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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09Patterns of dissociate torsional-vertical nystagmus in internuclear ophthalmoplegia이준; Seong-Hae Jeong[Seong-Hae Jeong]; Eung Kyu Kim[Eung Kyu Kim]; kwang-Dong Choi[kwang-Dong Choi]; Ji Soo Kim[Ji Soo Kim]
2015-08Peri-infarct reorganization of an injured corticoreticulospinal tract in a patient with cerebral infarct장성호; 이준; 이한도
2012-07Predictability of motor outcome according to the time of diffusion tensor imaging in patients with cerebral infarct장성호; 권용현[권용현]; 정용재; 이준; 손수민; 김세윤; 김철승
2015-08Pseudobulbar palsy due to bilateral injuries of corticobulbar tracts in a stroke patient장성호; 이준; 서정표
2011-06RAPID Automated Patient Selection for Reperfusion Therapy A Pooled Analysis of the Echoplanar Imaging Thrombolytic Evaluation Trial (EPITHET) and the Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging Evaluation for Understanding Stroke Evolution (DEFUSE) Study이준; Maarten G Lansberg[Maarten G Lansberg]; Soren Christensen[Soren Christensen]; Matus Straka[Matus Straka]; Deidre A. De Silva[Deidre A. De Silva]; Michael Mlynash[Michael Mlynash]; Bruce C. Campbell[Bruce C. Campbell]; Roland Bammer[Roland Bammer]; Jean-Marc Olivot[Jean-Marc Olivot]; Patricia Desmond[Patricia Desmond]; Stephen M. Davis[Stephen M. Davis]; Geoffrey A. Donnan[Geoffrey A. Donnan]; Gregory W. Albers[Gregory W. Albers]
2014-09Recanalization Therapy for Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion Presenting as Acute Ischemic Stroke이준; Jeong-Ho Hong[Jeong-Ho Hong]; Jihoon Kang[Jihoon Kang]; Min Uk Jang[Min Uk Jang]; Beom Joon Kim[Beom Joon Kim]; Moon-Ku Han[Moon-Ku Han]; Kyung Bok Han[Kyung Bok Han]; Byung-Chul Lee[Byung-Chul Lee]; Kyung-Ho Yu[Kyung-Ho Yu]; Hee-Joon Bae[Hee-Joon Bae]
2011-05Refining the Definition of the Malignant Profile Insights From the DEFUSE-EPITHET Pooled Data Set이준; Michael mlynash[Michael mlynash]; Maarten G. Lansberg[Maarten G. Lansberg]; Deidre A. De Silva[Deidre A. De Silva]; Soren Christensen[Soren Christensen]; Matus Straka[Matus Straka]; Bruce C.V. Campbell[Bruce C.V. Campbell]; Roland Bammer[Roland Bammer]; Jean-Marc Olivot[Jean-Marc Olivot]; Patricia Desmond[Patricia Desmond]; Geoffrey A. Donnan[Geoffrey A. Donnan]; Stephen M. Davis[Stephen M. Davis]; Gregory W. Albers[Gregory W. Albers]
2012-12Reperfusion Therapy in Unclear-Onset Stroke Based on MRI Evaluation (RESTORE) A Prospective Multicenter Study이준; 강동화[강동화]; 손성일[손성일]; 홍근식[홍근식]; 유경호[유경호]; 황양하[황양하]; 한문구[한문구]; 박종무[박종무]; 조아현[조아현]; 김종성[김종성]
2012-12Risk Factors and Stroke Mechanisms in Atherosclerotic Stroke Intracranial Compared With Extracranial and Anterior Compared With Posterior Circulation Disease이준; Jong S. Kim[Jong S. Kim]; Hyun-Wook Nah[Hyun-Wook Nah]; Se Mi Park[Se Mi Park]; Su-Kyung Kim[Su-Kyung Kim]; Ki Hyun Cho[Ki Hyun Cho]; Yong-Seok Lee[Yong-Seok Lee]; Jei Kim[Jei Kim]; Sang-Won Hah[Sang-Won Hah]; Eung-Gyu Kim[Eung-Gyu Kim]
2012-06Stroke units and stroke care services in Korea박민수; 이준; 최혜연[최혜연]; 차명진[차명진]; 김영대[김영대]; 홍근식[홍근식]; 허지회[허지회]; 남효석[남효석]; 차재관[차재관]; 홍지만[홍지만]
2014-01Symptomatic steno-occlusion in patients with acute cerebral infarction: Prevalence, distribution, and functional outcome이준; Jihoon Kang[Jihoon Kang]; Tai Hwan Park[Tai Hwan Park]; Kyung Bok Lee[Kyung Bok Lee]; Jong-Moo Park[Jong-Moo Park]; Youngchai Ko[Youngchai Ko]; Soo Joo Lee[Soo Joo Lee]; Keun-Sik Hong[Keun-Sik Hong]; Yong-Jin Cho[Yong-Jin Cho]; Ji Sung Lee[Ji Sung Lee]; Hee-Joon Bae[Hee-Joon Bae]
2011-12The clinical application of the arcuate fasciculus for stroke patients with aphasia: A diffusion tensor tractography study장성호; 김수현; 이동규; 유희[유희]; 손수민; 조윤우; 장민철; 이준
2012-09The clinical characteristics of motor function in chronic hemiparetic stroke patients with complete corticospinal tract injury장성호; 조해민; 최병연; 장철훈; 김성호; 이준; 장민철; 손수민
2014-02The iScore Predicts Clinical Response to Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Korean Stroke Patients이준; 박태환[박태환]; 박상순[박상순]; 고영채[고영채]; 이수주[이수주]; 이경복[이경복]; 조용진[조용진]; 홍근식[홍근식]; Gustavo Saposnik[Gustavo Saposnik]; 차재관[차재관]
2013-05The iScore Predicts Functional Outcome in Korean Patients With Ischemic Stroke이준; 박태환[박태환]; Saposnik Gustavo[Saposnik Gustavo]; 배희준[배희준]; 박종무[박종무]; 이수주[이수주]; 이경복[이경복]; 최재철[최재철]; 이병철[이병철]; 윤병우[윤병우]
2015-04Trends in the Effectiveness of Endovascular Recanalization for Acute Stroke: Is a Change Taking Place?이준; 김범준[김범준]; 한문구[한문구]; 박태환[박태환]; 이경복[이경복]; 이병철[이병철]; 유경호[유경호]; 오미선[오미선]; 차재관[차재관]; 배희준[배희준]
2014-08가역적인 관류지연을 보인 조짐편두통이준; 류성근[류성근]; 주민경[주민경]; 권정임; 노현두[노현두]
2012-11스트레스적혈구증가증을 동반한 급성뇌경색증 환자의 자화율강조자기공명영상 소견이준; 김두현; 김나영
2012-05저나트륨혈증에 의한 복합부분발작 뇌전증지속상태이세진; 이호선[이호선]; 이준