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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03A computational intelligence scheme for prediction of interfacial tension between pure hydrocarbons and water이문용; Mahdi Kalantari Meybodi[Mahdi Kalantari Meybodi]; Amin Shokrollahi[Amin Shokrollahi]; Hossein Safari[Hossein Safari]; Alireza Bahadori[Alireza Bahadori]
2015-03A hybrid technology combining heat pump and thermally coupled distillation sequence for retrofit and debottlenecking이문용; 구웬롱
2015-08A novel modeling approach to optimize oxygen-steam ratios in coal gasification process이문용; Milad Arabloo[Milad Arabloo]; Alireza Bahadori[Alireza Bahadori]; Mohammad M. Ghiasi[Mohammad M. Ghiasi]; Ali Abbas[Ali Abbas]; Sohrab Zendehboudi[Sohrab Zendehboudi]
2013-08A novel NGL (natural gas liquid) recovery process based on self-heat recuperation이문용; 구웬롱
2013-03A unified approach to the design of advanced proportional-integral-derivative controllers for time-delay processes이문용; 트롱부[트롱부]
2015-02Ammonia sensing and DC electrical conductivity studies of p-toluene sulfonic acid doped cetyltrimethylammonium bromide assisted V2O5@polyaniline composite nanofibers이문용; 모드안사리; 조무환; 무다시르하산
2013-04An Extended Method of Simplified Decoupling for Multivariable Processes with Multiple Time Delays이문용; 트롱부[트롱부]
2013-09Analytical design of fractional-order proportional-integral controllers for time-delay processes이문용; 트롱부[트롱부]
2010-02Analytical Design of Multi-Loop PI Controllers for Interactive Multivariable Processes이문용; 트롱부
2013-12Analytical design of proportional-integral controllers for the optimal control of first-order processes with operational constraints이문용; 히엔까오
2015-01Bubble point measurement and high pressure distillation column design for the environmentally benign separation of zirconium from hafnium for nuclear power reactor이문용; 레민쿠앙; 김경민; 박종기[박종기]
2015-07Chemistry and product quality of an NH3-CO2 forward osmosis desalination system이문용; 알리소에브문; 김영[김영]; 이종훈[이종훈]; 이공훈[이공훈]; 김유창[김유창]; 박상진[박상진]
2014-07Control structure synthesis for operational optimization of mixed refrigerant processes for liquefied natural gas plant이문용; 율리아말리아
2013-09Debottlenecking the Retrofitted Thermally Coupled Distillation Sequence이문용; 구웬롱
2012-05Design and optimization of a dividing wall column by factorial design이문용; 구웬롱[구웬롱]
2010-08Design and optimization of a dividing wall column for debottlenecking of the acetic acid purification process이문용; 구웬롱[구웬롱]; 이승현[이승현]
2013-02Design and optimization of heat integrated dividing wall columns for improved debutanizing and deisobutanizing fractionation of NGL이문용; 구웬롱
2012-08Design and Optimization of Natural Gas Liquefaction and Recovery Processes for Offshore Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Plants이문용; 이상규[이상규]; 구웬롱
2013-09Design and optimization of thermally coupled distillation schemes for the trichlorosilane purification process이문용; 구웬롱; 권용수
2012-02Design of IMC filter for PID control strategy of open-loop unstable processes with time delay이문용; 쌈쑤쪼하[쌈쑤쪼하]; 스클리아[스클리아]
2013-01Design optimization of single mixed refrigerant natural gas liquefaction process using the particle swarm paradigm with nonlinear constraints이문용; 칸모드샤리크
2012-02Dividing wall column structure design using response surface methodology이문용; 구웬롱[구웬롱]
2014-07Does lower energy usage mean lower carbon dioxide emissions? - A new perspective on the distillation process이문용; 리즈카; 율리아말리아
2015-01Electrical Conductivity, Optical Property and Ammonia Sensing Studies on HCl Doped Au@Polyaniline Nanocomposites이문용; 무다시르하산; 모드안사리; 조무환
2012-11Energy efficiency improvement of dimethyl ether purification process by utilizing dividing wall columns이문용; 레민쿠앙; 구웬롱
2015-06Energy Recovery in a Naphtha Splitter Process through Debottlenecking of Retrofitted Thermally Coupled and Double-Effect Distillation Sequences이문용; 레민쿠앙; 구웬롱
2014-08Energy saving opportunities in integrated NGL/LNG schemes exploiting: Thermal-coupling common-utilities and process knowledge이문용; 칸모드샤리크; 차니아고유스; 메스핀게투[메스핀게투]
2015-04Enhanced thermo-mechanical performance and strain-induced band gap reduction of TiO2@PVC nanocomposite films바너지나라얀; 이문용; 무다시르하산
2015-01Enhanced thermo-optical performance and high BET surface area of graphene@PVC nanocomposite fibers prepared by simple facile deposition technique: N-2 adsorption study이문용; 무다시르하산; Arghya Narayan Banerjee[Arghya Narayan Banerjee]
