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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03A Comparison of the In Vitro Inhibitory Effects of Thelephoric Acid and SKF-525A on Human Cytochrome P450 Activity정태천; 송민[송민]; 도현희[도현희]; 권오광[권오광]; 양은주[양은주]; 배종섭[배종섭]; 송경식[송경식]; 이상규[이상규]
2010-11A Rapid Method to Determine Tetrabromobisphenol A in Rat Serum and Urine by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry강미정; 김주현; 이상규; 강원구; 김형식[김형식]; 류원석; 정태천
2015-01Absolute bioavailability and metabolism of aceclofenac in rats정태천; 노금한; 신범수[신범수]; 권광일[권광일]; 윤휘열[윤휘열]; 김은영[김은영]; 강원구[강원구]
2011-05Acteoside inhibits PMA-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression via CaMK/ERK- and JNK/NF-kappa B-dependent signaling황용필[황용필]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; 박봉환[박봉환]; 정명호[정명호]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2013-12Antitumor efficacy of piperine in the treatment of human HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cells정태천; Minh Truong Do[Minh Truong Do]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; Tilak Khanal[Tilak Khanal]; 박봉환[박봉환]; Thu Phuong Tran[Thu Phuong Tran]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2012-03Biotransformation of geniposide by human intestinal microflora on cytotoxicity against HepG2 cellsKhanal T[Khanal T]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; Do MT[Do MT]; 공민정; 강미정; 노금한; 여희경[여희경]; 안영태[안영태]; 강원구; 김동현[김동현]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2014-02Bromopropane compounds inhibit osteogenesis by ERK-dependent Runx2 inhibition in C2C12 cells정태천; 정형민[정형민]; 최유희[최유희]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 이광열[이광열]
2012-05Capsaicin induces CYP3A4 expression via pregnane X receptor and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta activation한은희[한은희]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; 장인진[장인진]; 이상섭[이상섭]; 권광일[권광일]; 김은영[김은영]; 노금한[노금한]; 정태천; 황용필[황용필]; 정용철[정용철]; 강원구; 정혜광[정혜광]
2011-11CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta activation by capsaicin contributes to the regulation of CYP1A1 expression, mediated by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor한은희[한은희]; 황용필[황용필]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; 박봉환[박봉환]; 송계용[송계용]; 이계원[이계원]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2013-06Characterization of in vitro metabolites of luotonin A in human liver microsomes using electrospray/tandem mass spectrometry정태천; 이상규[이상규]; 이재익[이재익]; 장영동; 김동현[김동현]
2015-08Characterization of novel mechanisms for steatosis from global protein hyperacetylation in ethanol-induced mouse hepatocytes정태천; 김선주[김선주]; 권오광[권오광]; 기성환[기성환]; 이상규[이상규]
2015-03Chemical allergens stimulate human epidermal keratinocytes to produce lymphangiogenic vascular endothelial growth factor정태천; 배옥남[배옥남]; 안세연[안세연]; 진선희[진선희]; 홍수현[홍수현]; 이진영[이진영]; 김은선[김은선]; 천영진[천영진]; 이애영[이애영]; 노민수[노민수]
2013-06Cultivated ginseng inhibits 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene-induced atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions in NC/Nga mice and TNF-alpha/IFN-gamma-induced TARC activation in HaCaT cells정태천; 최재호[최재호]; 진순우[진순우]; 박봉환[박봉환]; 김형균[김형균]; Khanal T[Khanal T]; 한화정[한화정]; 황용필[황용필]; 최준민[최준민]; 정영철[정영철]; 황상규[황상규]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2015-03Effects of Baicalin on Oral Pharmacokinetics of Caffeine in Rats정태천; 노금한; 네팔마헤시; 정기선; 김선아; 엄연지; 서채신; 강미정; 박필훈; 강원구[강원구]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2011-01Effects of Rutaecarpine on the Metabolism and Urinary Excretion of Caffeine in Rats노금한[노금한]; 서영민; 이상규; 비스타수딥라즈; 강미정; 장영동; 김은영[김은영]; 강원구; 정태천
