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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08Functional Interaction Analysis of GM1-Related Carbohydrates and Vibrio cholerae Toxins Using Carbohydrate Microarray서정현; 김창섭; 차형준[차형준]
2014-04Highly purified mussel adhesive protein to secure biosafety for in vivo applications서정현; 최봉혁[최봉혁]; 정호균[정호균]; 조윤기[조윤기]; 반소영[반소영]; 차형준[차형준]
2011-08Interactive Configuration through Force Analysis of GM1 Pentasaccharide-Vibrio cholera Toxin Interaction서정현; 김창섭; 이혜연[이혜연]; 카와이토모지[카와이토모지]; 차형준[차형준]
2014-02Interfacial Tension of Complex Coacervated Mussel Adhesive Protein According to the Hofmeister Series서정현; 임성혜[임성혜]; 문재석[문재석]; 김효정[김효정]; 강인석[강인석]; 차형준[차형준]
2014-04Multifunctional Adhesive Silk Fibroin with Blending of RGD-Bioconjugated Mussel Adhesive Protein서정현; 양윤정[양윤정]; 권윤경[권윤경]; 최봉혁[최봉혁]; 정두엽[정두엽]; 이기훈[이기훈]; 차형준[차형준]
2013-03Mussel adhesive protein-based whole cell array biosensor for detection of organophosphorus compounds서정현; 김창섭; 최봉혁[최봉혁]; 임근배[임근배]; 차형준[차형준]
2014-05Mussel-Mimetic Protein-Based Adhesive Hydrogel서정현; 김범진[김범진]; 오동엽[오동엽]; 김상식[김상식]; 황동수[황동수]; Admir Masic[Admir Masic]; 한동근[한동근]; 차형준[차형준]
2014-07Oxygen-dependent enhancement of hydrogen production by engineering bacterial hemoglobin in Escherichia coli서정현; 조병훈[조병훈]; 김영환[김영환]; 차형준[차형준]
2011-11Photolabile micropatterned surfaces for cell capture and release서정현; 신동식[신동식]; 줄리서트크리프[줄리서트크리프]; 알렉산더레브진[알렉산더레브진]
2011-09Quantitative Label-Free Characterization of Avidin-Biotin Assemblies on Silanized Glass서정현; 리정첸[리정첸]; 엘러[엘러]; 버크트로프[버크트로프]; 써니사하[써니사하]; 알렉산더레브진[알렉산더레브진]; 슈바이커츠[슈바이커츠]
2015-04Recombinant mussel coating protein fused with cell adhesion recognition motif enhanced cell proliferation서정현; 유희영[유희영]; 송영훈; 차형준[차형준]; 황동수[황동수]
2014-01Specific Discrimination of Three Pathogenic Salmonella enterica subsp enterica Serotypes by carB-Based Oligonucleotide Microarray서정현; 신화희[신화희]; 황병희[황병희]; 차형준[차형준]
2012-06Specific Multiplex Analysis of Pathogens Using a Direct 165 rRNA Hybridization in Microarray System서정현; 황병희[황병희]; 신화희[신화희]; 차형준[차형준]
2013-11Structural evaluation of GM1-related carbohydrate-cholera toxin interactions through surface plasmon resonance kinetic analysis서정현; 김창섭; 차형준[차형준]
2014-11Surface-Independent Antibacterial Coating Using Silver Nanoparticle-Generating Engineered Mussel Glue서정현; 조윤기[조윤기]; 최봉혁[최봉혁]; 김범진[김범진]; 신화희[신화희]; 황병희[황병희]; 차형준[차형준]
2011-08The use of glass substrates with bi-functional silanes for designing micropatterned cell-secreted cytokine immunoassays서정현; 리정첸[리정첸]; 버커트로프[버커트로프]; 슈바이커트[슈바이커트]; 알렉산더레브진[알렉산더레브진]
2013-06-13기호성 및 영양성이 강화된 햇순나물 비빔밥 및 그 제조 방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 서정현; 윤경영; 정용진