = Ca, Sr, Ba)김영일; 백승민[백승민]
2014-11Transformation of a layered perovskite to a defect perovskite via cooperative Li-insertion and O/N substitution김영일; 김정미; 박치성[박치성]; 박철희[박철희]