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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10Characteristics of Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposited RuSiN as a Diffusion Barrier against Cu김수현; 엄태광; 강대환[강대환]; 김훈[김훈]
2013-05Characteristics ofMoSe(2) formation during rapid thermal processing ofMo-coated glass이수빈; 구자석; 김삼미; 김수현; 천태훈[천태훈]; 오종석[오종석]; 김석진[김석진]; 김우경
2012-09Characterization of a Ru-based ternary-oxide thin film for a diffusion barrier김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; E. D. Jeong,[E. D. Jeong,]; 변미랑[변미랑]; Ho-Soon Yang[Ho-Soon Yang]; Y. B. Kang[Y. B. Kang]
2015-07Chemiresistive Sensing Behavior of SnO2 (n)-Cu2O (p) Core-Shell Nanowires김수현; 김재훈[김재훈]; Akash Katoch[Akash Katoch]; 김상섭[김상섭]
2015-09Controlled formation of MoSe2 by MoNx thin film as a diffusion barrier against Se during selenization annealing for CIGS solar cell김수현; 전찬욱; 천태훈; 김한길; 권민수
2010-01Controlling dislocation positions in silicon germanium (SiGe) buffer layers by local oxidation김수현; Quanli Hu[Quanli Hu]; 서일[서일]; Zhenning Zhang[Zhenning Zhang]; 이승현[이승현]; 김현미[김현미]; 김용상[김용상]; 이현호[이현호]; Ya-Hong Xie[Ya-Hong Xie]; 김기범[김기범]; 윤태식[윤태식]
2011-01Controlling spatial density and size of nanocrystals by two-step atomic layer deposition김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 임성수[임성수]; 김기수[김기수]; 김기범[김기범]
2014-11Cu direct electrodeposition using step current for superfilling on Ru-Al2O3 layer김수현; 김명준[김명준]; 최승회[최승회]; 김회철[김회철]; 이승준; 권오중[권오중]; 김재정[김재정]
2013-07Direct Electrodeposition of Cu on Ru-Al2O3 Layer김수현; 김명준[김명준]; 김회철[김회철]; 여승민; 권오중[권오중]; 김재정[김재정]
2014-06Dual Functional Sensing Mechanism in SnO2-ZnO Core-Shell Nanowires김수현; 정재훈; 최선우[최선우]; Akash Katoch[Akash Katoch]; Gun-Joo Sun[Gun-Joo Sun]; 김상섭[김상섭]
2011-03Effect of Al Distribution on Carrier Generation of Atomic Layer Deposited Al-Doped ZnO Films김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 권장연[권장연]; 김현미[김현미]; 김기범[김기범]
2010-03Effect of incident angle of target molecules on electrical property of Al-doped ZnO thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering전찬욱; 이상환[이상환]; 정재학; 김수현; 이도경[이도경]
2012-10Effect of Intradiscal Methylene Blue Injection for the Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain: One Year Prospective Follow-up Study안상호; 김수현; 조윤우; 이동규[이동규]
2013-12Effects of AlOx incorporation into atomic layer deposited Ru thin films: Applications to Cu direct plating technology김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 천태훈; 김정규[김정규]; 박영배[박영배]; 김명준[김명준]; 권오중[권오중]; 김재정[김재정]
2011-09Electrochemical Formation of Cu Nanowires on W Surface Patterned by Atomic Force Microscope Tip김수현; 김선정[김선정]; 박계순[박계순]
2014-02Fabrication of Transferable Al2O3 Nanosheet by Atomic Layer Deposition for Graphene FET김수현; 정한얼[정한얼]; 박주상[박주상]; 오일권[오일권]; 최태진[최태진]; 이상은[이상은]; 홍주리[홍주리]; 이태윤[이태윤]; 김형준[김형준]
2010-11Formation of Nano-Crystalline Ru-Based Ternary Thin Films by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition김수현; 엄태광; 박계순[박계순]; 김선정[김선정]; 김훈[김훈]
2015-07Growth characteristics of graphene synthesized via chemical vapor deposition using carbon tetrabromide precursor김수현; 최태진[최태진]; 정한얼[정한얼]; 이창완[이창완]; 문기영; 박주상[박주상]; 김형준[김형준]
