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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03Physicochemical properties of Ni-loaded yttrium stabilized zirconia nanotubes for solid oxide fuel cells강미숙; 김동진; 김현수; 박선민[박선민]; 지미정[지미정]; 최병현[최병현]
2012-11Preparation of Nanosized alpha-Al2O3 Particles Using a Microwave Pretreatment at Mild Temperature강미숙; 김현수; 이태진; 박노국; 엄명헌[엄명헌]
2014-10Protein kinase C regulates vascular calcification via cytoskeleton reorganization and osteogenic signaling정대원; 이경희; 김현수
2013-10Rapid crystal phase transformation into hexagonally shaped alpha-alumina using AlF3 seeds강미숙; 김현수
2012-09Sn 함침-티타니아 나노입자와 나노튜브에 놓인 2-Chlorophenol 광 분해 성능강미숙; 김현수; 이가영; 박선민[박선민]
2012-12Synthesis of alpha-Al2O3 at mild temperatures by controlling aluminum precursor, pH, and ethylenediamine chelating additive강미숙; 이준성; 김현수; 이준수; 박노국; 이태진
2015-02Synthesis of Cubic Alpha-Alumina Using a Blocking Reagent of Tetraethyl Ammonium Hydroxide강미숙; 김현수; 박노국; 이태진
2014-05Synthesis of magnetically separable core@shell structured NiFe2O4@TiO2 nanomaterial and its use for photocatalytic hydrogen production by methanol/water splitting강미숙; 김현수; 김동진; 곽병섭; 한기보[한기보]; 엄명헌[엄명헌]
2011-10Systemic transplantation of human adipose-derived stem cells stimulates bone repair by promoting osteoblast and osteoclast function정대원; 이경희; 김현수; 김진만; 김재룡; 김극준[김극준]; 김용진; 박세일; 정재호[정재호]; 문영미[문영미]; 임현숙[임현숙]; 배동원[배동원]; 권조셉[권조셉]; 고창용[고창용]; 김한성[김한성]; 신홍인[신홍인]
2013-02Targeting of the Osteoclastogenic RANKL-RANK Axis Prevents Osteoporotic Bone Loss and Soft Tissue Calcification in Coxsackievirus B3-Infected Mice정대원; 이경희; 김현수; 박호선; 김극준[김극준]; 송후근[송후근]; 신홍인[신홍인]; 김한성[김한성]; 서동현[서동현]; 국현[국현]; 고정현[고정현]
2013-11The effects of minimally invasive laser needle system on suppression of trabecular bone loss induced by skeletal unloading정대원; 고창용[고창용]; 강희성[강희성]; 류연항[류연항]; 정병조[정병조]; 김현수; 신홍인[신홍인]; 임도형[임도형]; 김한성[김한성]
2012-10The role of nacreous factors in preventing osteoporotic bone loss through both osteoblast activation and osteoclast inactivation정대원; 김현수; 이경희; 고창용[고창용]; 김한성[김한성]; 신홍인[신홍인]; 이승훈[이승훈]; 김태수[김태수]
2015-02-24고 순도의 alpha-Al2O3 저온 결정화 및 육각형 판상 제어영남대학교 산학협력단; 김현수; 강미숙
2010-03스포츠 규칙준수의 정당화 논의김동규; 김현수