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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05Inflammatory T Cell Responses Rely on Amino Acid Transporter ASCT2 Facilitation of Glutamine Uptake and mTORC1 Kinase Activation장재훈; Shao-Cong Sun[Shao-Cong Sun]; Mako Nakaya[Mako Nakaya]; Yichuan Xiao[Yichuan Xiao]; Xiaofei Zhou[Xiaofei Zhou]; Mikyoung Chang[Mikyoung Chang]; Xuhong Cheng[Xuhong Cheng]; Marzenna Blonska[Marzenna Blonska]; Xin Lin[Xin Lin]
2013-02OTUD7B controls non-canonical NF-kappa B activation through deubiquitination of TRAF3장재훈; Hongbo Hu[Hongbo Hu]; George C. Brittain[George C. Brittain]; Nahum Puebla-Osorio[Nahum Puebla-Osorio]; Jin Jin[Jin Jin]; Anna Zal[Anna Zal]; Yichuan Xiao[Yichuan Xiao]; Xuhong Cheng[Xuhong Cheng]; Mikyoung Chang[Mikyoung Chang]; Tomasz Zal[Tomasz Zal]; Chengming Zhu [Chengming Zhu ]; Yang-Xin Fu[Yang-Xin Fu]; Shao-Cong Sun[Shao-Cong Sun]
2013-05Peli1 promotes microglia-mediated CNS inflammation by regulating Traf3 degradation장재훈; Yichuan Xiao[Yichuan Xiao]; Shao-Cong Sun[Shao-Cong Sun]; Jin Jin[Jin Jin]; Mikyoung Chang[Mikyoung Chang]; Hongbo Hu[Hongbo Hu]; Xiaofei Zhou[Xiaofei Zhou]; George C Brittain[George C Brittain]; Christine Stansberg[Christine Stansberg]; Oivind Torkildsen[Oivind Torkildsen]; Xiaodong Wang[Xiaodong Wang]; Robert Brink[Robert Brink]; Xuhong Cheng[Xuhong Cheng]
2012-11The kinase TBK1 controls IgA class switching by negatively regulating noncanonical NF-kappa B signaling장재훈; Jin Jin[Jin Jin]; Yichuan Xiao[Yichuan Xiao]; Hongbo Hu[Hongbo Hu]; Robyn Starr[Robyn Starr]; George C Brittain[George C Brittain]; Mykeong Chang[Mykeong Chang]; Xuhong Cheng[Xuhong Cheng]; Shao-Cong Sun[Shao-Cong Sun]; Jiayi Yu[Jiayi Yu]
2011-10The ubiquitin ligase Peli1 negatively regulates T cell activation and prevents autoimmunity장재훈; Mikyoung Chang[Mikyoung Chang]; Wei Jin[Wei Jin]; Yichuan Xiao[Yichuan Xiao]; George C Brittain[George C Brittain]; Jiayi Yu[Jiayi Yu]; Xiaofei Zhou[Xiaofei Zhou]; Yi-Hong Wang[Yi-Hong Wang]; Pingwei Li[Pingwei Li]; Brian A Rabinovich[Brian A Rabinovich]; Patrick Hwu[Patrick Hwu]; Xuhong Cheng[Xuhong Cheng]; Shao-Cong Sun[Shao-Cong Sun]
2012-05Ubc13 maintains the suppressive function of regulatory T cells and prevents their conversion into effector-like T cells장재훈; Yichuan Xiao[Yichuan Xiao]; Hongbo Hu[Hongbo Hu]; Jin Jin[Jin Jin]; Jiayi Yu[Jiayi Yu]; Xiaofei Zhou[ Xiaofei Zhou]; Xuefeng Wu[Xuefeng Wu]; Howard M Johnson[Howard M Johnson]; Shizuo Akira[Shizuo Akira]; Manolis Pasparakis[Manolis Pasparakis]; Shao-Cong Sun[Shao-Cong Sun]; Xuhong Cheng[Xuhong Cheng]