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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03A Breakthrough in Multihop Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networking Protocols김성원; Byung-Seo Kim[Byung-Seo Kim]; Chi Zhang[Chi Zhang]; Miao Pan[Miao Pan]
2015-01A Distributed Medium Access Control Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks남승엽; 갸넨드라조쉬; 김창수; 김성원
2014-01A Leader-based Reliable Multicast MAC Protocol for Multimedia Applications김성원; 아프잘카릴; 김병서[김병서]
2015-03A MAC Protocol for CR-WSN without a Dedicated Common Control Channel김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 씨리자나
2015-06A new trend in the digital economy: A new era of digital convergence business김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 김창수
2015-04A Novel Trust Establishment Method for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; Farruh Ishmanov[Farruh Ishmanov]
2015-03A Robust Trust Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; Farruh Ishmanov[Farruh Ishmanov]; 남승엽
2014-01A Secure Trust Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; 파루; 남승엽
2014-05An analysis of channel access delay in synchronized MAC protocol for cognitive radio networks김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 남승엽
2014-03Analysis of Channel Access Delay in CR-MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Networks without a Common Control Channel남승엽; 갸넨드라조쉬; 김성원; Srijana Acharya[Srijana Acharya]
2014-04Broadcasting Algorithms of Three-Dimensional Petersen-Torus Network김성원; Jong-Seok Kim[Jong-Seok Kim]; Hyeong-Ok Lee[Hyeong-Ok Lee]; Mihye Kim[Mihye Kim]
2014-12CFRP-bar NSM 시스템의 부착거동에 관한 실험적 연구박성무; 김성원; 김현호; 여환준
2013-09Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications, Challenges and Research Trends김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 남승엽
2015-02Critical success factors in the adoption of ubiquitous SCM systems: Strategic implications김창수; 김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬
2014-01Decentralized Predictive MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 남승엽
2015-03Efficient and Reliable MPEG-4 Multicast MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks김성원; Muhammad Khalil Afzal[Muhammad Khalil Afzal]; Byung-Seo Kim[Byung-Seo Kim]
2010-07Efficient MAC Protocol for Subcarrier-Wise Rate Adaptation over WLAN김성원; 김병서[김병서]; 홍성백[홍성백]
2012-04Efficient Retransmission Methods in Wireless MAC Protocol for Multicast김성원; 김병서[김병서]; 랜디엘[랜디엘]
2011-06Energy consumption balancing (ECB) issues and mechanisms in wireless sensor networks (WSNs): a comprehensive overview김성원; 이시마노프파루[이시마노프파루]; 아미르[아미르]
2010-05Feedback-assisted MAC protocol for real time traffic in high rate wireless personal area networks김성원; 김병서[김병서]; Yuguang Fang[Yuguang Fang]; Tan F. Wong[Tan F. Wong]
2015-03Fuzzy-logic-based channel selection in IEEE 802.22 WRAN김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 씨리자나
2015-08Heuristic Approach to Select Opportunistic Routing Forwarders (HASORF) to Enhance Throughput for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; 유사프빈지크리아; Summera Nosheen[Summera Nosheen]; 최진구
2010-06Low Complexity Intra Prediction Algorithm for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoder류신강[류신강]; 유국열; 김성원
2012-02MAC Protocol for Reliable Multicast over Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks김성원; 김병서[김병서]; 이인규[이인규]
2011-09Mitigating the control channel bottleneck problem in dense cognitive radio networks김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬
2010-11Network allocation vector (NAV)-based opportunistic prescanning process for WLANs김성원; 김병서[김병서]; Y. Fang[Y. Fang]
2012-09One-to-many node-disjoint paths of hyper-star networks김성원; Laszlo Liptak[Laszlo Liptak]; Eddie Cheng[Eddie Cheng]; 김종석[김종석]
2013-10Performance evaluations of MPEG-4 video traffic services over fading channel-based MANETs김성원; 아프잘카릴; 김병서[김병서]
2011-02Rate-Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless Multicast Over OFDMA-Based MANETs김성원; 김병서[김병서]
2014-11Rendezvous Issues in AD Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 남승엽
2011-02Retransmission Decision Method for Wireless Multicast in Ad-Hoc Networks김성원; 김병서[김병서]
2014-08Smart Solutions in Elderly Care Facilities with RFID System and Its Integration with Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 씨리자나; 김창수; 김병서[김병서]
2014-07Some properties and algorithms for the hyper-torus network김성원; Jong-Seok Kim[Jong-Seok Kim]; Ke Qiu[Ke Qiu]; Hyeong-Ok Lee[Hyeong-Ok Lee]
2015-03The new Petersen-torus networks김성원; Jong-Seok Kim[Jong-Seok Kim]; Hyeong-Ok Lee[Hyeong-Ok Lee]; Mihye Kim[Mihye Kim]
2012-03Topological properties of folded hyper-star networks김성원; 김종석[김종석]; Eddie Cheng[Eddie Cheng]; Laszlo Liptak[Laszlo Liptak]
2015-02Trust management system in wireless sensor networks: design considerations and research challenges김성원; 이시마노프파루; Aamir Saeed Malik[Aamir Saeed Malik]; Bahodir Begalov[Bahodir Begalov]
2011-10꼬인 큐브 토러스: 3차원 꼬인 큐브에 기반한 새로운 토러스 상호연결망김종석; 이형옥[이형옥]; 김성원
2010-09스타 그래프와 팬케익, 버블정렬 그래프 사이의 임베딩 알고리즘김종석; 이형옥[이형옥]; 김성원
2010-06이븐 연결망 Ed의 에지 중복 없는 스패닝 트리를 구성하는 알고리즘김성원; 김종석
2013-06-13인지무선 네트워크의 오버헤드 분산방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 갸넨드라조쉬; 김성원
2014-12접착재 종류와 정착구 유무에 따른 탄소막대 매립보강 RC보의 휨 거동에 관한 실험적 연구박성무; 김성원; 이형근; 여환준