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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Highly reflective Ti/Ag/Pt contacts to p-GaN for high-efficiency GaN-based light-emitting diodes안광순; 오문식[오문식]; 정성훈[정성훈]; 길영운[길영운]; 김현수[김현수]
2010-01Improved current collection in WO3:Mo/WO3 bilayer photoelectrodesNicolas Gaillard[Nicolas Gaillard]; B. Cole[B. Cole]; J. Kaneshiro[J. Kaneshiro]; E. L. Miller[E. L. Miller]; B. Marsen[B. Marsen]; L. Weinhardt[L. Weinhardt]; M. Bar[M. Bar]; C. Heske[C. Heske]; 안광순; Yanfa Yan[Yanfa Yan]; M. M. Al-Jassim[M. M. Al-Jassim]
2011-05Improved Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Graphene-Coated Al2O3-TiO2 Nanocomposite Photoanode박정현[박정현]; 서상원[서상원]; 김재홍; 최철종[최철종]; 김현수[김현수]; 이도경[이도경]; 정우식; 안광순
2010-03In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of the Interfacial Reaction between Er and SiO2 Films최철종[최철종]; 강승민[강승민]; 홍효봉[홍효봉]; 이수형[이수형]; 김진규[김진규]; 안광순; 윤종원[윤종원]
2010-09Influence of gas ambient on the synthesis of co-doped ZnO:(Al,N) films for photoelectrochemical water splittingSudhakar Shet[Sudhakar Shet]; 안광순; Todd Deutsch[Todd Deutsch]; Heli Wang[Heli Wang]; Ravindra Nuggehalli[Ravindra Nuggehalli]; Yanfa Yan[Yanfa Yan]; John Turner[John Turner]; Mowafak Al-Jassim [Mowafak Al-Jassim ]
2012-09Influence of TiCl4 Post-Treatment on TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells박정현[박정현]; 김재홍; 최철종[최철종]; 김현수[김현수]; 안광순
2015-06Mass transport effect on the photovoltaic performance of ruthenium-based quasi-solid dye sensitized solar cells using cobalt based redox couples이도경; 안광순; 김재홍; 토기티수레스
2014-12Microstructural and Chemical Properties of ZnO Films Formed Using Electrodeposition안광순; Hyeon-Jin Song[Hyeon-Jin Song]; Chel-Jong Choi[Chel-Jong Choi]
2011-08Microstructural Evolution and Electrical Characteristics of Er-germanides Formed on Ge SubstrateV. Janardhanam[V. Janardhanam]; 문경원[문경원]; 김진성[김진성]; 이민수[이민수]; 안광순; 최철종[최철종]
2011-05Molecular Design and Photovoltaic Performances of Organic Dyes Containing Triphenylamine for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell정미란[정미란]; 조효정[조효정]; 양현식[양현식]; 김효정[김효정]; 강진규[강진규]; 김대한[김대한]; 안광순; 김재홍
2013-07Morphological Control of Anodic TiO2 Nanotubes by the Modulation of Applied Potential이소희[이소희]; 김현식[김현식]; 안광순; 강순형[강순형]
2013-06Nanometer scale p-type Schottky barrier metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor using platinum silicidation through oxide technique combined with two-step annealing processHyung-Joong Yun[Hyung-Joong Yun]; Moongyu Jang[Moongyu Jang]; Sung-Jin Choi[Sung-Jin Choi]; Young-Boo Lee[Young-Boo Lee]; 안광순; Chel-Jong Choi[Chel-Jong Choi]
2014-08Optimization of the TiO2-Surface Modification Temperature for Performance Enhancement of Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsSu Kyung Park[Su Kyung Park]; Jae Young Bae[Jae Young Bae]; 김재홍; 안광순; 이도경[이도경]; 한윤수[한윤수]
2011-07Phase separation in Ga and N co-incorporated ZnO films and its effects on photo-response in photoelectrochemical water splittingSudhakar Shet[Sudhakar Shet]; 안광순; R. Nuggehalli[R. Nuggehalli]; Y. Yan[Y. Yan]; J. Turner[J. Turner]; M. Al-Jassim [M. Al-Jassim ]
