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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01A cinemetric approach to sentimental processing on story-oriented contents정재은; 박승보[박승보]; 유은순[유은순]
2010-06A Semantic Wiki Framework for Reconciling Conflict Collaborations Based on Selecting Consensus Choice황도삼; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]; 정재은; Abolghasem Sadeghi-N[Abolghasem Sadeghi-N]; 백광현; 한영신[한영신]
2014-02< A,V >-Spear: A New Method for Expert Based Recommendation Systems정재은; Xuan Hau Pham[Xuan Hau Pham]; 누옌트룽트리; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]
2012-09Advances in intelligent grid and cloud computing정재은; Yue-Shan Chang[Yue-Shan Chang]; Ying Liu[Ying Liu]; Chao-Chin Wu[Chao-Chin Wu]
2010-10Advances on agent-based network management정재은; Chung-Ming Ou[Chung-Ming Ou]; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]; 김종근
2013-02Advances on intelligent network management정재은; Yue-Shan Chang[Yue-Shan Chang]; Zhiwen Yu[Zhiwen Yu]
2012-04Advances on Social Network Applications J.UCS Special Issue정재은; Przemyslaw Kazienko[Przemyslaw Kazienko]
2010-02An empirical study on optimizing query transformation on semantic peer-to-peer networks정재은
2010-01An evolutionary approach to query-sampling for heterogeneous systems정재은
2012-03Attribute selection-based recommendation framework for short-head user group: An empirical study by MovieLens and IMDB정재은
2010-07Automatic Defect Classification System in Semiconductors EDS Test Based on System Entity Structure Methodology한영신[한영신]; 김소영[김소영]; 김태규[김태규]; 정재은
2012-06Beating Social Pulse: Understanding Information Propagation via Online Social Tagging Systems팜하우슈엔[팜하우슈엔]; 정재은; 황도삼
2014-01Black-Box Testing of Practical Movie Recommendation Systems: a Comparative Study이남희[이남희]; 정재은; Ali Selamat[Ali Selamat]; 황도삼
2011-05Boosting social collaborations based on contextual synchronization: An empirical study정재은
2012-06Collaborative browsing system based on semantic mashup with open APIs정재은
2013-02Collaborative spam filtering based on incremental ontology learning정재은; 팜하우슈엔; 이남희[이남희]; Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki[Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki]
2010-06Collective Intelligence with Visualization and Multimedia J. UCS Special Issue정재은
2012-08Computational reputation model based on selecting consensus choices: An empirical study on semantic wiki platform정재은
2012-02Constraint graph-based frequent pattern updating from temporal databases정재은
2012-09ContextGrid: A contextual mashup-based collaborative browsing system정재은
2013-09Contextual synchronization for efficient social collaborations in enterprise computing: A case study on TweetPulse정재은
2011-11Contextual Syndication Based on Tag Correspondences: a Case Study of Flickr팜호마이티[팜호마이티]; 정재은
2013-04Cross-lingual query expansion in multilingual folksonomies: A case study on Flickr정재은
2012-03Discovering Community of Lingual Practice for Matching Multilingual Tags from Folksonomies정재은
2012-06Dynamic SOA Framework to Support Ad Hoc Enterprise Alliance Formation정재은
2014-07E-Learning Recommender Systems Based on Goal-Based Hybrid Filtering정재은; Muhammad Waseem Chughtai[Muhammad Waseem Chughtai]; Ali Selamat[Ali Selamat]; Imran Ghani[Imran Ghani]
2013-07Emotion-based character clustering for managing story-based contents: a cinemetric analysis정재은; 유은순[유은순]; 박승보[박승보]
2012-03Engineering Knowledge and Semantic Systems정재은; Dariusz Krol[Dariusz Krol]
2012-01Evolutionary approach for semantic-based query sampling in large-scale information sources정재은
