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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Metabolic Syndrome Parameters in adolescents may be determinants for the future periodontal diseases이경수; 이상규[이상규]; 김은경[김은경]; 진혜정[진혜정]; 임상욱[임상욱]; 이희경; Anwar T. Merchant[Anwar T. Merchant]; 송근배[송근배]; 최연희[최연희]
2010-01More missing teeth are associated with poorer general health in the rural Korean elderly이희경; 이경동[이경동]; Anwar T. Merchant[Anwar T. Merchant]; 이성국[이성국]; 송근배[송근배]; 이상규[이상규]; 최연희[최연희]
2010-02Nanoscale, Electrified Liquid Jets for High-Resolution Printing of Charge송태섭; 박장웅[박장웅]; 이상규[이상규]; Sakulsuk Unarunotai[Sakulsuk Unarunotai]; Yugang Sun[Yugang Sun]; Simon Dunham[Simon Dunham]; Placid M. Ferreira[Placid M. Ferreira]; Andrew G. Alleyene[Andrew G. Alleyene]; 백운규[백운규]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]
2012-05Optimization of single mixed refrigerant natural gas liquefaction plant with nonlinear programming이문용; 샤리크칸[샤리크칸]; 이상규[이상규]
2014-05Process knowledge based opportunistic optimization of the N-2-CO2 expander cycle for the economic development of stranded offshore fields이문용; 무다시르하산; 이상규[이상규]; 칸모드샤리크
2014-03Protective Effects of Diallyl Sulfide against Thioacetamide-Induced Toxicity: A Possible Role of Cytochrome P450 2E1정태천; 김남희[김남희]; 이상규[이상규]; 강미정; 정혜광[정혜광]; 강원구[강원구]
2013-01Role of intestinal microflora in xenobiotic-induced toxicity정태천; 정혜광[정혜광]; 강미정; 김형균[김형균]; 오도경; 김진성; 이상규[이상규]
2012-03Role of Metabolism by Intestinal Bacteria in Arbutin-Induced Suppression of Lymphoproliferative Response in vitro강미정; 하현우; 김기환[김기환]; 이상규[이상규]; 안영태[안영태]; 김동현[김동현]; 정혜광[정혜광]; 정태천
2015-05Selective induction of hepatic cytochrome P450 2B activity by leelamine in vivo, as a potent novel inducer정태천; 심주희[심주희]; 남웅식[남웅식]; 이두현[이두현]; 이수연[이수연]; 오흥찬[오흥찬]; 주정민[주정민]; 류광현[류광현]; 한재윤[한재윤]; 기성환[기성환]; 이태호[이태호]; 이상규[이상규]
2013-09Selective inhibition of the cytochrome P450 isoform by hyperoside and its potent inhibition of CYP2D6정태천; 송민[송민]; 홍미리[홍미리]; 지준구[지준구]; 이유미[이유미]; 배종섭[배종섭]; 이상규[이상규]; 이민영[이민영]
2013-01Selective inhibitory effects of mollugin on CYP1A2 in human liver microsomes정태천; 김희연[김희연]; 최현규; 장영동; 김동현[김동현]; 이승호; 이상규[이상규]
2010-12소아ㆍ청소년의 대사증후군과 치은건강의 관련성이희경; 진혜정[진혜정]; 최연희[최연희]; 이상규[이상규]; 권호장[권호장]; 김형규[김형규]; 송근배[송근배]