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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-0715,16-Dihydrotanshinone I suppresses IgE-Ag stimulated mouse bone marrow-derived mast cell activation by inhibiting Syk kinase장현욱; 이선; 양주혜[양주혜]; 김엽[김엽]; 김범사; 김동영; 장재훈; 김정애; 손종근; 문태철[문태철]; 손건호[손건호]
2013-02CBF beta Stabilizes HIV Vif to Counteract APOBEC3 at the Expense of RUNX1 Target Gene Expression김동영; 권은주[권은주]; Paul D. Hartley[Paul D. Hartley]; David C. Crosby[David C. Crosby]; Sumanjit Mann[Sumanjit Mann]; Nevan J. Krogan[Nevan J. Krogan]; John D. Gross[John D. Gross]
2012-10Diversification of photoelectric efficiency on DSSCs assembled according to the change of coating layers of P-x-TiO2 films강미숙; 김동영
2012-12Inhibition of a NEDD8 Cascade Restores Restriction of HIV by APOBEC3GDavid J. Stanley[David J. Stanley]; Koen Bartholomeeusen[Koen Bartholomeeusen]; David C. Crosby[David C. Crosby]; 김동영; 권은주[권은주]; Linda Yen[Linda Yen]; Nathalie Caretta Cartozo[Nathalie Caretta Cartozo]; Ming Li[Ming Li]; Stefanie Jaeger[Stefanie Jaeger]; Jeremy Mason-Herr[Jeremy Mason-Herr]; Fumiaki Hayashi[Fumiaki Hayashi]; Shigeyuki Yokoyama[Shigeyuki Yokoyama]; Nevan J. Krogan[Nevan J. Krogan]; Reuben S. Harris[Reuben S. Harris]; Boris Matija Peterlin[Boris Matija Peterlin]; John D. Gross[John D. Gross]
2010-06Structural basis for the negative regulation of bacterial stress response by RseB김동영; 권은주[권은주]; 최종근[최종근]; 황혜연[황혜연]; 김경규[김경규]
2010-01Structural basis for the substrate specificity of PepA from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a dodecameric tetrahedral protease김도연[김도연]; Boi Hoa San[Boi Hoa San]; 모상현[모상현]; 박혜진[박혜진]; 김동영; 이상호[이상호]; 김경규[김경규]
2015-04The assembly of Vif ubiquitin E3 ligase for APOBEC3 degradation김동영
2010-11The crystal structure Escherichia coli Spy권은주[권은주]; 김동영; Carol A. Gross[Carol A. Gross]; John D. Gross[John D. Gross]; 김경규[김경규]
2012-09The crystal structure of the periplasmic domain of Vibrio parahaemolyticus CpxA권은주[권은주]; 김동영; Tri Duc Ngo[Tri Duc Ngo]; Carol A. Gross[Carol A. Gross]; John D. Gross[John D. Gross]; 김경규[김경규]
2015-05Two stress sensor proteins for the expression of sigmaE regulon: DegS and RseB김동영
2012-01Vif hijacks CBF-beta to degrade APOBEC3G and promote HIV-1 infection김동영; Stefanie Jaeger[Stefanie Jaeger]; Judd F. Hultquist[Judd F. Hultquist]; Keisuke Shindo[Keisuke Shindo]; Rebecca S. LaRue[Rebecca S. LaRue]; Eunju Kwon[Eunju Kwon]; Ming Li[Ming Li]; Brett D. Anderson[Brett D. Anderson]; Linda Yen[Linda Yen]; David Stanley[David Stanley]; Cathal Mahon[Cathal Mahon]; Joshua Kane[Joshua Kane]; Kathy Franks-Skiba[Kathy Franks-Skiba]; Peter Cimermancic[Peter Cimermancic]; Alma Burlingame[Alma Burlingame]; Andrej Sali[Andrej Sali]; Charles S. Craik[Charles S. Craik]; Reuben S. Harris[Reuben S. Harris]; John D. Gross[John D. Gross]; Nevan J. Krogan[Nevan J. Krogan]