2015-07Photoelectrochemical Behavior of Compact and Inverse Opal Tungsten Trioxide Films: Surface Area and Charge Transfer Properties안광순; Yun Ok Kim[Yun Ok Kim]; Seung-Ho Yu[Seung-Ho Yu]; Sang Kwon Lee[Sang Kwon Lee]; Soon Hyung Kang[Soon Hyung Kang]
2012-04Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Low Temperature Growth of ZnO Nanorods Using Chemical Bath Deposition이정관[이정관]; 최영철[최영철]; 이도경[이도경]; 안광순; 김재홍
2013-12Post-annealing of CdS/ZnS-assembled TiO2 films for photoelectrochemical solar cells정성우; 박민아; 이수용; 김재홍; 안광순; 서명수[서명수]; 김현수[김현수]; 최철종[최철종]; 강순형[강순형]
2015-05Reactively sputtered nickel nitride as electrocatalytic counter electrode for dye- and quantum dot-sensitized solar cells안광순; 강진수[강진수]; 박민아[박민아]; 김재엽[김재엽]; 박선하[박선하]; 정동영[정동영]; 유승호[유승호]; 김진[김진]; 박종우[박종우]; 최정우[최정우]; 이경재[이경재]; 정주원[정주원]; 고민재[고민재]; 성영은[성영은]
2012-07Reflow of Phosphorous Silicate Glass Layer Formed on Textured Si Surface in Crystalline Si Solar CellsJin-Sung Kim[Jin-Sung Kim]; Min-Woo Seo[Min-Woo Seo]; 안광순; Chel-Jong Choi[Chel-Jong Choi]
2012-09Schottky Barrier Height and S-Parameter of Ti, Cu, Pd, and Pt Contacts on p-Type GaN박영준[박영준]; 안광순; 김현수[김현수]
2012-02Schottky Characteristics of Pt Contacts on (11-22) Semipolar n-Type GaN Grown on m-Plane Sapphire Substrates정성민[정성민]; 이성남[이성남]; 안광순; 김현수[김현수]
2013-10Soft X-ray and electron spectroscopy to determine the electronic structure of materials for photoelectrochemical hydrogen productionL. Weinhardt[L. Weinhardt]; M. Blum[M. Blum]; O. Fuchs[O. Fuchs]; S. Pookpanratana[S. Pookpanratana]; K. George[K. George]; B. Cole[B. Cole]; B. Marsen[B. Marsen]; N. Gaillard[N. Gaillard]; E. Miller[E. Miller]; 안광순; S. Shet[S. Shet]; Y. Yan[Y. Yan]; M.M.Al-Jassim[M.M.Al-Jassim]; J. D. Denlinger[J. D. Denlinger]; W. Yang[W. Yang]; M. Bar[M. Bar]; C. Heske[C. Heske]
2013-09Surface fermi level pinning of semipolar n-type GaN surfaces grown on m-plane sapphire substrates정성민[정성민]; 이성남[이성남]; 안광순; 김현수[김현수]
2011-05Surface Properties of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Films Modified by Inductively Coupled Plasma with Ar/N2 Mixture Gases한동철[한동철]; 최영철[최영철]; 신한재[신한재]; 곽기섭[곽기섭]; 안광순; 김재홍; 이도경[이도경]
2010-01Synthesis and characterization of band gap-reduced ZnO:N and ZnO:(Al,N) films for photoelectrochemical water splittingSudhakar Shet[Sudhakar Shet]; 안광순; Todd Deutsch[Todd Deutsch]; Heli Wang[Heli Wang]; N. Ravindra[N. Ravindra]; Yanfa Yan[Yanfa Yan]; John Turner[John Turner]; M. Al-Jassim[M. Al-Jassim]
2011-05Synthesis and Photovoltaic Properties of Organic Photosensitizers Based on Phenothiazine Chromophore for Application of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells양현식[양현식]; 양유석[양유석]; 한윤수[한윤수]; 최영철[최영철]; 이도경[이도경]; 안광순; 김재홍
2010-09Temperature dependency and carrier transport mechanisms of Ti/p-type InP Schottky rectifiersV. Janardhanam[V. Janardhanam]; 이훈기[이훈기]; 심규환[심규환]; 홍효봉[홍효봉]; 이수형[이수형]; 안광순; 최철종[최철종]