2011-10Examination of how social aspects moderate the relationship between task characteristics and usage of social communication technologies (SCTs) in organizations구철모[구철모]; Yulia Wati[Yulia Wati]; 정재은
2011-05Exploiting multi-agent platform for indirect alignment between multilingual ontologies: A case study on tourism business정재은
2010-10Exploiting Semantic Template for Message Summarization for Mobile Devices팜하우슈엔[팜하우슈엔]; 정재은
2013-02Featured Topic Issue: Semantic Methods for Knowledge Management INTRODUCTION정재은; Radoslaw P. Katarzyniak[Radoslaw P. Katarzyniak]; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]
2014-06From Ubiquitous Sensing to Cloud Computing: Technologies and Applications정재은; Yue Shan Chang[Yue Shan Chang]; Lizhe Wang[Lizhe Wang]
2013-05Integrating Multiple Experts for Correction Process in Interactive Recommendation Systems정재은; Xuan Hau Pham[Xuan Hau Pham]; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]
2010-11Integrating Social Networks for Context Fusion in Mobile Service Platforms정재은
2014-06Intelligent Advisory Speed Limit Dedication in Highway Using VANET정재은; Ali Jalooli[Ali Jalooli]; Erfan Shaghaghi[Erfan Shaghaghi]; Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour[Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour]; Rafidah Md Noor[Rafidah Md Noor]; Hwasoo Yeo[Hwasoo Yeo]
2013-07Intelligent interactions for multimedia processing: an editorial정재은
2011-11Localized Approximation Method Using Inertial Compensation in WSNs송창우[송창우]; 정경용[정경용]; 정재은; 임기욱[임기욱]; 이정현[이정현]
2013-01Maintenance of IT-tree for transactions deletion정재은; Thien-Phuong Le[Thien-Phuong Le]; Bay Vo[Bay Vo]; Tzung-Pei Hong[Tzung-Pei Hong]; Bac Le[Bac Le]
2012-09Maximum Entropy-Based Named Entity Recognition Method for Multiple Social Networking Services정재은
2014-05Measuring trustworthiness of information diffusion by risk discovery process in social networking services정재은
2010-09On Sustainability of Context-Aware Services Among Heterogeneous Smart Spaces정재은
2012-07Online named entity recognition method for microtexts in social networking services: A case study of twitter정재은
2010-12Ontology mapping composition for query transformation on distributed environments정재은
2011-06Ontology-based decision support system for semiconductors EDS testing by wafer defect classification정재은
2014-03Ontology-Based, Process-Oriented, and Society-Independent Agent System for Cloud Computing정재은; Mahmood Fathalipour[Mahmood Fathalipour]; Ali Selamat[Ali Selamat]
2013-07Preference-based user rating correction process for interactive recommendation systems팜하우슈엔; 정재은
2014-04Privacy-Preserving Discovery of Topic-Based Events from Social Sensor Signals: An Experimental Study on Twitter정재은; 응웬트룽둑
2012-08Profit-based Association Rule Mining from Commercial Transactions이남희[이남희]; 정재은
2014-06Public Alerts on Landslide Natural Disaster Using Vehicular Communications정재은; Ali Jalooli[Ali Jalooli]; Nornazlita Hussin[Nornazlita Hussin]; Rafidah Md Noor[Rafidah Md Noor]
2011-09Real world representation of a road network for route planning in GISAbolghasem Sadeghi[Abolghasem Sadeghi]; Masood Varshosaz[Masood Varshosaz]; Kyehyun Kim[Kyehyun Kim]; 정재은
2010-09Recent Trends in Service Science J.UCS Special Issue정재은; 구철모[구철모]
2010-12Recent Trends on Engineering Knowledge and Semantic Systems in South Korea정재은
2011-11Recent Trends on Intelligent Management Technologies for Cloud Computing and Security정재은
2014-08Recommendation system based on multilingual entity matching on linked open data정재은; 팜하우슈엔
2010-09Reusing ontology mappings for query routing in semantic peer-to-peer environment정재은