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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06Effect of Gender-Specific Adult Bovine Serum on Gene Expression During Myogenesis최인호; 이은주; 무드바리스미리티[무드바리스미리티]; 김지회; 남상섭[남상섭]
2011-08Effects of gender-specific adult bovine serum on myogenic satellite cell proliferation, differentiation and lipid accumulation최인호; 이동목; 프라티바즈라촤리여; 이은주; 김지은[김지은]; 이현정[이현정]; 전태훈[전태훈]; 김지회; 조경현; 장종수[장종수]; 홍성구[홍성구]
2014-08Expressional studies of the aldehyde oxidase (AOX1) gene during myogenic differentiation in C2C12 cells최인호; 마지드라술캄리; 김지회; 포커렐스미리티; 이은주; 아리프타슬림얀
2012-02Glutathione and Vitamin B-12 Cooperate in Stabilization of a B-12 Trafficking Chaperone Protein김지회; 박지현[박지현]
2011-08Glutathione increases the binding affinity of a bovine B-12 trafficking chaperone bCblC for vitamin B-12김지회; 정진주[정진주]
2010-07Identification and analysis of dominant negative mutants of RAIDD and PIDD박현호; 장태호; 배주영; 박옥경; 김지회; 조경현; 전주홍[전주홍]
2013-12Identification of anti-adipogenic proteins in adult bovine serum suppressing 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation김지회; 박정호; 박지현; 최인호; 남상섭[남상섭]
2014-03Identification of Genes Differentially Expressed in Myogenin Knock-Down Bovine Muscle Satellite Cells during Differentiation through RNA Sequencing Analysis최인호; 이은주; 아델말릭; 포커렐스미리티; 사라프라즈아마드; 아마드미르비랄; 조경현; 김지회; 공준찬[공준찬]; 이동목[이동목]; 정기용[정기용]; 김상훈[김상훈]
2015-05Identification of tetranectin as adipogenic serum protein김지회; 박지현; 박정호; 정진주; 조경현; 최인호
2012-01Long isoform of ErbB3 binding protein, p48, mediates protein kinase B/Akt-dependent HDM2 stabilization and nuclear localization김지회; 김충권[김충권]; 이상배[이상배]; Trunong L. X. Nguyen[Trunong L. X. Nguyen]; 이경훈[이경훈]; 음성희[음성희]; 안지인[안지인]
2015-01Modified High-Density Lipoproteins by Artificial Sweetener, Aspartame, and Saccharin, Showed Loss of Anti-atherosclerotic Activity and Toxicity in Zebrafish조경현; 김재용; 박기훈; 김지회; 최인호
2015-07Network Analysis for the Identification of Differentially Expressed Hub Genes Using Myogenin Knock-down Muscle Satellite Cells최인호; 아델말릭; 이은주; 아리프타슬림얀; 사라프라즈아마드; 조경현; 김지회
2015-03Photocatalytic activity of reduced graphene oxide/SnO2 nanocomposites prepared in ionic liquid심재진; 탕루루; 웬방호아; 이용록; 김지회
2013-04Potential use of adult bovine serum obtained during the slaughtering process as a biological reagent최인호; Ji Eun Yu[Ji Eun Yu]; Minsoo Kim[Minsoo Kim]; 포커렐스미리티; 김지회; Nong-Hoon Choe[Nong-Hoon Choe]; Sang-Soep Nahm[Sang-Soep Nahm]
2014-01Processing of glutathionylcobalamin by a bovine B-12 trafficking chaperone bCblC involved in intracellular B-12 metabolism김지회; 정진주; 박지현; 박정호
2011-03Protection of aquo/hydroxocobalamin from reduced glutathione by a B-12 trafficking chaperone김지회; 정진주[정진주]; 하달수[하달수]
2010-08Severely modified lipoprotein properties without a change in cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity in patients with acute renal failure secondary to Hantaan virus infection조경현; 김지회; 박현호; 최인호; 김영옥[김영옥]
2015-01SR-BI mediates high density lipoprotein (HDL)-induced anti-inflammatory effect in macrophages조경현; 송견지; 김성민; 박기훈; 김지회; 최인호
2012-02도축되는 한우 혈액에서 회수한 혈청의 생물학적 안전성 분석최인호; 김민수[김민수]; 유지은[유지은]; 민경호[민경호]; 김지회; 남상섭[남상섭]
2013-11-20성별 특이적 혈청을 이용한 BHK-21 세포의 증식방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 김상훈; 김태일; 남상섭; 민태선; 최인호; 이동목; 이은주; 홍성구; 김지회; 신유미