2012-05Temperature-dependent current-voltage characteristics and reverse leakage conduction mechanism of Pt/n-type Si0.85Ge0.15 schottky rectifiersV. Janardhanam[V. Janardhanam]; 최철종[최철종]; 이훈기[이훈기]; 길연호[길연호]; 심규환[심규환]; 안광순
2013-04Temperature-dependent current-voltage characteristics of Er-silicide Schottky contacts to strained Si-on-insulatorI. Jyothi[I. Jyothi]; 서민우[서민우]; V. Janardhanam[V. Janardhanam]; 심규환[심규환]; 이영부[이영부]; 안광순; 최철종[최철종]
2013-11Temperature-dependent current-voltage characteristics of Se Schottky contact to n-type GeV. Janardhanam[V. Janardhanam]; I. Jyothi[I. Jyothi]; 안광순; 최철종[최철종]
2013-09The Preparation and Photovoltaic Properties of Quasi-solid State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Containing Long Wavelength Absorbing Squaraine Dye이문용; 김재홍; 안광순; 트란트롱; 김상아; 천종훈; 이정관
2011-05The Preparation of Alumina Particles Wrapped in Few-layer Graphene Sheets and Their Application to Dye-sensitized Solar Cells정우식; 안광순; 서상원[서상원]; 박정현[박정현]; 민봉기
2014-10Thermal stability study of Cr/Au contact formed on n-type Ga-polar GaN, N-polar GaN, and wet-etched N-polar GaN surfaces안광순; Yunju Choi[Yunju Choi]; Yangsoo Kim[Yangsoo Kim]; Hyunsoo Kim[Hyunsoo Kim]
2015-05Thermally Stable Indium Contact to N-polar n-GaN for Reliable Vertical Light Emitting Diodes안광순; Yunju Choi[Yunju Choi]; Yangsoo Kim[Yangsoo Kim]; 김현수[김현수]
2010-10Transmission Electron Microscope Study of Screen-Printed Ag Contacts on Crystalline Si Solar Cells정명일[정명일]; 박성은[박성은]; 김동환[김동환]; 이준성[이준성]; 박윤찬[박윤찬]; 안광순; 최철종[최철종]
2011-05Transparent Zn-Doped In2O3 Electrode Prepared by Radio Frequency Facing Target Sputtering for Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells최영철[최영철]; 신한재[신한재]; 한동철[한동철]; 안광순; 김재홍; 이도경[이도경]
2010-06Tri-Branched Tri-Anchoring Organic Dye for Visible Light-Responsive Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Water-Splitting Cells김재홍; 안광순
2010-08Tungsten oxide bilayer electrodes for photoelectrochemical cells유성종[유성종]; 윤성욱[윤성욱]; 성영은[성영은]; 안광순
2010-06Two-Dimensional Dopant Profiling in p+/n Junctions Using Scanning Electron Microscope Coupled with Selective Electrochemical Etching길연호[길연호]; 정명일[정명일]; 심규환[심규환]; 홍효봉[홍효봉]; 윤형중[윤형중]; 강승민[강승민]; 안광순; 최철종[최철종]
2013-09Two-step annealed CdS/CdSe co-sensitizers for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells정성우; 박민아; 김재홍; 김현수[김현수]; 최철종[최철종]; 강순형[강순형]; 안광순
2015-06Visible Light Absorbing TiO2 Nanotube Arrays by Sulfur Treatment for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting안광순; Seung Wook Shin[Seung Wook Shin]; Jeong Yong Lee[Jeong Yong Lee]; Soon Hyung Kang[Soon Hyung Kang]; Jin Hyeok Kim[Jin Hyeok Kim]
2010-04Visible-photoresponsive Nitrogen-Doped Mesoporous TiO2 Films for Photoelectrochemical Cells배재영[배재영]; 윤태관; 안광순; 김재홍
2012-11ZnS overlayer on in situ chemical bath deposited CdS quantum dot-assembled TiO2 films for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells정성우[정성우]; 김재홍; 김현수[김현수]; 최철종[최철종]; 안광순
2013-11-27그래핀 시트들로 싸인 알루미나 분말들, 알루미나 분말의 제조방법, 이의 제조방법에 의하여 제조된 알루미나 분말들, 그래핀-TiO2 페이스트, 그래핀-TiO2 페이스트 제조 방법, 염료 감응형 태양전지의 제조방법, 및 이의 제조방법에 의하여 제조된 염료 감응형 태양 전지영남대학교 산학협력단; 정우식; 안광순
2014-06-12양자점 감응형 태양전지영남대학교 산학협력단; 서명수; 안광순; 정연구