2011-04Effects of Rutaecarpine on the Pharmacokinetics of Caffeine and Its Three Metabolites in Rats서영민; 노금한[노금한]; 공민정[공민정]; 이대훈[이대훈]; 강미정[강미정]; 장영동; 강원구; 정병선; 정태천
2010-02Enantioselective Pharmacokinetics of Sibutramine in Rat노금한[노금한]; 배경진[배경진]; 민보경[민보경]; 김은영[김은영]; 권광일[권광일]; 정태천; 강원구[강원구]
2013-11Ethanol increases matrix metalloproteinase-12 expression via NADPH oxidase-dependent ROS production in macrophages박필훈; 김미진; 이응석; 정태천; 사로즈네팔; 김상현[김상현]
2014-12Evaluation of Cadmium-Induced Nephrotoxicity Using Urinary Metabolomic Profiles in Sprague-Dawley Male Rats정태천; 이유경[이유경]; 박은영[박은영]; 김시원[김시원]; 손지연[손지연]; 김태형[김태형]; 강원구[강원구]; 김규봉[김규봉]; 곽승준[곽승준]; 이재원[이재원]; 김석만[김석만]; 이병무[이병무]; 김형식[김형식]
2014-06Evaluation of renal toxicity by combination exposure to melamine and cyanuric acid in male Sprague-Dawley rats정태천; 손지연[손지연]; 강윤종[강윤종]; 김경석[김경석]; 김태형[김태형]; 임성광[임성광]; 임현중[임현중]; 최달웅[최달웅]; 정규혁[정규혁]; 이병무[이병무]; 김형식[김형식]
2014-02Genipin induces cyclooxygenase-2 expression via NADPH oxidase, MAPKs, AP-1, and NF-kappa B in RAW 264.7 cells정태천; T Khanal[T Khanal]; 김형균[김형균]; MT Do[MT Do]; 정영철[정영철]; 김희숙[김희숙]; 박윤준[박윤준]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 최재호[최재호]
2014-10Ginsenosides Inhibit HMGB1-induced Inflammatory Responses in HUVECs and in Murine Polymicrobial Sepsis정태천; 이원화[이원화]; 구세광[구세광]; 이상규[이상규]; 배종섭[배종섭]
2013-05Glycogen synthase kinase 3 alpha phosphorylates and regulates the osteogenic activity of Osterix정태천; Li H[Li H]; 정형민[정형민]; 최유희[최유희]; 이성호[이성호]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 이광열[이광열]
2010-08Hepatotoxicity and Immunotoxicity of 1-Bromohexane and Its Glutathione Conjugation in Female BALB/c Mice이상규; 이동주; 하현우; 유진우; 고규섭; 강미정; 강원구[강원구]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 이경복[이경복]; 정태천
2014-02HS-1793, a resveratrol analogue, induces cell cycle arrest and apoptotic cell death in human breast cancer cells정태천; 김진아[김진아]; 김동환[김동환]; Hossain MA[Hossain MA]; 김민영[김민영]; 성보경[성보경]; 윤정현[윤정현]; 서홍석[서홍석]; 정해영[정해영]; 김남득[김남득]
2014-09Ilimaquinone induces death receptor expression and sensitizes human colon cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis through activation of ROS-ERK/p38 MAPK-CHOP signaling pathways정태천; MT Do[MT Do]; 나민균[나민균]; 김형균[김형균]; T Khanal[T Khanal]; 최재호[최재호]; 진순우[진순우]; 오석훈[오석훈]; 황인현[황인현]; 정영철[정영철]; 김희숙[김희숙]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2015-03Inhibitory Effect of 3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-1-(thiophen-2-yl)prop-2-en-1-one, a Chalcone Derivative on MCP-1 Expression in Macrophages via Inhibition of ROS and Akt Signaling정태천; 김미진; 타라만카다얏; 엄연지; 이응석; 박필훈
2013-06Inhibitory effect of dihydroartemisinin against phorbol ester-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression in macrophages정태천; 김형균[김형균]; 양지혜[양지혜]; 한은희[한은희]; 최재호[최재호]; Khanal T[Khanal T]; 정명호[정명호]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2010-05Inhibitory Effects of Deoxypodophyllotoxin from Anthriscus sylvestris on Human CYP2C9 and CYP3A4이상규[이상규]; 김윤[김윤]; 진창배[진창배]; 강미정; 정태천; 정서영[정서영]; 김동현[김동현]; 유혜현[유혜현]; 이승호
2015-01Keratinocytic Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor as a Novel Biomarker for Pathological Skin Condition정태천; 배옥남[배옥남]; 노민수[노민수]; 천영진[천영진]
2015-04Korean Red Ginseng attenuates ethanol-induced steatosis and oxidative stress via AMPK/Sirt1 activation정태천; 한재윤[한재윤]; 이상규[이상규]; 양지혜[양지혜]; 김선주[김선주]; 심주희[심주희]; 김미광[김미광]; 구세광[구세광]; 조일제[조일제]; 기성환[기성환]