2014-10Growth of highly conformal ruthenium-oxide thin films with enhanced nucleation by atomic layer deposition김수현; 박지윤; 여승민; 천태훈; 김민규[김민규]; 김형준[김형준]; 홍태은[홍태은]; 이도중[이도중]
2013-04Growth of Highly Conformal TiCx Films Using Atomic Layer Deposition Technique김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 최상경; 천태훈[천태훈]
2014-11High efficiency n-ZnO/p-Si core-shell nanowire photodiode based on well-ordered Si nanowire array with smooth surface김수현; 고경용[고경용]; 강혜민[강혜민]; 김정길[김정길]; 이우[이우]; 이희성[이희성]; 임성일[임성일]; 강지연[강지연]; 명재민[명재민]; 김한길; 김형준[김형준]
2015-01Highly Conformal Amorphous W-Si-N Thin Films by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition as a Diffusion Barrier for Cu Metallization김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 정재훈; 여승민; 천태훈; 배소익; 여소정[여소정]; 김효석[김효석]; 정택모[정택모]; 박보근[박보근]; 김창균[김창균]; 이도중[이도중]
2015-09Highly-conformal p-type copper(I) oxide (Cu2O) thin films by atomic layer deposition using a fluorine-free amino-alkoxide precursor김수현; 김한길; 이민영; 배소익[배소익]; 고경용[고경용]; 김형준[김형준]; 권경우[권경우]; 황진하[황진하]; 이도중[이도중]
2012-05Interfacial Adhesion Energy of Ru-AlO Thin Film Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition between Cu and SiO2: Effect of the Composition of Ru-AlO Thin Film김수현; 천태훈; 박영배[박영배]; 김정규[김정규]
2013-12Layer-Controlled, Wafer-Scale, and Conformal Synthesis of Tungsten Disulfide Nanosheets Using Atomic Layer Deposition김수현; 송정규[송정규]; 박주상[박주상]; 이원선[이원선]; 최태진[최태진]; 정한얼[정한얼]; 이창완[이창완]; 황성환[황성환]; 정재훈; Clement Lansalot-Matras[Clement Lansalot-Matras]; 명재민[명재민]; 김형준[김형준]
2015-01Layer-modulated synthesis of uniform tungsten disulfide nanosheet using gas-phase precursors김수현; 정재훈; 박주상[박주상]; 이원선[이원선]; 최태진[최태진]; 황성환[황성환]; 명재민[명재민]; 김형준[김형준]
2015-05Nitrogen-doped ZnO/n-Si core-shell nanowire photodiode prepared by atomic layer deposition김수현; 고경용[고경용]; 강혜민[강혜민]; 이원선[이원선]; 이창완[이창완]; 박주상[박주상]; 이희성[이희성]; 임성일[임성일]; 김한길; 민병욱[민병욱]; 김형준[김형준]
2010-01Nonvolatile memory characteristics of atomic layer deposited Ru nanocrystals with a SiO2/Al2O3 bilayered tunnel barrier김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 임성수[임성수]; 김기수[김기수]; 김기범[김기범]
2013-12Optical Properties of Normally Black-Electrically Controlled Birefringence Mode곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 유승훈; 김수현; 이종훈; 권진혁
2010-11Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Ruthenium Thin Films Using Isopropylmethylbenzene-Cyclohexadiene-Ruthenium and NH3 Plasma김수현; 엄태광; 윈두사리; 김훈[김훈]
2011-05Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of TaCx Films Using Tris(neopentyl) Tantalum Dichloride and H-2 Plasma김수현; 김태호; 엄태광; 강대환[강대환]; 김훈[김훈]; 유상호[유상호]; 임진묵[임진묵]
2013-04Prediction of Aphasia Outcome Using Diffusion Tensor Tractography for Arcuate Fasciculus in Stroke장성호; 김수현
2015-09Properties of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposited TiCx films as a diffusion barrier for Cu metallization김수현; 최상경; 김한길; 김준범; 천태훈; 서종현[서종현]
2011-05Ru/WNx Bilayers as Diffusion Barriers for Cu Interconnects김수현; 윈두사리; 엄태광; 최상혁