2014-12Enhancement of the thermo-mechanical properties and efficacy of mixing technique in the preparation of graphene/PVC nanocomposites compared to carbon nanotubes/PVC이문용; 무다시르하산
2015-01Hollow fiber membrane model for gas separation: Process simulation, experimental validation and module characteristics study이문용; 파이잔아흐마드; K.K. Lau[K.K. Lau]; S.S.M. Lock[S.S.M. Lock]; Sikander Rafiq[Sikander Rafiq]; Asad Ullah Khan[Asad Ullah Khan]
2010-01Implement a constrained optimal control in a conventional level controller-Part 1이문용; 신준호[신준호]; 이종구[이종구]
2010-02Implement a constrained optimal control in a conventional level controller-Part 2이문용; 신준호[신준호]; 이종구[이종구]
2011-06Improved energy efficiency in debottlenecking using a fully thermally coupled distillation column이문용; 구웬롱[구웬롱]
2012-05Improvement of natural gas liquid recovery energy efficiency through thermally coupled distillation arrangements이문용; 구웬롱[구웬롱]
2012-04Improvement of the Deethanizing and Depropanizing Fractionation Steps in NGL Recovery Process Using Dividing Wall Column이문용; 구웬롱[구웬롱]
2010-09Independent design of multi-loop PI/PID controllers for interacting multivariable processes이문용; 트롱부
2013-11Knowledge based decision making method for the selection of mixed refrigerant systems for energy efficient LNG processes이문용; 칸모드샤리크; 이상규[이상규]; Rangaiah[Rangaiah]
2015-03Knowledge inspired investigation of selected parameters on energy consumption in nitrogen single and dual expander processes of natural gas liquefaction이문용; 이상규[이상규]; 메스핀게투[메스핀게투]; 칸모드샤리크
2011-12Manage risks with dividing-wall column installations A simple auxiliary configuration and an extensive modeling study can mitigate the implementation risks of DWCs이문용; 신준호[신준호]; 이성규[이성규]; 이종구[이종구]
2010-01Multi-loop PI controller design based on the direct synthesis for interacting multi-time delay processes이문용; 트롱부
2014-10Optimal design of fractional order linear system with stochastic inputs/parametric uncertainties by hybrid spectral method이문용; 팜두옹
2013-04Optimal Retrofit Design of Extractive Distillation to Energy Efficient Thermally Coupled Distillation Scheme이문용; 구웬롱
2013-12Optimal retrofit of a side stream column to a dividing wall column for energy efficiency maximization이문용; 구웬롱
2011-05Optimization Based Approach for Industrial PI Controller Design for Optimal Servo Control of Integrating Process with Constraints이문용; 비따구연[비따구연]; 요시유키[요시유키]
2012-05Optimization of single mixed refrigerant natural gas liquefaction plant with nonlinear programming이문용; 샤리크칸[샤리크칸]; 이상규[이상규]
2013-09Photoresist Stripper 폐액으로부터 감압 증류에 의한 1-hydroxyethylpiperazine와 methyl diglycol 회수이문용; 구기갑[구기갑]; 박명준[박명준]; 김재경[김재경]
2014-04Plant-wide control for the economic operation of modified single mixed refrigerant process for an offshore natural gas liquefaction plant이문용; 여경철[여경철]; 율리아말리아
2015-05Prediction of a solid desiccant dehydrator performance using least squares support vector machines algorithm이문용; Ahmadi[Ahmadi]; Bahadori[Bahadori]
2015-05Prediction of the properties of brines using least squares support vector machine (LS-SVM) computational strategy이문용; Arabloo[Arabloo]; Ziaee[Ziaee]; Bahadori[Bahadori]
2014-04Probabilistic analysis and control of systems with uncertain parameters over non-hypercube domain이문용; 팜두옹
2014-05Process knowledge based opportunistic optimization of the N-2-CO2 expander cycle for the economic development of stranded offshore fields이문용; 무다시르하산; 이상규[이상규]; 칸모드샤리크
2013-12Profit optimization for chemical process plant based on a probabilistic approach by incorporating material flow uncertainties이문용; 메스핀[메스핀]; 스와미[스와미]
2014-08Retrofit and Debottlenecking of Naphtha Splitter Process to Thermally Coupled Distillation Sequence with a Side Reboiler이문용; 레민쿠앙; 율리아말리아; 구웬롱
2014-02Review of Retrofitting Distillation Columns Using Thermally Coupled Distillation Sequences and Dividing Wall Columns to Improve Energy Effciency이문용; 구웬롱
2013-11Robust PI controller design for integrator plus dead-time process with stochastic uncertainties using operational matrix이문용; 팜두옹
2012-10Robust PID controller design for processes with stochastic parametric uncertainties이문용; 팜두옹
2015-09Sequential coordinate random search for optimal operation of LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant이문용; 칸모드샤리크; I.A. Karimi[I.A. Karimi]; Alireza Bahadori[Alireza Bahadori]
2014-08Smith predictor based fractional-order PI control for time-delay processes이문용; 트롱부[트롱부]
2011-06Statistical analysis of dead-time system using a deterministic equivalent modeling method이문용; 팜두옹[팜두옹]