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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11Characteristics of nano-sized perovskite structured LaSrMn derived from hydrothermally synthesized amorphous LaSrMn oxide powder강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭; 최병현[최병현]; 박선민[박선민]; 지미정[지미정]
2013-12Dynamic Hydrogen Production from Methanol/Water Photo-Splitting Using Core@Shell-Structured CuS@TiO2 Catalyst Wrapped by High Concentrated TiO2 Particles강미숙; 임영환; 강소라; 김강민; 주태일; 한기보[한기보]; 박노국; 이태진
2015-08Efficient Removal of Bisphenol A by an Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation-type UV/H2O2/Fe-loaded TiO2 System강미숙; 강소라; 도정연; 조승원; 김강민; 정경미[정경미]; 박선민[박선민]
2015-09Electrochemical Performance of a Thin Fabric ZnO Anodic Material in a Free Membrane Ni-Zn Battery강미숙; 강소라; 박상선[박상선]
2014-12Enhancement of Hydrogen Production from MeOH/H2O Photo-Splitting Using Micro-/Nano-Structured SrSnO3/TiO2 Composite Catalysts강미숙; 김강민; 강소라; 곽병섭
2015-03Facile synthesis of meso-porous ZnO nano-triangular prisms with enhanced photocatalytic activity강미숙; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨; 곽병섭; 강소라
2015-06Meso-porous ZnO nano-triangles @ graphitic-C3N4 nano-foils: Fabrication and Recyclable photocatalytic activity강미숙; 곽병섭; 강소라; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨
2014-09Synthesis of Core@shell Structured CuFeS2@TiO2 Magnetic Nanomaterial and Its Application for Hydrogen Production by Methanol Aqueous Solution Photosplitting강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭; 박민규; 정경미[정경미]; 박선민[박선민]
2014-11Synthesis of Ni-alkaline earth metals particles encapsulated by porous SiO2 (NiMO@SiO2) and their catalytic performances on ethanol steam reforming강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭
2014-07Synthesis of Submicron Hexagonal Plate-Type SnS2 and Band Gap-Tuned Sn1-xTixS2 Materials and Their Hydrogen Production Abilities on Methanol/Water Photosplitting강미숙; 김강민; 곽병섭; 강소라