2015-04Ruthenium and ruthenium dioxide thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition using a novel zero-valent metalorganic precursor, (ethylbenzene)(1,3-butadiene)Ru(0), and molecular oxygen김수현; 여승민; 박지윤; 이승준; 이도중[이도중]; 서종현[서종현]
2014-04Significant Enhancement of the Dielectric Constant through the Doping of CeO2 into HfO2 by Atomic Layer Deposition김수현; 김우희[김우희]; 김민규[김민규]; 오일권[오일권]; 맹완주[맹완주]; 천태훈; Atif Noori[Atif Noori]; David Thompson[David Thompson]; Schubert Chu[Schubert Chu]; 김형준[김형준]
2014-10Sputtered Deposited Carbon-Indium-Zinc Oxide Channel Layers for Use in Thin-Film Transistors김수현; Shanmugam Parthiban[Shanmugam Parthiban]; 권장연[권장연]
2010-11Structural and Electrical Properties of Atomic Layer Deposited Al-Doped ZnO Films김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 김현미[김현미]; 권장연[권장연]; 최효지[최효지]; 김기범[김기범]
2015-01Synthesis of carbon nanotube-nickel nanocomposites using atomic layer deposition for high-performance non-enzymatic glucose sensing김수현; 최태진[최태진]; 김수현[김수현]; 이창완[이창완]; 김한길; 최상경; 김은경[김은경]; 박주상[박주상]; 김형준[김형준]
2011-08Synthesis of Si Nanowires by Using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition with SiCl4김수현; 천태훈; 최태진[최태진]; 김형준[김형준]; 김도영[김도영]
2014-01TaCx Thin Films Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition as Diffusion Barriers for Cu Metallization김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 김태호; 정재훈; 김훈[김훈]
2011-12The clinical application of the arcuate fasciculus for stroke patients with aphasia: A diffusion tensor tractography study장성호; 김수현; 이동규; 유희[유희]; 손수민; 조윤우; 장민철; 이준
2014-07The effects of nitrogen incorporation on the properties of atomic layer deposited Ru thin films as a direct-plateable diffusion barrier for Cu interconnect김수현; 문기영; 홍태은[홍태은]; 천태훈; 장유진; 임병용[임병용]; 김선정[김선정]
2015-01The formation of a dielectric SiNxCy sealing layer using an atomic layer deposition technique김수현; 김도영[김도영]; 김형준[김형준]
2011-04Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of Ru Films for Cu Direct Plating김수현; 최상혁[최상혁]; 천태훈[천태훈]; 강대환[강대환]; 박계순[박계순]; 김선정[김선정]
2014-01Ultrasmooth, High Electron Mobility Amorphous In-Zn-O Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 권장연[권장연]; 김지연[김지연]; 김기주[김기주]; 조영호[조영호]; 조성용[조성용]; Jummy Xu[Jummy Xu]; 김기범[김기범]
2012-07Usefulness of diffusion tensor imaging in patients who showed sustained unexplainable clinical symptom of torticollis손수민; 장성호; 이은실; 김세윤; 조윤우; 김수현; 홍지헌[홍지헌]
2010-08Vertically and Laterally Self-Aligned Double Layer of Nanocrystals in Nanopatterned Dielectric Layer for Nanocrystal Floating Gate Memory Device김수현; Quanli Hu[Quanli Hu]; 김형준[김형준]; 이현호[이현호]; 김용상[김용상]; 유두열[유두열]; 김기범[김기범]; 윤태식[윤태식]; 엄태광
2014-04ZnO homojunction core-shell nanorods ultraviolet photo-detecting diodes prepared by atomic layer deposition김수현; 고경용[고경용]; 강혜민[강혜민]; 박주상[박주상]; 민병욱[민병욱]; 이희성[이희성]; 임성일[임성일]; 강지연[강지연]; 명재민[명재민]; 정재훈; 김형준[김형준]
2013-09-10원자층 증착법에 의한 루테늄 박막 형성 방법 및 그를 이용한 루테늄 박막영남대학교 산학협력단; 김수현; 여승민
2012-10-26원자층 증착법에 의한 박막 형성 방법, 이를 포함하는 반도체 소자의 배선 및 그 제조 방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 김수현; 천태훈
2015-10-05태양전지, 태양전지용 배면전극 및 그 제조방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 김수현; 전찬욱
2014-11-17플라즈마 원자층 증착법에 의한 전이금속 칼코겐화합물 박막 형성 방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 김수현