2014-05Leptin induces CYP1B1. expression in MCF-7 cells through ligand-independent activation of the ER alpha pathway정태천; Khanal T[Khanal T]; 김형균[김형균]; Do MT[Do MT]; 최재호[최재호]; 원성수[원성수]; 강원구; 정영철[정영철]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2013-09Metformin inhibits heme oxygenase-1 expression in cancer cells through inactivation of Raf-ERK-Nrf2 signaling and AMPK-independent pathways정태천; Minh Truong Do[Minh Truong Do]; 김형균[김형균]; Tilak Khanal[Tilak Khanal]; 최재호[최재호]; 김동희[김동희]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2011-03Metformin inhibits P-glycoprotein expression via the NF-kappa B pathway and CRE transcriptional activity through AMPK activation김형균[김형균]; 트란 티 히엔[트란 티 히엔]; 한은희[한은희]; 황용필[황용필]; 최재호[최재호]; 강건욱[강건욱]; 권광일[권광일]; 김봉희[김봉희]; 김상겸[김상겸]; 송계용[송계용]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2014-10Metformin suppresses CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 expression in breast cancer cells by down-regulating aryl hydrocarbon receptor expression정태천; Do MT[Do MT]; 김형균[김형균]; Tran TTP[Tran TTP]; Khanal T[Khanal T]; 최재호[최재호]; 정영철[정영철]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2014-06Modulation of Atg5 expression by globular adiponectin contributes to autophagy flux-and suppression of ethanol-induced cell death in liver cells최동영; 사로즈네팔; 김미진; 이응석; 김정애; 손동환[손동환]; 이성희[이성희]; 송경[송경]; 김상현[김상현]; 정길생[정길생]; 정태천; 박필훈
2011-04Molecular mechanism of tetrabromobisphenol a (tbbpa)-induced target organ toxicity in sprague-dawley male rats정태천; 최재석[최재석]; 이영준[이영준]; 김태형[김태형]; 임현정[임현정]; 안미영[안미영]; 곽승준[곽승준]; 강태석[강태석]; 박귀례[박귀례]; 이재원[이재원]; 김남득[김남득]; 김상겸[김상겸]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 이병무[이병무]; 김형식[김형식]
2014-12Nephrotoxic Potential and Toxicokinetics of Melamine Combined with Cyanuric Acid in Rats정태천; 김기환; 강미정; 노금한; 오도경; 강원구[강원구]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 이광열[이광열]; 김항건[김항건]; 김형식[김형식]
2014-07Platycodon grandiflorum root-derived saponins attenuate atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions via suppression of NF-kappa B and STAT1 and activation of Nrf2/ARE-mediated heme oxygenase-1정태천; 최재호[최재호]; 진순우[진순우]; 한은희[한은희]; 박봉환[박봉환]; 김형균[김형균]; T Khanal[T Khanal]; 황용필[황용필]; MT Do[MT Do]; 이현선[이현선]; 정영철[정영철]; 김희석[김희석]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2014-10Prandial effect on the systemic exposure of amisulpride강원구; 정태천; 장유정; 노금한; 백인환[백인환]; 권광일[권광일]; 김은영[김은영]; 윤영란[윤영란]
2014-03Protective Effects of Diallyl Sulfide against Thioacetamide-Induced Toxicity: A Possible Role of Cytochrome P450 2E1정태천; 김남희[김남희]; 이상규[이상규]; 강미정; 정혜광[정혜광]; 강원구[강원구]
2012-04Protective role of intestinal bacterial metabolism against baicalin-induced toxicity in HepG2 cell cultures카날틸락[카날틸락]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; 박봉환[박봉환]; 민트롱도[민트롱도]; 강미정; 여희경[여희경]; 김동현[김동현]; 강원구; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2012-09Protective role of metabolism by intestinal microflora in butyl paraben-induced toxicity in HepG2 cell culturesTilak Khanal[Tilak Khanal]; 김형균[김형균]; 진선우[진선우]; 심얼[심얼]; 한화정[한화정]; 노금한; 박선경; 이대훈; 강원구; 여희경[여희경]; 김동현[김동현]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2014-11Protein Kinase A Phosphorylates Dlx3 and Regulates the Function of Dlx3 During Osteoblast Differentiation정태천; Li H[Li H]; 정형민[정형민]; 최유희[최유희]; 김주희[김주희]; 최중국[최중국]; 여창열[여창열]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 천창주[천창주]; 이광열[이광열]
2011-11Puerarin activates endothelial nitric oxide synthase through estrogen receptor-dependent PI3-kinase and calcium-dependent AMP-activated protein kinase황용필[황용필]; 김형균[김형균]; 트란 티 히엔[트란 티 히엔]; 정명호[정명호]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2011-12Purple sweet potato anthocyanins attenuate hepatic lipid accumulation through activating adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase in human HepG2 cells and obese mice황용필[황용필]; 최재호[최재호]; 한은희[한은희]; 김형균[김형균]; 위지향[위지향]; 정경옥[정경옥]; 정경희[정경희]; 권광일[권광일]; 정태천; 정영철[정영철]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2015-01Quantitative determination of amisulpride in rat plasma by HPLC-MS/MS노금한; 장유정; 권광일[권광일]; 김은영[김은영]; 정태천; 윤휘열[윤휘열]; 강원구[강원구]
2010-11Quantitative determination of sparfloxacin in rat plasma by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry노금한[노금한]; 권광일[권광일]; 정태천; 강원구
2010-10Role of glutathione conjugation in 1-bromobutane-induced hepatotoxicity in mice이상규; 이동주; 고규섭; 유진우; 하현우; 강미정; 정태천
2010-06Role of Glutathione Conjugation in 1-Bromobutane-induced Immunotoxicity in Mice이상규; 이동주; 전태원; 고규섭; 유진우; 하현우; 강미정; 강원구[강원구]; 김상겸[김상겸]; 정태천
2013-01Role of intestinal microflora in xenobiotic-induced toxicity정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]; 강미정; 김형균[김형균]; 오도경; 김진성; 이상규[이상규]
2012-03Role of Metabolism by Intestinal Bacteria in Arbutin-Induced Suppression of Lymphoproliferative Response in vitro강미정; 하현우; 김기환[김기환]; 이상규[이상규]; 안영태[안영태]; 김동현[김동현]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 정태천
2011-04Role of Metabolism by Intestinal Bacteria in Arbutin-induced Toxicity In Vitro강미정; 하현우; 김형균[김형균]; 이대훈; 공민정; 안영태[안영태]; 김동현[김동현]; 신범수[신범수]; 강원구; 정혜광[정혜광]; 정태천
2014-03Role of metabolism by intestinal microbiota in pharmacokinetics of oral baicalin정태천; 강미정; 고규섭; 오도경; 김진성; Keumhan Noh[Keumhan Noh]; 강원구; Won Ki Yoon[Won Ki Yoon]; Hyoung Chin Kim[Hyoung Chin Kim]; Hye Gwang Jeong[Hye Gwang Jeong]
2011-09Role of metabolism by the human intestinal microflora in arbutin-induced cytotoxicity in HepG2 cell cultures카날 틸락[카날 틸락]; 김형균[김형균]; 황용필[황용필]; 공민정; 강미정; 여희경[여희경]; 김동현[김동현]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2010-11Role of Metabolism In 1-Bromopropane-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice이상규; 강미정; 전태원; 하현우; 유진우; 고규섭; 강원구; 정혜광[정혜광]; 류원석; 정태천
2013-08S-Allyl cysteine attenuates free fatty acid-induced lipogenesis in human HepG2 cells through activation of the AMP-activated protein kinase-dependent pathway정태천; 황용필[황용필]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; M T Do[M T Do]; 정영철[정영철]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2011-12Saponins from the roots of Platycodon grandiflorum suppress ultraviolet A-induced matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression via MAPKs and NF-kappa B/AP-1-dependent signaling in HaCaT cells황용필[황용필]; 김형균[김형균]; 최재호[최재호]; 한은희[한은희]; 권광일[권광일]; 이영춘[이영춘]; 최준민[최준민]; 정영철[정영철]; 정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]
2014-01Saponins from the Roots of Platycodon grandiflorum Suppresses TGF beta 1-Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Via Repression of PI3K/Akt, ERK1/2 and Smad2/3 Pathway in Human Lung Carcinoma A549 Cells정태천; 최재호[최재호]; 황용필[황용필]; 김형균[김형균]; Khanal T[Khanal T]; Do MT[Do MT]; 진순우[진순우]; 한화정[한화정]; 이현선[이현선]; 이영춘[이영춘]; 정영철[정영철]; 정혜광[정혜광]
2015-02Saponins, Especially Platyconic Acid A, from Platycodon grandiflorum Reduce Airway Inflammation in Ovalbumin-Induced Mice and PMA-Exposed A549 Cells정태천; 최재호[최재호]; 진순우[진순우]; 김형균[김형균]; 최철영[최철영]; 이현선[이현선]; 류시용[류시용]; 정영철[정영철]; 황영중[황영중]; 엄연지; 정혜광[정혜광]